Microsoft pulls Patch Tuesday security fix

Microsoft pulls Patch Tuesday security fix

Summary: Microsoft is recommending an update released on Patch Tuesday be uninstalled.

TOPICS: Security, Microsoft

Tech giant Microsoft has recommended that an update released in the latest Patch Tuesday be removed, after users reported incidents of the "blue screen of death" after installation.

Microsoft released two critical security updates and others rated as "important" for Windows and Internet Explorer as part of its latest round of Patch Tuesday updates.

However, a number of Windows 7 users have reported issues with security update 2823324, which is part of security bulletin MS13-036.

MS13-036 was meant to fix three privately disclosed flaws and one publicly disclosed flaw in an NTFS kernel-mode driver related to the elevation of privileges when a user is logged in. However, once installed, security update 2823324 -- part of the bulletin -- may produce a "STOP: c000021a {Fatal System Error}" problem for users. The error occurs early in the startup process, and no Memory.dmp file is created.

As a result, Microsoft has temporarily pulled the patch from its security bulletin while the issue is being investigated.

microsoft pulls security update patch tuesday
An example of the errors caused by the security fix.

Microsoft recommends that users uninstall the patch, and warns that another issue with the security update may cause anti-virus programs cease to work correctly. The Redmond giant says that Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows Workstations and Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows Servers versions and may display an error message stating that licenses for the products are not valid, and so the software will cease to function.

Security update 2823324 was meant to patch a "moderate" risk for users. Aside from the dysfunctional update, Microsoft also released patches for Internet Explorer 6 and above on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. One flaw that can now be fixed prevents attackers from remote code execution and infiltration after a user visits malicious websites, and another stops the Remote Desktop Client being manipulated in the same manner.

Security updates for Windows users are available online, or through Windows and Microsoft Update. Microsoft is preparing to stop support for Windows XP in a year's time, and security updates for the platform will finish on April 8, 2014.

Topics: Security, Microsoft

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  • Can it happen after it's installed?

    The reason I ask, is because this part makes it seem that only during the installation process the error can occur

    "However, once installed, security update 2823324 -- part of the bulletin -- may produce a "STOP: c000021a {Fatal System Error}" problem for users. The error occurs early in the startup process, and no Memory.dmp file is created."

    Or does it occur every time the computer starts up?
    • Yes

      I'm trying to fix a notebook that was a victim of that.
      • another one here

        thanks for the heads up. I was trying to find a fix for the error when I read this.
      • Question

        Did the laptop in question have Norton or Kapersky AV software on it? I ask because I patched a good 2 dozen systems and never saw the error (I removed the patch anyway to be safe) and started asking those admins who had run into the error and the ones that seemed to be most likely to get bit were users of the above AVs.

        Anyway for those that haven't run into it I'd uninstall just to be safe but from what I've heard it either does it to you right off the bat or not at all and doesn't seem to be dependent on hardware, for example both Intel and AMD users have seen the bug.
        PC builder
    • Looks like they hosed this one

  • more info would be nice

    Thanx Charlie
    we ain't had prob yet, on either XP or Vista..and up-date is now un-installed. Our machines are all dual-boot, Windows or Ubuntu/ Xubuntu. How would this error affect this set-up? Since the Linux OS is first in boot loader w/Win. as second choice, would we have been safe? And of course, all Win. files are available when running Linux.
    Old Dog V
  • HOW to uninstall it??

    Pray tell, how do you uninstall a patch that keeps Windows from starting up?
    • Uninstall

      wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:2823324 /quiet /norestart
      • Whoops...

        Should have read your question better....

        Restart by using the F8 key.
        Select Repair your Computer.
        Select the language, and then log on to the computer.

        Note If you do not know the local password, you must start by using a Windows 7 DVD or USB bootable media. Then, access System Recovery Options.
        Select System Restore from the menu:

        You'd then restore to a date before the patches that were installed on Tuesday.
    • How to Unistall

      By using "Revovery" and the "Restore Point" you wisely create before each and every MS update.
      • w/o Safe Mode?

        Now my question is how to fix system won't boot up even in Safe Mode w/ command prompt. I haven't been able to find the recovery disc I made quite a while back and put in a safe place so I wouldn't lose it. :)
        Paul Grosse
      • Restore point,

        After MS downloads the item it automatically creates a restore point before it installs the item. When I go back and find the restore point for this one I'll have to reinstall the updates that were good after the bad one installed. From what I see on the installed updates history I have three updates to reinstall. I also have a personal policy that I only install one update file at a time. Thus, every single item in the patch folder has a restore point automatically created. Thus, I don't have to recreate the whole boatload of updates, unless the bad one is the first one.

        If this thing goes bad on boot then the one in my computer seems to be okay. I also do a reboot after each item, even if it doesn't require it. And, my computer has been rebooted at least 6 times since this kb was installed. All reboots worked as they should. One was a full stop restart.
    • control panel

      control panel/programs / view installed up dates, remove
      • Won't Work

        He said that he can't boot even into safe mode. If you have this problem, your computer doesn't boot.
    • Two ways

      1.-Boot into safe mode and uninstall from there, 2.- use the OS disc to call system restore and go back before you installed it.
      PC builder
  • Indeed

    We've had several clients complaining of this very problem during the last day. This post helps confirm our suspicions. Thanks for this post.
  • Microsoft pulls Patch Tuesday security fix

    I haven't seen the issue but glad to see Microsoft recognize there may be a problem instead of denying one exists like other companies would have done. It doesn't affect Microsoft Windows 8 which is all the more reason to upgrade.
    • Funny

      One patch with problems - reason to upgrade to Win8?
      'nuf said.
      • Yes it is

        Its a good reason to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 8 but not the only reason.