Microsoft Security Essentials: No new installations after April

Microsoft Security Essentials: No new installations after April

Summary: While Microsoft will continue to provide updates to the antivirus engine and signatures for an extra year, you will no longer be able to download the program for a new installation.


Less than three months until the end of support for Windows XP a stream of new information about the event continues.

Today we learned that after April 8 of this year you will no longer be able to download and perform a new installation of Microsoft Security Essentials. Microsoft made this announcement some time ago on a page about the end of XP support: "...after April 8, 2014, technical assistance for Windows XP will no longer be available, including automatic updates that help protect your PC. Microsoft will also stop providing Microsoft Security Essentials for download on Windows XP on this date." [emphasis added]


After that date, users performing a new installation of Windows XP will need to use a third party antivirus product if they want antimalware protection.

Earlier today we learned that Microsoft will, until April 15 2015, continue to provide antivirus signatures for their Microsoft Security Essentials program for users on Windows XP. Microsoft has also said from the release of Windows XP that they will continue to support activations of new installations of Windows XP even after the end of formal support.

Microsoft will also continue for the next year to make changes in the antivirus engine itself. This was included in today's statement about the extension of signature updates:"To help organizations complete their migrations, Microsoft will continue to provide updates to our antimalware signatures and engine for Windows XP users through July 14, 2015." [emphasis added]

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  • Misleading headline

    Much better headline would be "Win XP: No New Microsoft Security Essential Installations after April".

    Then again if you did that only the 4 or 5 people contemplating a new XP install would read your article.
    • totally agree

      This was click bait pure and simple. There has been a lot of this sort of thing from ZDNet recently and I'm beginning to really resent it; possibly enough to stop visiting the site.
    • I agree!

      Larry please try and write good articles and not misleading headlines.
  • Misleading Headline

    I agree with droopy1. Headline writers and editors need to get on the same page with reporters. Maybe they should just read the article then write a common sense headline that accurately represents the content. To do otherwise is dishonest.
  • i think the headline should be prophetic

    There are enough Free AV solutions ... MS Should just bow out and stop allowing installations :-)
  • Even better headline

    "Microsoft Security Essentials: No new installations after April, until we panic and change our mind"
  • Microsoft is doing no one a favor by doing this

    as it has been shown that several other free solutions are clearly superior to MSE.
    • clearly superior to MSE

      In what way? Or maybe you can give some examples? Just check logs from OTL on site you choose, in most of them you can find ESET, Kaspersky, McAffe etc. Maybe you have on mind something different. In my experience many of this "superior solutions" generate superior problems (with network for example, try "page not load xxx", for xxx use your solution), false positives alert (Norton is king of the hill) and many other, and on the end of the day they all fall when user came to action.
      O, I do mention that they are resources hog? Now I do.

      For me you can use what you want, but IMHO Defender/MSE is more than enough when your system is configured correctly and when you "know basics".
      • MSE is rubbish

        I one time thought it was a better than nothing AV solution for people loathe to renew their paid AV subscriptions in a timely manner, but then discovered MSE to be only barely better than nothing. And pretty much all serious AV tests show MSE competing with McAfee for most useless AV, confirming my observations.
  • XP should have been laid to rest Years ago....

    It makes me wonder how many eulogies to XP are going to be written here on ZDnet come the Eleventh Hour.
    Ed Bott will have a field day having been given fresh ammunition to bolster his one man Windows 8/8.1 crusade. That much is for sure. Whilst SJVN will become even more unbearable with his Linux rhetoric.

    Fact is XP should been laid to rest Years ago.
  • What about IE8, Windows Live Essentials 2009 etc... Are they being removed?

    Of course sites like Filehippo will continue to offer MSE for XP for years after.
    • Nope

      All updates released prior to April 9th will be on the MS servers.
  • Very odd

    Microsoft has already stated that definitions will be available until July 2015.
    As for MSE itself, it will be available on 3rd part sites [i.e. CNet, etc.]. Why would they pull it?
    If you download it today, if you don't install until May, will something in the update check see that you have a new installation and stop the update but allow non-new installations to pass?
    As well, will they stop users from manually updating the definitions?