Microsoft Surface Pro launch cancelled, but devices still go on sale at midnight

Microsoft Surface Pro launch cancelled, but devices still go on sale at midnight

Summary: Microsoft's lower-key Surface Pro launch has been cancelled due to a blizzard expected to hit New York City. But Best Buy here is still planning to sell devices at midnight, as planned.


Microsoft's planned Surface Pro launch event in New York City tonight has been cancelled due to the blizzard expected to hit the area on February 8.


But users who aren't put off by the rain, sleet and snow will still be able to go to the Union Square New York Best Buy store and purchase Surface Pros starting at midnight.

Microsoft had invited a number of Most Valuable Professionals and other selected guests to attend a pre-launch event near the Best Buy store. The head of the Surface team, Panos Panay, was going to be in attendance. Panay tweeted on February 7 that bad weather was going to keep him away.

A Microsoft spokesperson told Neowin that "the Surface Pro launch launch activities in NYC have been cancelled due to weather."

However, when I called the Union Square Best Buy on February 8 and was told that Surface Pro sales would still commence at midnight. So I guess that part of the "launch" will still go on.

(A number of us were planning to hold a tweetup on February 8 near the Best Buy store. We have cancelled our event due to weather.)

Microsoft's launch of its Intel-based Surface Pro was planned to be a lot more low-key than the Surface RT launch on October 25/26. Microsoft's now-closed Times Square pop-up Microsoft Store was the location for the Surface RT launch. Microsoft ended up not taking any pre-orders for the Surface Pro, unlike the case with the Surface RT.

Microsoft officials have said they will offer Surface Pros starting February 9 through all Microsoft retail stores, and at Staples and Best Buy in the U.S., as well as from a number of locations in Canada. If you're planning to try to buy a Surface Pro tonight in person, make sure to call your local retail outlet to make sure it will be open at midnight.

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  • Wow, that was flop in record time

    Even for Microsoft.
    • Wow, that post was flop in record time

      even for the seasoned pros here
      William Farrel
    • Huh?

      Canceling because of bad weather makes Surface a flop?

      Dude. I haven't used MS products in years, but you take haterism to new heights.
    • Headline readers... sheesh

      Seriously... read deeper than the headlines dude... then make your fan-boy comments.
    • Exactly right! Microsoft will only sell 10 or 20 of those things in the

      next quarter, because, it snowed on Feb 8.

      This snowstorm will only affect Microsoft, because, all other products from all other manufacturers will still be selling as if nothing happened.
      • obviously

        they will sell only 10 or 20 of those things not because of snow, but man, let them have that excuse at least!
      • Cancelled? Afraid of lack of attendents?

        Yes you r right, the big question is how many will sell (iPad rival?) hmmm I dont think so
      • I hope that was sarcasm

        For anyone who lived through Sandy, and now 2 feet + of snow and blizzard, and people here on this site think the smart thing for MS to do is stay open?

        I'm sure the Apple store is staying open till 10:00 for those people standing in line
        waiting to get an iPad in this blizzard.
        NoMore MicrosoftEver
        • Read for context, which is dependent upon what the comments were in

          response to.

          Hopefully, people here are smart enough to understand sarcasm, especially when the context is clear.

          The only person here that should need clarification of comments, is that CaviarCrap dude, who is as brainless as the crap that he's named after.
    • right, also Windows Surface ReTard sales were disappointing

      because Sandy, as Ed Bott told us
    • Flop?

      Why a flop? You try and get people to out for a product launch in the middle of a huge snow storm.
  • Look forward to getting a surface pro

    It doubles as a hotplate so I can cook my breakfast on it.
    Alan Smithie
    • Not hot enough

      Max surface temperature measured by Andandtech running 3DMark was 42C (107.6F) right on the CPU... about the same temperature as a hot tub.

      If you want something a little hotter, you might want to look at some Apple Prodcuts like the Macbook Air (45C/113F), Macbook Pro Retina (50C/122F), or Macbook Pro (55C/131F).
      • It's a tablet remember

        Go read Peter Bright's comments at Ars tech about the temperature.
        Alan Smithie
    • Hotplates are very inexpensive, so, why would you be so stupid in spending

      $1000 or more for the Surface Pro for that purpose?
      • Why not?

        If you are die hard follower of the Microsoft religion.. that is a small contribution to the faith to ask for. :)
  • MS Store incentives for Pro?

    Has there been any indication of special incentive for buying one at an MS store? They gave out 1 year Xbox Music passes for the RT launch but I haven't heard of anything similar for Pro.
    If they're not doing anything, I'm just going to run to Staples or Best Buy near home to pick one up instead of driving 30 miles to my closest MS store.
    • AFAIK, I too didn't here one

      But last time when they launched the 1 year Xbox pass was not expected until last moment. Probably would hear more about it tomorrow. I will go to MS Store tomorrow morning and get info to you, if you are interested.
      Ram U
      • sheesh, I wanted to say I tood didn't hear one

        we need edit feature here seriously.
        Ram U
  • Microsoft Surface Pro launch cancelled, but devices still go on sale at mid

    I want a launch event because Microsoft launch events are fun filled with excitement. But I understand in this case with the weather and all. It shouldn't stop people from ordering them. Order 2 or 3 if you want.