Microsoft to add more Yammer-Office 365 integration points

Microsoft to add more Yammer-Office 365 integration points

Summary: Microsoft plans to add deeper integration between Office 365 and its Yammer enterprise social-networking technology over the coming months. Here's the latest roadmap.


On June 25, the one-year anniversary of Microsoft's acquisition of enterprise social-networking vendor Yammer, Microsoft officials went public with more details about the coming Yammer-Office 365 integration plans.


"In the coming months," Microsoft will be releasing a number of Yammer, SharePoint and Office 365 updates designed to more tightly bind these services. (Microsoft is currently rolling out incremental updates to Office 365 on close to a monthly basis.)

Microsoft has been updating its Yammer integration roadmap regularly, promising there will be additional single-sign-on integration between Office 365 and Yammer.

Here's what else is coming, according to the Softies:

  • A new Yammer application in the Office Store (due out by the end of June). This app will allow customers to embed Yammer group feeds into SharePoint sites.
  • Improved email interoperability, making it easier for users to follow and participate in conversations across Yammer and email.
  • Enhanced real-time directed messaging.
  • SharePoint search integration.

Microsoft officials said today that the number of registered Yammer users has grown more than 55 percent in the past year, to nearly eight million. Microsoft also has taken a number of steps to increase Yammer usage inside Microsoft itself.

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  • Great news!

    My company is rolling out 365 and Yammer, and I'm excited to see how it all works together.
  • Yammer - love the name...

    German "ein Jammer"" means "lament" or "crying shame" or similar...

    Great choice of name. It does remind me of Rolls-Royce's choice of model name Silver Mist. Went down a storm in Germany, Switzerland etc... (Mist = rubbish of manure).
    • Same for Norway

      In Norwegian Yammer means complaining, moaning or wailing. Even wretchedness or misery.
      However, I like the product/solution. :-)