Microsoft to launch Surface Pro at Best Buy New York on February 8

Microsoft to launch Surface Pro at Best Buy New York on February 8

Summary: Microsoft is planning another midnight launch for the latest member of its Surface family, just ahead of its February 9 commercial availability date.


Following the pattern it set with its Surface RT launch in October 2012, Microsoft is planning to launch its Surface Pro devices just before midnight the day before they'll be commercially available.



On Friday, February 8, Microsoft is holding a private evening reception for select guests before the event, and then holding the formal launch just before midnight, February 9, at the Best Buy in Union Square in New York City. The invited guests will be among the first people eligible to buy the new Surface Pros -- or, as Microsoft calls them officially, the "Surface Windows 8 Pros."

Microsoft's General Manager of Surface Team, Panos Panay, will be on hand, as will members of the Windows team, according to a copy of the invitation that I saw. (I am not invited to the reception, myself, as it is not for press, I was told.)

Microsoft held its Surface RT launch at the now-shuttered Times Square Microsoft pop-up store.

Microsoft officials said earlier this month that the Surface Pro would be commercially available starting on February 9. I've asked the company if and when pre-orders will begin for Surface Pros and have received no response to my query.

The Surface Pro is an Intel-based hybrid PC/tablet that Microsoft is positioning more as an ultrabook than a tablet. It will have half the battery life of the Surface RT, due to its use of an Intel Core i5 chip. But it will be more powerful and have a better display than its Surface RT sibling. Prices for the Surface Pro start at $899. 

The Surface Pros will be sold in the U.S. and Canada through all Microsoft retail stores, and at Staples and Best Buy in the U.S., as well as from "a number of locations in Canada," according to the company.

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  • Surface Pro vs. Surface Windows 8 Pro vs. Surface with Windows 8 Pro

    I've seen them use all three. They used Surface Pro on the reservation cards:

    I wish they'd just stick with one... particularly Surface Pro. It's the one everyone else is using anway.
    • Windows is Poison. Microsoft did not learn its lesson.

      In marketing terms, the brand name "Windows" is poison.

      Microsoft should have retained the "Surface Pro" name, rather than adding the word "Windows" in the middle of the name.

      People associate Windows with something old, difficult to use, suffering blue screens of death.

      People who understand the dynamics of the connected era already know that the Surface Windows 8 Pro Series will fail. Microsoft has zero understanding of the market. It will only take a few weeks before these machines will be heavily discounted in the clearance bin.
      • Well

        It seems you missed the boat and now feeling the pain of losing it.
        Ram U
      • Only to you and a minority of ABMers.

        For the rest of the world, Windows is one of the most recognized brands and is still sufficiently respected to be a $20Bn+ a year business.
        • Recognized brands

          Everybody knows Novell too. Now a division of Attachmate.
      • Who are you kidding?

        You must be one of those Apple Fan boys... Windows market is huge compared to everybody else. I know for a fact my company of 15,000 employees is definitely looking at the Surface Windows 8 Pro as a serious desktop replacement. Already testing Windows 8 with all our apps and it is looking good so far.
        • A Lovie Dovie by no other name

      • What are you smoking?

        Your comments sound like someone who was duped by a salesman's pitch. You make the assumption that other platforms are problem free which is simply not true. An Apple or Android power cycle is the equivalent of a BSOD. This isn't 1999 so please don't compare MS to that's like saying GM makes cars like they did in the 80's.

        Surface Pro looks and sounds great! It can literally be THE ZERO COMPROMISE solution for the "connected era". This will definitely suit business user needs since the competition has only been offering shiny toys that look good on the outside, but lack compatibility and enterprise readiness.
      • @Vbitrate Help needed

        Please point me to the bargain bin for Windows RT Surface tablets. My girlfriend's teenage daughter keeps asking for one.
        Burger Meister
    • rt v pro

      I like Surface Pro and Surface RT, easy to differentiate
  • Microsoft to launch Surface Pro at Best Buy New York on February 8

    I wonder if I should get out the tent and sleeping bag and what day to start lining up.
    • I would think

      you need to get there by Friday to camp out if you want a [place in line.
    • tent?

      you can probably just stroll in without any delay after the event starts. that is, if you are not actually working the event.

    I was actually considersing a 64-GIG, until yesterday when I discovered M$ went out of their way to cripple their last chance at a tablet, about as much as they crippled that worthless brick they had the nerve to release last year (AKA the Surface RT).

    I've painstakingly researched just about everything that's either already out there or that's coming soon. I agree with many others that the Thinkpad Helix will put the Surface Amatuer to shame!

    It easily transforms from a laptop to an 11" tablet, gets 6-10 hours of battery life (depending upon use and configuration), is offered with the quadcore ivy bridge i7, is offered with 8-GIGS of RAM, is offered with 256-GIG SSD, and finally, it is made by a real tech hardware company... Lenovo.

    Microsoft can't do anything right.
    • Don't lie to us

      The Surface Pro may well flop, but you weren't going to buy one.
      Michael Alan Goff
    • Jealous too much?

      Go out more often.
    • Hey zerorandy

      Why should we believe you after reading a whole lot of diatribe and hatred you exposed here for a long time?
      Ram U

        I am in the market for a new Windows machine, because I need something running Office with legacy Windows support, for some consulting work I'll be doing this year.

        I want something that can be a tablet, even though I hate Win 8. Microsoft made my decision for me yesterday, and I'm going with the fully tricked out Helix when it's released.

        I'll just use start 8 and bypass Metro altogether. Then I will install any version of Office I need, without having to pay M$ until I'm a hundred years old!

        Still love my iPad 3 and will get the 5 when it ships.

        The Helix make the Surface Amatuer look like a Nexus 7.
        • Good for you!

          And let me know once you hit 100 years.
          Ram U
        • I am sure MS will be just as happy with you buying a Helix as a Surface

          I am sure MS is delighted that you have decided on a "fully tricked out" Helix. I might just do the same thing, except that where the Helix screwed up is that no TrackPoint from what I understand. But Lenovo still has to buy a Win 8 license and I am sure that MS is thrilled that the some of the OEM's are stepping up to the plate and creating devices that people want. And if you are interested in a ThinkPad Tablet 2, from what I understand, it is actually made in USA or will be. And I am not sure how you are going to load any version of Office you need without having to pay MS--unless you are not going to need Office 13 or unless you are going to steal it.

          That said, MS has done a lot right with the Surface as it really does include some great innovative ideas and the build quality from what people say is outstanding. When the new Intel chips come online, it may reach its potential.