Microsoft: Online orders for 128 GB Surface Pro to ship in two to three weeks

Microsoft: Online orders for 128 GB Surface Pro to ship in two to three weeks

Summary: Microsoft has yet more updated guidance for those in search of the elusive 128 GB models of its Surface Pro tablet/PC hybrids.


Microsoft provided another update at the end of this week regarding availability of its sold-out 128 GB versions of the Surface Pro


A February 15 Surface Blog post said that those ordering through the Microsoft online store in the U.S. can place an order for the 128 GB model and have it ship in two to three weeks.

The new post also provided updated information for those wanting to "reserve" the Intel-based PC/tablet hybrid Surface Pro devices. Up until now, Microsoft officials have declined comment when asked whether users would be able to preorder Surface Pros.

Here's the latest Surface Pro availability guidance:

"At Best Buy (U.S.): Inventory levels are increasing and many Best Buy stores have Surface Pro units for sale in store. If the store does not have stock, you can reserve a Surface Pro (64GB and 128GB). Please note that Best Buy is only taking reservations in their stores for Surface Pro based on new inventory they know is coming in next week, so it’s possible that reservations could become 'sold out.'

"At Staples (U.S.): Many Staples stores have Surface Pro units for sale in stores. If the store does not have stock, you can place a kiosk order in store to purchase Surface Pro 64GB for delivery.

"For Canada: In Best Buy and Future Shop stores you can reserve the 64GB Surface Pro in stores at this time. Staples has availability online while inventory lasts and more inventory has been ordered to ensure store availability in the near future. More details to come on the 128GB Surface Pro availability in Canada."

Best we can tell, it seems that Staples is making the 128 GB Surface Pros available for order online only and that they are not being stocked in Staples stores.

Microsoft is "work(ing) around the clock to meet that demand with production and get new inventory into retail," the post concluded. Company officials advise customers interested in the Pros to call ahead before venturing to stores this weekend, in spite of guidance earlier in the week that more stores would have stock on hand starting on Saturday, February 16.

It's still unclear why there are not enough Surface Pros in market. Is it that Microsoft seriously underestimated demand for 128 GB Surface Pros -- a happy problem for the Softies? Or have been supply-chain problems led to device shortages (a not-so-happy problem)? Microsoft's Surface Pro devices went on sale on February 9.

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  • Yes, at my local Best Buys I have seen few already

    And the local Microsoft store gave me a phone call couple of days to get mine. I couldn't go to store because of flu, on that day. Going tomorrow to pickup mine.
    Ram U
  • is it possable...

    That MS is holding / selling pro 128s to it largest corp.customers on the non retail channel?
    • Occam's Razor

      They probably didn't have many to sell because they couldn't get manufacturing to get them ready in time.
  • Good Luck with that, Ram U

    Enjoy the experience. My Best Buy Surface Pro 128 GB unit was the only one in stock three days ago. Having fun with mine.
    • Kenosha77a, sure, thank you very much.

      This completes my trifecta. :)
      Ram U
  • still lovin my rt

    Though I did look at the pro @bestbuy
    • Do you think the Surface RT price go down MJF?

      I'm very curious to know if it will because I've heard a lot of speculation that once the Surface Pro comes out the Surface RT price will drop.
      • Didn't mean to reply to banjt

        Sorry banjit
  • I feel sad seeing this forced to be "news"

    • How is it "forced news"?

      There are far worst articles on ZDNet...
      Simon Tupper
  • Ordered mine tonight

    I went to the Microsoft store in SF this afternoon. I asked them about 128GB Surface Pro's and they were not taking orders or reservations.

    I got home and just on a whim logged into the Microsoft Store online. Bingo, there is was for pre-order with delivery on March 1. Submitted my order and there you have it.

    I seriously just thing Microsoft may have underestimated demand. Even now, the Lenovo Yoga 13, that I was previously considering does not have better delivery date.
    • barebottom has a point...

      ... There is no way that MS "under estimated demand" as people love to say, it's quite obvious that after the performance of the surface RT, they chose to take things from a more reserved pace on the Pro. There's also some speculation that the initial delay from Jan to Feb may have had something to do with a production problem, or revision.
      • Idk

        I kinda under estimated it myself. I only heard MS bashing all about RT and how bad pro was gonna do. I was of course determined to get one anyway ... but i never thought for a minute i would have trouble getting my hands on one once they released.
  • Microsoft: Online orders for 128 GB Surface Pro to ship in two to three wee

    The demand for the Microsoft Surface Pro has been incredible. So much so that they can't keep up with the orders. I'm going to scout my local area for some just to see if they have them and possibly sell them on ebay for extra cash.
    • Loverock-Davidson....make sure to take Mike Cox when you go scout

      your local stores ..........oh and don't forget to take Mikes favorite Microsoft rep with you for lunch also.....we should really get some accurate numbers than..............
      Over and Out
  • Saturday in the East PDX area

    First, the good news: I just picked up my Surface Pro 128 at the Best Buy in Gresham, OR today. I had "officially" pre-ordered it a couple of days ago after unofficially adding my name to some paper list they were keeping the day before. Different Best Buys seem to have vastly different stories about pre-ordering. It even seems to depend on who you talk to in the same store. I had gone to a different Best Buy by the PDX airport earlier to see if they had any. They had just gotten eight in a few minutes before and all eight were reserved for pre-orders. They called the Gresham store for me and confirmed that they had just gotten four and mine was one of the three they had official pre-orders for.

    Next, the bad news: There is now apparently a shortage of type covers! There wasn't one to be had in any of the Portland area Best Buys. The Staples next to the airport was out as well but they directed me to a different Staples that had two.

    Now, the funny news: There was this couple that was two steps behind me at each of these locations. They hadn't reserved one but were looking for a 128. After I saw them at the second Staples, I suggested they follow me to the Gresham store to see if the one rumored unreserved 128 was still available. Sure enough as I was paying for mine, the guy came in and snagged the it. So between the me and the couple, we cleaned out the remaining inventory of every Best Buy and Staples we went to.
    Sir Name
  • three theories

    There are at least theories as to the shortage: 1) it's on purpose to make it look like there is a lot of demand 2) Microsoft underestimated the demand 3) manufacturing difficulties.

    It would be nice if Microsoft told us what is really going on, but it seems honesty is a bit to much to expect from this particular corporation.
    • Here's another theory, or two, which might be more correct...

      The "initial" Windows Pro tablet is just that, the first, and MS is might be gearing up to produce and release the next version of the Pro, which is expected to incorporate the Haswell CPU, which is more energy efficient, which will give the Pro longer battery life, and which might cost less, which all could mean, a new and much wider launch for the next Surface Pro, or Surface Pro 2.

      Another theory, which is always true, and not necessarily a theory, is that, when it comes to the hardware, be it Surface Pro or the Pro 2, it is expected to be around for a long time, and therefore, no hurry to sell them all in one week or month or quarter. As long as there is a steady demand, selling a million or two each month would still amount to 12-24 million each year, which, conservatively speaking, would amount to about $12-24 billion in sales, with most of the gross coming back to Microsoft. That's not small potatoes by any consideration. XBox didn't set the world on fire when it first came out, and it didn't break sales records either, but the steady demand over the years, turned it into the big winner in the game systems arena. Likewise, the long-term strategy for Microsoft doesn't involve having to sell 5 or 10 million the first month in the market.
  • Anyone Consider Supply Constraints

    Seems like over the last few years (since before Jobs' death) the press has written endless articles about how Apple was spending billions tying up the supply chain, from memory to LCD displays, and that other manufacturers were having problems acquiring new supplies, further constraining tablet and laptop development. Add to this the fact that nearly EVERY OEM is using mSATA SSD drives in their ultrabooks and tablets, and the fact that 256GB mSATA drives go in and out of stock continuously (if you are an end user). I wonder if there are enough parts left to go around for others - maybe the innards of that Surface Pro costs Microsoft a lot more than the low ball estimates that have thrown around out there...