Microsoft offers $650 store credit for MacBook Air for Surface Pro 3 trade-in

Microsoft offers $650 store credit for MacBook Air for Surface Pro 3 trade-in

Summary: Microsoft is offering MacBook Air owners up to $650 in store credit for trading in their Apple devices for its new Surface Pro 3 tablets.


Microsoft is offering a limited time Surface Pro 3 promotion via which users can get up to $650 in store credit for trading in certain Apple MacBook Air models.


The new promotion, running June 20 to July 31, 2014 -- "or while supplies last" -- requires users to bring MacBook Airs into select Microsoft retail stores in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada. (The trade-in isn't valid online.)

Microsoft execs have been touting the Surface Pro 3 as the tablet that can replace users' existing laptops, including MacBook Airs. Microsoft's site 

The fine print:

"To be eligible for trade-in, device must power on to be considered working. Water-damaged devices and devices with cracked screens are not considered working devices for purposes of this offer."

All trade-ins are final and provided as part of the "Recycle for Rewards program" from CExchange LLC. The trade-in is limited to one trade-in per purchase.

To get the maximum ($650) value, users have to apply the store credit toward the purchase of a Surface Pro 3, the most recent model of the company's Intel-based Surface tablets. The Core i5 version of the Surface Pro 3 began shipping on June 20.

There's no information on the Microsoft store site about which models of MacBook Airs are eligible for promotion.

Microsoft also, as of late,  has been trimming prices on its second-generation Surface Pro tablets, clearing the way for the Surface Pro 3s. 

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  • Microsoft offers $650 store credit for MacBook Air for Surface Pro 3 trade-

    That is a great deal. People would be crazy not to do this. If I had a macbook air I'd be camping out overnight waiting for the Microsoft store to open so I could get a new Microsoft Surface Pro 3. And with the discount we won't hear about how the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 was too expensive.
    • I bet the world is full of crazy people

      • It's more than just hardware specs

        The high end Surface Pro 3 costs $1999. Add all the stuff you need, and it is closer to $2500. I can a faster laptop with a touch screen for less.

        Most people using an Apple laptop wouldn't use a Microsoft product anyway, so unless the Macbook can be turned in DOA, I doubt there will be many takers.

        Since the Surface 1 and 2 both lost money for Microsoft and barely made a dent in the market, isn't there a three strikes rule that will kill off the Surface if number 3 is as big a flop? While this discount is very interesting, it is not for the sake of me wanting to go buy one.
        Christopher Weiss
        • Quibble

          I haven't seen any evidence, yet, that the 2nd generation Surfaces were not profitable. Microsoft sure spends on marketing, so I see it as a possibility, but it won't be easy to isolate the revenues and expenses. We'll find out in a month if they have to post a material write-off as they did with RT/Gen 1. I'm guessing they won't.
          • RT feasco fiasco

            I think Microsoft has learn its lesson when it come to managing supply and demand.

            I personally think they are still making a mistake by not including the Keyboard cover. While you are able to use it without the cover I think if they wanted the users to have the best UX with the device they should eat the cost and throw it in. Let not kid ourselves its a expensive piece of hardware when compare to other devices in both categories(tablet and ultrabook) and while I believe the premium is justified(based on build quality, mobility and flexibility) but I think adoption would be better if keyboard cover was included.
        • All the stuff you need!!!

          The keyboard cover is optional so is the docking station. While having the cover makes for a better experience it isn't required and even without it it's still an as phenomenal hardware. also it starts at 799
        • 2500?

          How are you getting that amount? The only accessory you really need is the keyboard cover at $130. All the other accessories, like the docking station, are optional and most people won't buy them. When comparing the surface to a laptop you also have to take into account that this device also replaces a tablet. How much will your faster laptop plus a 10" tablet cost you?
    • Oh dear...

      ...You can just smell Microsoft's desperation.
    • Great joke, LD!

      Please continue writing new jokes about Microsoft Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft, and the Microsoft store featuring Microsoft products from Microsoft.
    • no thanks

      Ever since the wife's problematic windows "pro" (vista) based laptop was replaced with a macbook (and gmail), our relationship is much better (with more "nookie" these days). Among other issues, that old laptop never could shut down right, resulting in periodic need to repair "jigga-byte" (as some call it) sized outlook mailbox files which took several hours. The macbook never gives any issues (except for a sugar sync that eventually filled the whole drive, but that was her bosses fault). So, no I will not take a chance on something running windows for her anymore.
      • You keep condemning yourself

        Always talking trash about how poorly Microsoft products work as if you have used them, but again you are admitting you have not in nearly half a decade.

        Good thing you were not around when Macs sucked or were orphaned by Apple, because you would never use one of those either.
        • I don't really try to talk trash

          I am angry with microsoft, but my predictions have been all true for years. Who doesn't like to take little shots in response to the ridiculous comments of like L.D. and owlnet.
          Personally, I use windows 7 the better part of every workday. The rest of the time is MS-free though.
          • I am angry with microsoft

          • Windows 8

            Because they don't listen to what their users want.
          • Windows 8 complaints

            no one if forcing you to use windows 8, you can still purchase a copy and install it, Its still supported. While windows 8 does make a number of its heart is still windows 7 if your using the desktop. Every time something changes there is always someone who isn't going to like the changes; but change is a fact of life.
          • Does Apple listen?

            Apple has a reputation for not listening and dictating what is best for their users. They have the advantage that they don't have many enterprise customers and their users tend to fall in line after Apple makes a change. Microsoft makes any change and the users scream and shout about it. Windows 8 isn't as dramatic a change as people think. The start menu was replaced with a full screen start screen. That's really about it. The hidden elements is the UI don't really matter on a desktop because they were intended to be accessed with a touchscreen and the settings in those menus are really for tablet use. The desktop and control center are all still there in windows 8 and you can continue using windows 8 the same way you used windows 7. The only effort from the user is to organize the start screen in a way that makes sense to you, including making the tiles into small static icons.
        • Re: Macs sucked or were orphaned by Apple

          When was that time? Perhaps in a parallel universe in your dreams....
      • Windows 7 is far better than Vista..........

        In almost every way. I've had my laptop for over a year now and it has never given me problems, it is a nice stable operating system. Can't recommend 8 unless it is on a touch screen pc\tablet as it is not as user friendly.

        So if you are ever in need of a computer again in the future, Windows still has the ability to please.

        OSX isn't for me, mainly because Windows suits my working methods better, and has loads of games :). But I know that it is stable, efficient and well supported, all good qualities.

        I guess what I'm trying to say is that Vista was just one of those occasional bad eggs.
        • Windows is still Windows

          Never understood, never will, why people would subject themselves to the Windows experience.
          • Never understood....

            Its not that hard... huge catalog of software, large selection of compatible devices, available in various hardware configurations, ubiquitous user support. Just to name a few. Windows might not be your cup of tea but still almost most universally supported OS. With windows like any piece of software its what you do with it that counts.