Microsoft pulls Windows RT 8.1 update from the Store

Microsoft pulls Windows RT 8.1 update from the Store

Summary: Microsoft has temporarily pulled its recently released Windows RT 8.1 update for ARM-based devices due to an unexplained issue.


Microsoft has pulled temporarily its recently released Windows RT 8.1 update from the Windows Store due to a vaguely explained "situation."


Microsoft pulled the RT 8.1 update some time in the morning of October 19, as reported by, two days after it first made it available for download by existing Windows RT users.

I asked Microsoft what led to the decision to pull the update and received the following statement from a spokesperson:

“Microsoft is investigating a situation affecting a limited number of users updating their Windows RT devices to Windows RT 8.1. As a result, we have temporarily removed the Windows RT 8.1 update from the Windows Store. We are working to resolve the situation as quickly as possible and apologize for any inconvenience. We will provide updates as they become available."

I managed to update my Surface RT to Windows RT 8.1 on October 17 after several attempts to get the device to find the update. I have heard from a number of other Windows RT users who've had similar difficulties in locating and getting the update process to begin on their ARM-based Microsoft-made and OEM devices.

Microsoft made available for download the Windows 8.1 (for Intel) and Windows RT 8.1 (for ARM) updates earlier this week. Windows 8.1 adds a Start Button, boot-to-desktop option and other updates designed to improve the usability and appeal of Windows 8.

Microsoft is going to make its next-generation Surface devices running Windows 8.1 — the ARM-based Surface 2 and the Intel-based Surface 2 Pro — available for purchase on October 22.

Update: Microsoft has posted a Surface RT recovery image to the Microsoft Download Center. I'm assuming this is meant to help those who've had problems installing Windows RT 8.1 and/or bricked their Surface RTs attempting to update to Windows RT 8.1. Still no word from officials as to when the company plans to make Windows RT 8.1 available in the Store again.

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  • Microsoft does not and Microsoft is not ready for mobile

    You can't have things like this happening. Apple is able to update 200 million devices to iOS 7 in a week with a minority of complaints. The fact that this thing is 3.6 GBs is terrible enough.
    • 3.6 GB - true...

      if update size is accurate, that is bad. however, you are silly to throw the apple into the pot.
      • You are the silly one

        The fact that Microsoft is doing trade ins of iPads for a Surface obviously mean they are competing for the same market. Stop thinking stupid.
        • competing...

          yeppers, they are competing with Apple. should neither shock nor surprise anyone. my point is that you complain about MS's method of update, when you probably aren't even affected by it, as it sounds like you wouldn't buy MS. that's fine, but why complain about something if you don't use it?
        • Cut out the personal jibes

          There's absolutely no place for it here. Both of you. It's grossly immature.
          • odd...

            i see nothing conclusive of you being that Zack.
            'personal jibe'? - could be argued. 'grossly immature' - nope.
      • Yeah well...

        iOS is a Gig itself, and Android (with more functionality) is only 240 Megs.
    • Not as smooth as you think...

      RT 8.1 update is 2.11 GB, not 3.6 GB.
      • 2.11 GB, including Office

        That's right, and that number includes Office 2013 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote and Outlook).
    • 200 million? Really?

      I haven't heard that someone tracked and published that. Please link to it, it would be interesting to review the article, as I haven't updated my wife's iPhone 4, and want to see what issues may arise.

      As for Microsoft is not ready for mobile? Now you're just talking scared. They are ready for mobile given that WP8 is more stable then iOS or Android.
      • Are you copletely incapable of doing a basic Google search?

        Instead of simply providing a fanboi response, you could easily have checked beforehand . . and then said nothing!
        • Re:incapable of doing a basic Google search?

          Them guys use Bing. Might be, that information is filtered by Bing as it does not suit their RDF. Just a wild guess in William's defense. ;-)
          • Actually, I used Google search

            maybe that's why I couldn't find anything I was looking for?
      • So I decided to help you

        You are on a tech site, pretending to have an idea about tech when you cannot even do a basic Google search. So, I decided to help you. This is just one of numerous articles?

        So, what is your next response? Are you now going to pretend that the information is wrong?
        • Why should I do a search?

          I asked for the link as if you're going to offer up numbers like that, you should link to it. It's only polite.

          I will go to the link and see what issues I might encounter should I decide to upgrade the Misses iPhone 4.
          • Is it just me

            or does it seem that all the Apple detractor's wives have iPhones? : )
      • It's fast for sure
    • aPPLe

      You mean the iOS7 which people cracked open in one day... ya it will be okay...
      And about the 3.6GB update which releases 6GB from my Surface RT I am fine with it.. please go and hide in your apple basket please... I have outlook 2013 on my RT tablet.
      • No one cares

        Everyone uses Gmail and whatnot anyway.
    • so you say apple, huh?

      Like how apples new hardware sensor chip is up to 6 degrees incorrect?
      Like how apple maps was ready for release?
      Like how ios 6 and 7 have broke wifi, bluetooth and 3g for random users?
      Like how peoplewere accused of holding the iphone4 wrong to excuse the faulty antenna?
      Like the numerous lockscreen and fingerprint by passflaws fixed inbeack ios x.0.1/2 updates?
      Like the new motion sickness featurein ios7?

      The point i'm making is all companies have software issues. Sometimes hardware issues as well. Be careful if you try to knock one down by putting another on a pedistal. All have their issues that can be easily pointed out.