Microsoft readies Wedge Mouse, Wedge Mobile Keyboard for Windows 8 launch

Microsoft readies Wedge Mouse, Wedge Mobile Keyboard for Windows 8 launch

Summary: The new input devices surfaced briefly on Best Buy's website: $60.99 for the mouse, $68.99 for the keyboard.

TOPICS: Microsoft, Hardware

As part of its facelift ahead of the launch of Windows 8 in October, Microsoft looks like its tinkering with its input devices as well as its software interfaces. A Czech website has unearthed pictures of a new mouse and portable keyboard that would presumably be released in the same time frame as the company's new OS.

As its name suggests, the Wedge Touch Mouse (pictured above) would appear to also work as a gesture input device, which makes sense given the touch-friendly features of Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013. According to German site WinFuture, the mouse is also capable of a 360-degree scroll function.

The Wedge Mobile Keyboard will supposedly be bundled with some versions of Windows 8. The most notable feature from the published image would be the "doubling-up" of "y" and "z" on a single key. It also has special keys dedicated to items on Windows 8's new Charm bar, and seems to come with a cover as well.

Best Buy apparently had the two devices listed on its site yesterday, though they are no longer there. The Wedge Touch Mouse was listed for $60.99, and the Wedge Mobile Keyboard for $68.99. The original post on Czech site WinRepublic has also been removed, which means Microsoft may be trying to cut off the spreading of this leak any further. Clearly, it's a bit too late.

[Via TheVerge 1, 2]

Topics: Microsoft, Hardware

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  • Hmm,

    I'll stick with my old IntelliMouse Explorer, thanks all the same.
  • Looks primitive

    Looks like a photo of those primitive 1960 TV remote controls. Just photoshop in some chunky-looking plastic buttons and it would feel right at some next to a nice black and white tv.

    I guess that will go well with the non-aero desktop in windows 8.
  • Dafuq?

    Dafuq is that thing?
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • Even worse

      "The most notable feature from the published image would be the "doubling-up" of "y" and "z" on a single key"

      This is a "feature"? It isn't April 1st, is it?
  • Teardrop shape?

    So when will Apple sue? After all, Apple has patented the teardrop shape.
    • Off Topic Comment

      The Topic is Microsoft.
      Microsoft readies Wedge Mouse, Wedge Mobile Keyboard for Windows 8 launch.

      Microsoft the beta test is over...... It does look to be from the 60's as mentioned.
  • You don't get it

    The Y/Z key is for another language. Look at the image in the background pic, and that's US English QWERTY. There are other countries in the world you know, and some use the QWERTZ layout instead. I noticed this immediately because the keyboard in the foreground has additional accent keys, including the 'Alt Grave' key.
    • Thanks Joe, that makes much more sense

      I didn't see how anyone could think that moving the 'z' key to the 'y' key made any sense. After looking at a picture of a QWERTZ keyboard, all they've done is swapped the position of the 'z' and 'y' keys. I'm going to guess that they've also doubled up the 'y' key on the 'z' key but we can't see it in the picture because that part of the keyboard image is blocked.
  • So....

    So where is the bottom-line, author, to the regular users: Can this make running touch-centric Metro easier without a touchscreen? Not getting it. THAT is your journalistic punchline here.
    D.J. 43
    • Well...

      Since it's a leak, we really have no definite details on it. All we have are just some images.