Microsoft shows off Kinect for Windows version 2 hardware

Microsoft shows off Kinect for Windows version 2 hardware

Summary: Microsoft is inching closer to delivering the second version of its Kinect for Windows sensor, and is showing off what the final hardware will look like.


Microsoft is inching closer toward releasing the second version of its Kinect for Windows sensor.


On March 27, the company posted images of the new Kinect for Windows v2 sensor itself, as well as the hub and power supply for the device.

The second-generation Kinect for Windows sensor looks a lot like the Kinect for Xbox One, except that it says "Kinect" on the top panel, and the Xbox stylized green "x" is a "simple, more understated power indicator," according to a new blog post. The image of the new Kinect for Windows sensor is embedded in this post above.

The new Kinect for Windows hub and power supply are pictured below. The hub, the top image, accepts three connections: The sensor, USB 3.0 output to PC and power. The power supply, which supports voltages from 100 to 240 volts, is the bottom image.


Microsoft launched its closed Kinect for Windows v2 developer program last summer. Developers received an alpha version of the sensor hardware, along with early access to the software development kit, and a promise of a final version of the Kinect for Windows v2 hardware at no additional cost.

At that time, company officials said the second generation Kinect for Windows product would be available by summer 2014.

Preview participants are experimenting on a range of business and consumer applications that might make use of the updated Kinect. Here's what some Razorfish developers built as a proof-of-concept with the preview hardware and software

Microsoft released the first-generation Kinect for Windows product in early 2012.

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  • I'll probably pick one up.

    I avoided the original Kinect for Windows because I knew that the second version would be released not far in the future.

    Can't wait to see what other developers will do with it.

    I'm hoping for a VR-implementation of some kind.
    • All will have

      We will all have one eventually. The only question is when the killer app will arrive. I will wait until there is an app that will justify it. Probably before the killer but still useful.
  • MSFT version of weareable computing.

    I guess they had to lead in some market, even if nobody cares about this type of thing.
    • Aww...don't be so self-critical, neo...

      Your momma doesn't think you're "nobody"....probably.

      You know - I'm not really sure why some people post ridiculous garbage. It's not like a quick Google search can't readily dispel most of the more ludicrous commentary.

      Here - let me get you started... http://
    • They sure sell a lot of these things

      pretty impressive for something "nobody wants".

      Sorry neonspark, you lose again.
  • Just when I thought they got it...

    ... "available this summer"
    Man. I thought they had seen the light and were going to start doing more of the "announce and launch" kind of things. So much more exciting when I can go out and get it *right now*
    • late

      You are late for signing the developer program.
      Utomo Prawiro
  • need better sensor and sdk

    We need
    1 better sensor, so we can use for small object with details, and also bigger object too. Such as scanning a house.
    2 better sdm, so we can build better applications. Faster scanning, but still have the details. Filtering the data noise ( example ir) and others improvement
    3 better sdk for multiple sensor and also moving sensor
    Utomo Prawiro
    • sdk instead sdm

      Sdk instead sdm.
      Sorry for wrong auto correct
      Utomo Prawiro