Microsoft sales exec promises 100,000 Windows 8 apps by January 2013

Microsoft sales exec promises 100,000 Windows 8 apps by January 2013

Summary: Can Microsoft really add 97,000 apps to the Windows Store between now and January 2013? Or is someone in Redmond doing some funny figuring?


As of last week, there were an estimated 3,000-plus Windows Store style (Metro-Style) apps in the app store that Microsoft has built for Windows 8 and Windows RT. That same week, a Microsoft Sales Vice President told that Microsoft will have 100,000 apps for Windows 8 within 90 days after the operating system launches, which is October 25.


Unless that official, Keith Lorizio, Vice-president of U.S. Sales and Marketing at Microsoft, is counting both Windows Store and Desktop (Win 32) apps, I can't see how these missing 97,000 apps are going to materialize so quickly. (Desktop apps in Windows 8 can be listed and promoted in the Windows Store, but they cannot be purchased and downloaded directly from it, per Microsoft's orders.)

Lorizo told that Microsoft is "expecting to aggressively pursue 100,000-plus apps in the first three months" Windows 8 is available. He added that Microsoft is "putting millions of dollars against that effort."

Yes, Microsoft is creating more tutorials, more workshops and more contests to try to encourage devs to build Windows Store apps. And yes, as WinAppUpdate -- which is tracking Windows Store app growth -- has noted, the number of Windows 8 apps is growing steadily. Microsoft is indirectly paying for development of some of these apps, by encouraging some third-party developers to build proof-of-concept apps for customers in an attempt to get them interested in Windows 8. Teams at Microsoft, like the Bing AppEx unit, also are hustling to build Windows 8 apps for the Store.

But unless there are going to be tens of thousands Flashlight apps introduced between now and January, or unless someone's doing some funny figuring, I am really hard pressed to see the Windows Store revving up this quickly. Here's WinAppUpdate's break down of what kinds of Windows Store/Metro-Style apps were in the Windows Store as of last week:


Microsoft officials have said previously they are not going to allow Windows Phone apps (of which there are over 100,000) to be sold through the Windows Store. Developers can use their existing Windows Phone code to rebuild Windows 8 apps, but they cannot simply put an existing Windows Phone 7.x app in the Windows Store. Microsoft is not allowing this. And -- at least for now, the Windows Store and the Windows Phone Store (formerly known as the Windows Phone Marketplace) are two separate things.

I've asked Microsoft if Lorizio misspoke. If there's any further clarification around his remarks, I'll add it to this post. (See below.)

Microsoft isn't doing much to clarify what "counts" as Windows, as my ZDNet colleague Mary Branscombe noted recently. However, Windows 8 is not the same as Windows RT, which also is not the same as Windows Phone 8 OS. Microsoft's longer term goal is to make these as similar as possible so as to improve both the consumer and the developer experience. But not all Windows are created equal at this point. And not all "Windows" apps are, either....

Update: Received what's basically a no comment. “Per our usual policy, we aren’t making any predictions on adoption for Windows 8 before it hits the market," a spokesperson said via an e-mailed statement.

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  • Sales Exec Makes Up Numbers!!!!

    Shocking news!!!! Film at eleven.

    Also, everything you eat and drink is killing you.
    • 1/3 of iOS apps have zero download

      I wonder who'd have that much time search through these fart-apps once it gets to 100K.
      • +1.

        Yes, both iOS and Google Play have junk apps, which are not even downloaded single time. And Windows Phone 7 marketplace also might have few apps that are not downloaded a single time.
        Ram U
    • You're sowing your age...

      with the "Film at eleven" remark
  • maybe

    they are gonna convert all windows phone apps to work on metro?
  • Microsoft Sales exec promises 100,000 Windows 8 apps by January 2013

    They are holding out for one giant release. Its just a number after all and 100,00 sounds good as long as they aren't crap apps.
    Loverock Davidson-
  • January is only 2 months after launch.

    Not that it makes a big difference but 3 months after launch would be about February and there are currently about 4,000 apps in the store. I have no idea if they'll meet this number or not. I actually am more concerned with how you would be able to sift through that many apps published in such a short time. They would need to publish just over 30,000 apps a month to reach this number.
    • Do u know how to count

      By jan mean at end of Jan there will be 100K apps..If i am not wrong they are launching OS on 26th Oct so from that date its like 3 Month and 1 week to get to that figure..There is Nov and dec also if u dont know :P
    • Portability

      MS has plan to port all WP7 apps to W8 which is simple to we should hope 100K apps by Jan end...
  • Easily achievable

    The task is easily achievable and developers from upto 180 countries could potentially submit apps.

    Windows 8 store apps and Windows phone 8 are two different things, so there is no running of WP8 apps in Windows 8. Its true that a lot of code can be reused but not the UX.
  • Breaking it down thats only about 1000 apps a day.

    So not easy but not out of the realm of possibility. Im sure theres a big big backlog of isvs waiting to get their app through already.
    Johnny Vegas
    • Breakdown

      January 23d is 90 days after October 25th. 13 weeks, so let's subtract 26 days for weekends. Let's subtract three days for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday November 21-23 for Thanksgiving. Christmas is on a Tuesday, so let's subtract five days for December 24-28. We'll assume people come back into work on January 2, 2013, so we'll subtract two days for December 31 and January 1st. January 14th is Martin Luther King Day, so we subtract 1 more. Our 90 days are reduced by 37 to 53. The app store increased 1900 in the 21 or so days prior to October 3rd. Let's say 3800 more apps by 10/25, after all, developers are likely to consider 10/25 to be a ship date. That would put the total at 6300, leaving 93700 needed to hit the target.

      That works out to 1,768 per working day, or in each working day more apps enter the store than have entered the store in the last 21 calendar days combined.

      To hit the target, there have to be 7,208 review and approvals over 13 weeks. (I'm being charitable and not subtracting two weeks for Christmas, though, if I were working on a schedule for client fulfillment, I'd consider them dead periods.) That 21,623 every three weeks, or an 11.3-fold increase in throughput relative to the last three weeks.

      What about infrastructure and reviewers? Is Microsoft paying to have that level of throughput available today? I doubt it. How fast can it ramp up?

      And if, as you muse, there are ISVs waiting to get their app through, do you think they are holding onto fully tested GMs or are you saying that they have been submitted, and the review is in-process? Even in the first case, how capable is the system at absorbing the mid-October big drop?

      I don't know. I think Mr. Lorizio is in Man of La Mancha territory here. Ah well, such is the lot of the evangelist.

      By the way, I notice the gap between the paid and free app counts, while growing, is relatively small. If I were a developer, I'd keep an eye on that, and I might hold off planning my app until I know if it's a purchase or advertising-supported platform. That might take a couple of months.
      • Yes because those holiday's are celebrated worldwide

        I've noticed that china makes an especially big deal out of martin luther king day, sometimes taking the entire month off of work. It causes huge delays at the fixconn factory.

        And in india they are even more fond of thanks giving day celebrations than our native amaerican tribes here in the US are. Sometimes the celebrations get so big that they riot in celebration of all the wonderful things that their christian god has given them to be thankful for.

        Combine all that with the fact that people in those countries over sea only work 4 hours a day tuesday - thursday and take 4 day weekends and it's a miracle that there are any apps developed at all.
        • lol'd

          people trying to be smart and failing... got to love it....

          Some times americans forget they are only about 5% of the worlds population.
        • Speak the truth

          Dont write things u dont know...I am an indian and i can tell u no one celebrates martin luther king's day in india...90% of people doesnt know thanks keep ur mouth shut when u dont know..
        • Keep urjesus with u

          We dont need ur jesus...we have enuf gods to pray...
  • I'll believe it when I see it.

    That's a tall order to be setting in stone.
    William Farrel
  • Lofty an Ambitious Goals

    I admire this guy's ambition to think this will happen as quickly as he thinks, but I have to believe this is based on more than just apps but also Desktop Applications too.

    Moreover, I'm curious about the guy's comments about advertising... I really want to believe that Microsoft is going to genuinely have some inspiring ads, but I haven't seen them in a long time aside from the IE9 ad (which I really enjoy).
  • 100,000 Apps

    Perhaps they have a backlog of apps that they need to approve that we don't know about. Or they are hold apps from the store to make it appear as if there was a big surge all of a sudden. (PR stunt) Who knows, I just hope that he is right.

    On a slightly different subject, why does people make such a big deal about the number of apps in an app store anyway. Out of all the apps on my WP7, Ipad, and Android Tablet. There are only about 15 of them the I use on a regular basis, comparing that to the thousands that are actually in those app stores combined.

    Give me 10 to 15 great apps and I'm more than likely gonna be satisfied. just my opinion.
  • So many Apps, so little time

    That number is very hard to believe, but Microsoft has bigger problems.

    What is the value of ANY WindowsRT tablet?

    Android tablets have way more apps, and come in a wide range of prices. Apple tablets are higher cost, but have a lock on mindshare, oh, and tons of apps!

    The only value WindowsRT could possibly bring would be content or exceptionally low pricing, and neither is likely at launch!

    The real value is in the intel versions, specifically Surface Pro, which will sell like hotcakes at almost any reasonable price.

    SurfaceRT may be a sandwitch too smelly to devour.