Microsoft takes RDP to Android, iOS, but not Windows Phone

Microsoft takes RDP to Android, iOS, but not Windows Phone

Summary: A seamless Microsoft remote desktop experience between your Windows Phone and Windows desktop? It isn't happening.

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Microsoft has introduced a new remote desktop application for iOS and Android, but not its own Windows Phone platform.

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Although a number of applications have taken advantage of the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to allow their own clients to connect to Windows PCs and servers, Microsoft had not created a native app until now.

First noticed by The Next Web, Microsoft released its Microsoft Remote Desktop applications to the Apple App Store and the Google Play store, but not its own Windows Phone store.

The announcement of these apps was made earlier this month, buried in a press release announcing a number of enterprise cloud products.

The single mention of the app says that its Remote Desktop application will be available on "Windows, Windows RT, iOS, OS X and Android," but makes no mention of Windows Phone.

ZDNet contacted Australian representatives for Microsoft to clarify whether Windows Phone would receive its own version of the app in the future, but had not received a response at the time of writing.

Topic: Microsoft

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  • PC remote !

    I use PC remote.. that does the job for me, but i would like to have MS own app on its own platform
  • Remote Desktop Help

    windows already have this feature. but providing additional support to other platforms will create opportunities for Microsoft for better remote support to their customer.

    #gikoberry Thought
  • What's going on with Windows 8, WP8 and RT

    There is this situation where no app is released for WP8. We have the recent situation of Ballmer saying that an Office app will not be released for iOS "until we can get it to work on Windows".

    Is there some underlying issue with Windows or its SDK or something else?
    • WP8

      The app will probably not come out for about three weeks for the windows phone when the windows phone update comes out.
      • But the tenor of Ballmer's comments

        gave the impression the MS is having trouble making an Office app for WP. And then there is this additional issue of no WP RDP app. Added together it gives the impression the MS coders are struggling with something related to one of more of the Windows OSes.
        • Office has always been available on windows phone.

          Ballmer was talking about the windows 8 modern interface version of office, which will likely be similar to the modern OneNote app. For the most part Microsoft is treating phone and tablet apps completely separately. Hence the office on ios meant for the iPhone, but not the iPad. There's not a windows phone rdp app, but windows rt/8 tablets have had an rdp app for a long time.
          Sam Wagner
    • Perhaps

      they are closer to merging RT and winP8 than everyone thinks. If they bring them together in Blue soon why waste time on an app.
    • Probably for tablets, not phones

      I guess it's targeted at tablets, not phones. Even on tablets the kind of accuracy needed to use desktop applications would require magnification or at least a decent pen. Keyboard is a problem in its own right, because a virtual one obscures a large portion of the screen and any physical one would almost certainly lack some keys (Ctrl, Alt, Esc, function keys, etc.). Can't imagine what you can do using a 4" phone and a fat thumb.

      It is a glaring oversight, especially if they don't release it by the time first 6" WP devices go on sale, but I wouldn't make much of a fuss out of it before that.
      Matjaž Miler
      • Exactly.

        iOS and Android run on tablets; WP8 does not. It would be a pain to try and use an RDP app on a phone, even a 6-inch one...
  • windows phone app

    The app will probably not come out for about three weeks for the windows phone when the windows phone update comes out.
  • Why do this? Wonder if it has value-add, e.g. RemoteFX support

    MS actually made some significant architectural changes to the RDP protocol, changes which are ignored by most (all?) cross-platform 3rd-party RDP clients. If they've found a way to port e.g. RemoteFX to non-Windows client environments, then they'll get a lot of traction.

    Otherwise, not sure why to provide such apps - unless their iOS/Android RDP client is going to expose APIs that other products they have planned will use, to create tighter BYOD integration with remoted Windows apps, or something.
  • Microsoft is Windows Phone's worst enemy

    It boggles the mind. Microsoft could have a real winner in WP; they spent a ton of money to buy Nokia, but instead do nothing to make WP successful. It's all about the Apps, but simple things that Windows users expect are not forthcoming. RDP is a no-brainer, but this just shows that Microsoft is the one without a brain. Really really really stupid.