Microsoft quietly discontinues Surface Wireless Keyboard Adapter

Microsoft quietly discontinues Surface Wireless Keyboard Adapter

Summary: Microsoft is no longer making the Surface Wireless Keyboard Adapters that the company introduced in September 2013.


Microsoft is discontinuing one of the peripherals it announced in September 2013 for its Surface family of tablets.


The Surface Wireless Keyboard Adapter -- a thin, cylindrical device which used Bluetooth wireless to connect Surface Type and Touch covers to monitors up to 30 feet away -- is no longer being manufactured.

“Due to a number of factors, we are no longer manufacturing the Surface Wireless Keyboard Adapter," a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed. "We are always evaluating our options and remain committed to helping people be productive with Surface."

The spokesperson didn't comment on which factors, specifically, contributed to the decision to halt manufacturing.

The Wireless Keyboard Adapter, which sold for $59.99, is shown as being "out of stock" on the Microsoft online store. While there were some negative reviews of the peripheral from those who managed to buy it, quite a few others were positive. A few of those reviews noted that the Bluetooth drivers for the Surface were in need of updating to recognize the touch gestures Microsoft supports with Windows 8.1.

One of my readers told me that Microsoft had informed him that he wouldn't be able to replace his faulty Surface Keyboard Adapter and offered him a $20 promotional credit instead. The Microsoft Online Store support person said that the adapter would not be returning to stock any time in the forseeable future.

Microsoft has had issues keeping its Surface devices and peripherals in stock. The Surface dock seems to be back in stock now at Microsoft's Online Store after on-and-off availability. But I'm seeing the recently introduced Surface Power Covers as being unavailable again today. Microsoft's Online Store doesn't allow users to order items for future delivery if they are out of stock.


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  • I love mine

    I'm so glad I have mine because it really is useful. However its purpose is defeated by the wireless HDMI dongle that some sites rumor.

    reading tea leaves? maybe the lack of stock means surface is going to get the Satya axe? after all, tomorrow the office torpedo is going to hit the windows titanic with office for ipad.
    • Or that the preference is the keyboard attached to the Tablet

      I've seen many a Surface in use with either the Touch or Type cover, none with this.

      Space of the tables is one thing, and size is another. At 10" and with a touch screen, how far away do you want to be from the tablet?
    • I hope not

      I was planning on eventually replacing my Surface RT and MBA with a Surface Pro.
      Michael Alan Goff
      • I would strongly advise the 8 GB Ram Surface Pro 2 models

        over the 4 GB ram tablet choices. I have experienced system performance related issues with my first generation Surface Pro 4 GB ram model.

        However, a better choice (if the rumors are true) MIGHT be the updated MBA if it has a retina class display. That model would ALSO be lighter having a greater battery life per charge advantage vs the current Surface Pro 2 hybrid. The MBA would have more SSD and Ram size options and, with bootcamp or with available VM options, Windows 8.1 could be installed as well. The MBA might even be cheaper?!
        • The MBA isn't a tablet.

          That idea probably wouldn't work in his use-scenario.
          • I only suggested the MBA because Mike had a previous one

            But I understand your point in that a touch screen might be a prerequisite for his next purchase.
    • Tea leaves?

      You're reading vapors. Office is free on Surface, it won't be free on the iPad.
      • It will be actually

        MS will not let Apple take a 30% cut of the HUGE Office profits. in order to get around that they will offer Office on the iPad for free, but require an Office 365 account. There you go.
        • Wrong! But I guess we'll find out

    • They won't cut the Surface

      Even if it isn't selling tons and tons of units, it is a good reference design to show the OEMs how it is done, and is selling enough to be viable.
      • True

        Also I think people gauge to many devices against iPad sales.

        SurfacePro may not sell anywhere close to iPad sales, but I would not be surprised if it sold as well or better than MacBook Air. That seems to be where SurfacePro is aimed to compete.

        SurfaceRT, well I still don't see a need for it as long as tablets running intel atom x86 chips are more affordable and do everything and more than WindowsRT does. It doesn't hurt Microsoft to continue making RT devices, because all it really lacks is number of apps compared to iOS/Android. Otherwise it has several advantages over those platforms.

        Either way, cutting devices that compete will end up in less innovation and better pricing for all of us.
  • i was wondering whether it had any demand

    It is cool, I never saw any need for it. But for the power cover, and dock, yes they are.
    Ram U
    • Surface accessories are cool but are not competitively priced, IMO.

      I have the new MS Power Cover, Wedge Bluetooth mouse (which I like) and Touch and Type keyboards for my Surface Pro. They are all fine products, Ram U, but I can't help but think that they are all 20 percent overpriced.
      • I totally agree with you

        I think Dock should be sold for $149.99 and Power Cover for $129.99. Type and Touch Covers II should be sold for $79.99 and original Type and Touch Covers for $49.99. I bought brand new j5 create Ultra Station JUD 500 on eBay for $80 (you get that Office Depot and Best Buy for $125), except for charging the Surface, it is the best dock I believe. It looks like Recorder/Flute with USB3, Ethernet 10/100 and few USB 2 ports. Also you could transfer files from your Windows (supports Windows 8.x), Mac OSX (supports Mavericks), iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices to Windows (including Windows 8.x) and Mac OSX (including Mavericks). I haven't tested the Linux and Chromebook though. But Surface Dock is handy to charge your Surface though.
        Ram U
        • nice

          I just checked out the j5 after reading your comments and I think I found my huckleberry thanks )
      • agreed

        Totally agree the accessories are imo nice quality products but well over priced I think your being kind to them with the 20% I'm thinking more like 25 -30% more then they should be that's why I've been holding off on the dock and bt adapter.
  • Why not?

    I own this fine collectable and have never used it.
  • Bummer...

    Glad I bought one, I get a lot of use out of it -- however for some odd reason they chose an older battery tech, NiMH. It doesn't do standby well, as NiHM loses a charge quicker than lithium ion when not in use. In a perfect world, they'd quietly remove it from stock while they updated the battery to match it's price ;-)
  • Not happy.

    Not happy about this I was seriously thinking that I was going to pull the trigger on one of these for my sp2 now I fear if I can find on eBay or Amazon that it will be double the price but I guess that the way the ball bounces G.
  • Sad to see this go

    I have one of these, and it makes using my surface pros from my bed (:grin) very convenient. I have a surfeit of surface type/touch covers and was looking to get a couple more of these -- had been watching out of stock status at MSSTORE -- bummer!