Microsoft: Surface tablet with LTE wireless coming in 2014

Microsoft: Surface tablet with LTE wireless coming in 2014

Summary: Microsoft will be adding an LTE-enabled Surface to its line-up next year, officials are confirming.


Microsoft will be introducing a version of its Surface that will support LTE "early next year," according to company officials.


During the Surface 2 launch in New York on September 23, Microsoft rolled out two new Surface devices: A Tegra 4 ARM system (Surface 2) and an Intel Haswell Core i5 (Surface Pro 2). Neither of those devices supports LTE; they are both WiFi-only devices.

But Microsoft isn't ignoring calls for an LTE-wireless-enabled Surface device. On a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on September 23, Surface chief Panos Panay said this type of device is coming in early 2014. His exact answer about LTE availability on Surface. Panay's response:

"We didn't talk about it today, but Surface 2 will be launching an awesome LTE SKU early next year!"

I've heard from one of my contacts that Microsoft might be considering a bundle of Windows Phone and Surface to address markets where the lack of built-in wireless support for Surface may be an issue.

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  • What about the Nokia RT tablet?

    I am sure it will have LTE
    • Here's a theory

      Since Nokia is also making a tablet with LTE, and Microsoft is acquiring Nokia about the same time as Microsoft is supposedly releasing a tablet with LTE, this new LTE Surface sounds pretty Sirius.
      • I see what you did there...

        angarita calvo
  • Fantastic news and ...

    nice cameo appearance at the announcement today MJF. S2 is great if the real world experience matches the spec bump. We use RT's currently as school PC's for our kids and the battery life, portability and functionality is great but a bit more horse power is definitely needed. That and the backlit keyboard covers are fantastic. All in all a nice bunch of news today.
  • A different opinion

    If a device has LTE capability, there is a monthly charge from my carrier (AT&T) to use it on their network in addition to any data usage charges rung up. On the other hand, if I turn on internet connection sharing on my Lumia 920 to turn it into a WiFi hotspot, I can connect the Surface to it and only pay for data usage. The WiFi connection speed to the phone is excellent, so that's not an issue. This seems like a better deal to me.
    Sir Name
    • AT&T plan

      if you have a shared data plan on AT&T it costs $10 month to add a tablet. I've done the phone / hotspot thing with a tablet, having LTE in the tablet is a lot easier.
    • AT&T Doesn't Charge You?

      I was wondering if AT&T charged you extra if you use your 920 as a hotspot. I have not done it because I wasn't sure if I would be charged.
      • Att hotspot

        If you have the 5GB data plan or higher or a shared plan, you can use your phone as a hotspot at no additional cost.
      • re:

        Nope, no extra charge for using 920 as a hotspot. I have a shared data plan (3 lines for me and family) with 10 GB of data per month. In addition to using the Surface Pro with the hotspot, I also use my i7 laptop on with it when I do real dev work away from other WiFi.
        Sir Name
        • Hotspot Not Incuded in Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans

          If you have grandfathered unlimited data plan (not shared data), then ATT charges additional fees to use phone as hotspot. I think it's $30 per month to use phone as hotspot.
    • Verizon

      maybe you should switch to Verizon.
  • Yes Surface 2 another Failure get Nokia Tablets

    Microsoft do not understand the mobile market.
    Let Nokia do their awesome stuff, and Release Nokia Tablets, before Microsoft ruin their brand.
    • "Microsoft do not understand the mobile market"

      Maybe, but Says who?! By you? And who are you?
      • Says sales

        The devices don't sell. Not those from MS, ASUS, Acer . . . none.
        • yes they dont sell much

          But does that already means "Microsoft does not understand the mobile market"? It could be any reasons why "surface doesn't sell"...price, late to the market etc. But saying Microsoft do not understand the mobile market is quite an irresponsible comment.
          • Re: quite an irresponsible comment.

            Why is it irresponsible?

            God Microsoft will get angry and disable your Windows computer?
          • Factual comments

            Irresponsible in that an opinion based on partial truths is an attempt to mislead.
          • Just a casual observation, here . . .

            When you say:
            - yes they dont sell much
            - price
            - late to the market
            - etc
            Isn't it true that those items actually support the conclusion that, "Microsoft does not understand the mobile market" ?

            Just trying to be objective, here.
  • Surface 2?

    This is so wrong - no love for Surface Pro 2 LTE, no love for Bay Trail - did MS buy NVidia when I wasn't looking?
  • LTE Coming in 2014?

    Thanks Microsoft. I guess I'll wait till 2014 before I spend $1,000+ on a Surface Pro2 and toss my Android tablet which gets me by on short trips while the old Win 7 Laptop still has the oomph for what I use it for on longer trips. In the meantime I'm happy with my HTC Windows Phone and my 8.1 desktop PC