Microsoft shows off Internet Explorer 9 preview

Microsoft shows off Internet Explorer 9 preview

Summary: Microsoft's platform preview of its upcoming IE9 browser includes Scalable Vector Graphics, which will improve web-based graphical elements


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  • Microsoft showed off Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview on Tuesday, with headline features including support for web standards and faster performance.

    One such standard is Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), and one technology benefiting from better performance is web-based JavaScript programs.

    This view of a demonstration shows off the abilities chiefly of the faster JavaScript, long a sore spot for Internet Explorer (IE) performance, but the balls themselves are rendered with SVG. It includes a physical simulation of the balls interacting in gravity.

  • Microsoft aims to improve performance with the existing web as well as to support new features. For the former challenge, one change coming in IE9 is support for Direct2D and DirectWrite graphics and text acceleration in Windows Vista and Windows 7. This demonstration of whirling browser logos, including drop shadows and occlusion, uses hardware acceleration to speed performance.

  • Miss the Asteroids game from 1979? SVG and JavaScript power this knock-off.

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