Microsoft stamps out more 'Windows Live' references

Microsoft stamps out more 'Windows Live' references

Summary: The "Windows Live" branding purge continues. Microsoft Windows Live team has been renamed the Windows Services team, sources say.


Microsoft is continuing to eliminate references to its confusing-from-the-start "Windows Live" branding.


The latest move: Microsoft has renamed the team formerly known as "Windows Live" to the "Windows Services" team, according to my contacts. The division of which Steven Sinofsky is President is now going to be called the Windows Division, rather than the Windows and Windows Live Division, my contacts added. (Microsoft has not updated Sinofsky's bio page on its Web site to reflect the expected change.)

As part of the latest organizational change, the remaining apps that had been, until recently, known as "Windows Live Essentials" -- Mail, Calendar, Writer, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Family Safety, etc. -- are moving to a newly created Windows Apps team, one of my sources said.

Microsoft officials declined to comment on the "Windows Live" to "Windows Services"-related naming changes. Officials also declined to comment on the alleged formation of a new "Windows Apps" team.

Microsoft has been slowly but surely doing away with "Windows Live" references in the past year-plus. Hotmail hasn't been called "Windows Live Hotmail" for ages.  Hotmail's successor,, wasn't launched as a Windows Live service at all. SkyDrive, its cloud storage service, is no longer known as Windows Live SkyDrive. Windows Live Essentials is now just plain old "Windows Essentials." And the Windows Live ID authentication service is known these days as "Microsoft Account."

"Live" isn't totally dead, however. Xbox Live seems to be doing just fine with the "Live" branding.

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  • Microsoft + Marketing = Confusing

    Microsoft creates way to much confusing with their marketing, branding and then change it to often.

    Windows8/WindowsRT/Metro/Desktop is the next round of confusion that customers are going to have to decode.
    • Already Gone

      Metro is an unofficial moniker and we will very soon be in the post pc era.
  • Bring back Live Mesh!

    Or at least let me continue to run it! There's no reason it needs to be forcefully removed from my machines!
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • My my

      To see you whine about a MIA feature, when you've been so triumphantly smug telling others to get used to the MIA Start Menu in W8 "cuz it ain't coming back." Tsk tsk, what's wrong with the new and improved Live remake Cylon? How does it feel when the shoe is on the other foot champ?

      Your master programmer really needs to put in an emergency call to Redmond Repair and request an incident ticket to reexamine your faulty logic board. Sadly, robotic cross-circuiting can lead to all kinds of unexpected behavior.

      In the meantime repeat after me: THE MS WAY IS THE ONLY WAY, THE MS WAY IS THE ONLY WAY, THE MS WAY ... that's it. Stick to basic loop logic until the RRC [Redmond repair crew] unit arrives and re-flashes you back to normal fawning function. ;)
      • Well said

        I don't know why these hypocrites believe these kinds of things apply to everybody else and not themselves.
        Cylon Centurion
  • Xbox Live seems to be doing just fine with the "Live" branding.

    I imagine they're stuck what to call it but it'll probably live on.

    Remember the Active brand from the 90s. It's mostly dead but lives on in ActiveDirectory and Exchange ActiveSync.

    p.s - Microsoft really should've removed the Live name from the rest of Windows Essentials 2012 when they bumped the version number to 16. It contains Photo Gallery and Movie Maker but Windows Live Messenger etc...
  • Windows Essentials

    I agree..Windows Essentials is a must for windows 8 to get the items that you enjoyed with windows 7.
  • according to Brian Hall

    whose title may still have the words Windows Live in, Windows Live as a term is dead and there is no new over-arching term or concept to replace it
  • Microsoft stamps out more 'Windows Live' references

    If its not alive than it must mean that Windows is dead than
    Over and Out