Microsoft Office 2013 Service Pack 1 to arrive in early 2014

Microsoft Office 2013 Service Pack 1 to arrive in early 2014

Summary: Microsoft will make the first service pack for its Office 2013 client and servers available in early 2014.


Microsoft is planning to deliver Service Pack (SP) 1 for Office 2013, SharePoint 2013 and Exchange 2013 in early 2014, company officials said on November 20.


Microsoft shared a partial list of some of the updates that will be part of the SP1 via blog posts on the Office and Exchange Team blogs. On that list:

  • Improved compatibility with Windows 8.1
  • Support for Windows Server 2012 R2 for Exchange and SharePoint
  • Support for S/MIME in OWA will be brought back in SP1. With SP1 customers will have S/MIME support across Outlook, Exchange ActiveSync clients, and OWA
  • Inclusion of the Edge Transport server role for Exchange Server 2013 
  • General performance enhancements and feature updates for all the Office 2013 products

In Exchange 2013's case, SP1 is "essentially" the same as Cumulative Update 4, officials said, meaning SP1 will include all fixes included in previously released cumulative updates for Exchange 2013. SP1 will require customers to update their Active Directory schema, Exchange officials also noted.

Microsoft's guidance to customers is those who want regular, frequent updates to their Office products should be using Office 365. Microsoft is making near-monthly feature updates to Office 365 at this point.

Speaking of Office 365, Microsoft announced on November 21 a new service -- Office 365 Message Encryption -- which allows users sto send encrypted e-mail messages to people outside of a customer's own company. Office 365 Message Encryption is the new version of the service formerly known as Exchange Hosted Encryption (EHE). It includes all the existing EHE capabilities, plus some new features, like the ability to apply company branding to encrypted messages. It works with Office 365 mailboxes, as well as on-premises mailboxes using Exchange Online Protection.

"No matter what the destination --, Yahoo, Gmail, Exchange Server, Lotus Notes, GroupWise, Squirrel Mail, you name it -- you can send sensitive business communications with an additional level of protection against unauthorized access," blogged company officials.

Examples of the kinds of scenarios where this might be useful include things like banks sending credit-card statements to users over e-mail or healthcare providers looking to send healthcare information to patients.

Office 365 E3 and E4 users will get Office 365 Message Encryption at no additional cost, as it will be included in Windows Azure Rights Management, which is currently part of E3 and E4 plans. The new encryption service also will be included in the standalone version of Windows Azure Rights Management for no extra charge.

Earlier this week, Microsoft also unveiled Office Remote, a Microsoft Research app, that allows Windows Phone 8 devices to act as remote controllers so that users can interact with Office 2013 or Office 365 documents on their PCs from across the room for presentation purposes.

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  • New Version

    so, when is the new office will come again ? and it will be office 2015 ?
    Utomo Prawiro
    • 2016.

  • Windows 7 Service Pack 2 to arrive.....never

    Only update the software if there are competitive alternatives to what you are already providing. otherwise, **** the customer and the horse they paid in on.
    • Calm down

      until you know what you are talking about. XP sp3 came out after Vista was released. They continue to push updates for windows 7 - all a Service pack USUALLY is, is a cumulative update - so you will get one.
  • whats the difference between office click to run and office 365?

    "Microsoft's guidance to customers is those who want regular, frequent updates to their Office products should be using Office 365. Microsoft is making near-monthly feature updates to Office 365 at this point."

    My understanding is that the consumer versions of Office for home users only comes with the click to run updating scheme (no MSI installs unless its volume activated for example). So does the above quote also apply to Office 2013 in click to run configuration as it does to Office 365? In other words, is Microsoft adding feature updates to Office 2013 using click to run the same as it does with Office 365?
  • Service Pack 1 is an absolute must for Office 2013

    I currently have Office 2013 Pro Plus on my Windows 8.1 - it crashes for much too often... Waiting for SP1 very much.
  • Question

    If this is just a normal SP, how does this relate to the supposed summer upgrade for W8.1 (which I assumed would include Office changes like the last W8 big update did)? Office Blue Wave 2 or whatever it's called, still happening on schedule?
    Michael Alan Goff
  • New theme?

    Is there any indication that they'll make a non-gray/white theme available?
    • They added

      More theme options for visual studio 2013, so it's a possibility.
      Sam Wagner

    Would love to see TEXT BOUNDARIES (the old way) added (or corrected)! Once users learned of text boundaries, text boundaries became an essential part of their Word Experience. Would be nice to see them back!
    • Text Boundaries

      I use text boundaries all the time in Word 2013 and love them. But I am guessing you mean to have an easier way to turn on and off text boundaries, other than drilling down into File/Options/Advanced/Show document content/Show text boundaries. It would be better to have this option on the view ribbon (where there is plenty of room for such things). You got my vote!
      Curtis Quick
  • Office 365

    I committed to Microsoft: Windows phone, Windows Surface Pro Tablet, Windows 8.1 on computers. Things just don't synch smoothly. Office 365 mail has lost 1400 emails in the Inbox. Many instances of the same problem, do an internet search. I would REALLY like for a Utopian solution vs Apple. Mirosoft is dropping the ball with Win 8, Windows phones, and Office 365. Loosing all Inbox email aint cool. Again, do a search, multiple indications of the same issue.
  • Blurry Test to be Fixed?

    I hope SP1 or some other update fixes the shockingly blurry text rendering in any document, email or whatever you open with Office 2013. Any more than 20 minutes looking at that horrible text was enough to give you a headache.

    We had to revert back to Office 2010 due to user complaints.

    It beggars belief that Microsoft think this is OK.
  • Office 2013 SP1

    Windows 8.1 Update 1
    Visual Studio 2013 Update 1
    Office 2013 Service Pack 1??
  • Major flaw with Office 2013 SP1 on windsows 7 64 bit

    There is a major issue with office 2013 SP1 on windows 7 64 bit. It seems that they never tested the update using the aero colour scheme. Office 2013 will not start up if you do not change the colour scheme to basic.
    • Major flaw with Office 2013 SP1 on windsows 7 64 bit

      sorry , I was talking about Outlook that no longer operates after installing SP1.