Microsoft to work with Google on Kubernetes container-management platform

Microsoft to work with Google on Kubernetes container-management platform

Summary: Microsoft is backing the Google-developed and now open-sourced Kubernetes container management effort.


Just a month after announcing plans to beef up support for deploying Docker on Azure Virtual Machines, Microsoft is planning to work with Google on evolving the Kubernetes Docker container-management platform.


Google packages and runs Search, Gmail and its other products/services in a way so they can run in Linux containers in their data centers, officials said. The company developed Kubernetes to help schedule/manage Docker containers. Kubernetes was originally built on top of Google Compute Engine.

But in June, Google decided to release Kubernetes as an open-source GitHub project.

This week, Kubernetes got a number of new backers beyond Google, including Red Hat, IBM, CoreOS and as of this week, Microsoft. Microsoft plans to enable Kubernetes capabilities on top of Azure Linux virtual machines, allowing developers who want to use Linux containers and manage them using Kubernetes to use Azure.

Microsoft officials also announced this week support for Docker’s libswarm project, which "offers imperative management on Docker, so that libswarm will natively support Azure in enabling deployment of containers on Azure Virtual Machines," according to a July 10 Microsoft blog post.

Docker is an open-source engine that automates application deployment. It's a platform for developers and systems administrators who want to configure and deploy distributed apps more easily.

For those wondering about the origin of the Kubernetes name, Kubernetes is Greek for “helmsman” of a ship, according to Google.

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  • Kubernetes ... Gubernetes

    Just sayin :-) its just too easy.
  • Linux Containers on Microsoft Azure

    It was an unusually cold day in hell ...
    • LOL, I know how you feel

      I'm still trying to figure out if we slipped through a wormhole in the fabric of the universe or something.
  • Working woth Google indeed.

    You'd thin MS would have learned their lesson. Remember the YouTube (Windows Phone). Remember the EAS.
    • MS wasn't working with Google on that, but against Google...

      This is different.

      MS has to supply what users want. If they want users for Azure, then they have to supply Linux for them... and that means they have to support it and containers too.