Microsoft updates Office for Mac 2011 with Outlook fixes

Microsoft updates Office for Mac 2011 with Outlook fixes

Summary: Microsoft has made available for download a new minor update to Office for Mac 2011. There's still no updated word on when the next major version will be available.


Microsoft made available for download a minor update to its Office for Mac 2011 client on June 25.

The update, 14.4.3, includes a handful of fixes for Outlook for Mac. Specifically, it includes:

  • A fix for an issue that causes Outlook for Mac not to automatically detect and connect to the connection settings for the Exchange server. Instead Outlook for Mac prompts for manual settings when you use certain proxy auto-configurations.
  • A fix for an issue that causes Outlook for Mac to delete shared folders that are added by using the Open Other User's Folder feature when certain errors occur on the server.
  • A fix for an issue that causes Outlook for Mac to continuously try to connect to public folders that are disabled or removed from the Exchange server by the administrator.

The update requires Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later and also Office for Mac 14.1.0 or later. This update applies to both standalone copies of Office for Mac 2011, as well as copies that users may have via their Office 365 for Home or Personal subscriptions.

Microsoft has been regularly updating Office for Mac 2011, since Microsoft released the product back in the fall of 2010, with these kinds of point releases.

There's no new word from Microsoft as to when the company plans to deliver the next major update to Office for Mac.

Earlier this year, the expectation/rumor was that a new major version of Office for Mac would be out before the end of calendar 2014. Now that the Office team has reorg'd and the team building Office for Mac and Office for iPad are together, I'm not sure if Office for Mac is still on the same "12 months after the next major version of Office for Windows" trajectory as before. Right now, tipsters are telling me that the next release of Office for Windows -- both the Metro-Style/touch-first and the desktop versions -- are both looking like Spring 2015.

I also have no update on the whereabouts of the OneDrive for Business client for Mac beyond "some time before the end of calendar 2014." I asked the OneDrive team last week and that's all company officials still will say.

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  • Mac Updates

    Thanks Mary for chasing this up.

    Our business (which is 90% Mac) has gone Office 365 and it turns out to be a rather frustrating experience without OneDrive for Business sync and rather feature limited Office 2011 / 365 integration. I'm assuming the Office for Mac and OneDrive for Mac will arrive around much the same time and will address some of these issues.

    Can't arrive soon enough for us...
    • Agreed

      Right on @Haylo. We're in the same situation, 1,500 Mac users and just switched to Office 365. Using the web client currently because Outlook for Mac is a bit of a mixed bag. It does the basics, but then there are glaring missing features and bugs:
      * No syncing of Contact Groups/Distribution Lists (What the....? What a random thing to omit)
      * Conversations don't include Sent Items
      * Conversations are some brain-dead version that bases threading solely on the Subject text...when thread IDs are right there ready to be used. Apparently they did the same moronic thing to the Windows version early on, but corrected it there.
      * GAL caching is also brain-dead, sometimes not updating the cached GAL with new or changed entries for days....or never at all. It takes a manually deletion of the cache file on disk to straighten it out...temporarily, until it happens again. Seriously...caching not updating properly? C'mon. It's been an issue for years, all over the forums, with nothing from MS but virtual blank stares.
      * Send Rules don't apply to Exchange (or Office 365) accounts
      * Messages sometimes don't send successfully....but they just silently sit there, the only hint that your message hasn't been sent being a small splat in the bottom right corner that all users completely miss.
      • Microsoft always uses Outlook to punish Mac users, it's sickening

        My favorite was when, after we BEGGED FOR YEARS, they finally released Outbreak client for CLASSIC MAC only when OS X shipped. ;-)

        Outbreak is one of those things that Microsoft will never provide to Mac users. You much better off seeking OTHER solutions for stuff like this. If they want to play that game, I will go elsewhere. They do this with database (access is much weaker than filemaker though, for general use, so no big loss).

        I still use It's a little slow to get a message, but my iPhone beeps imeadiately, so no big deal.

        I think Microsoft could be successful if they didn't force Windows with every single fiber of their being. Every standard they 'embrace and extend' (nice euphemism) it's done in order to make it ONLY work in windows. Email, web, nothing is sacred, even if the entire POINT of it to begin with was interoperability, Microsoft will make it NOT interoperable.
  • yes!


    Still will use the Venue 8 (pro) a lot
  • still no ...

    outlook connector plugin or native app support for their own freakin service
  • Still

    haven't fixed the problem with Outlook for Mac spending 3/4 of an hour rebuilding the database every time it starts - the only "workaround" until now has been do delete the Exchange profile on the Mac and let Outlook rebuild it, which seems to solve the problem for a week or two at most.
  • Does Time Machine backup work?

    I remember a problem when I used Outlook for Mac 2011. Outlook would backup to Time Machine, and everything looked fine, but the Outlook software could not restore a TM backup. If there was a hard drive failure then there was no way to get the mail from the TM backup. The user would simply lose all their email.

    The Outlook for Mac developers confirmed that they were aware of the problem but there was no fix and no plans for a fix. (I'm in Seattle - this info came direct to me from a dev on the Outlook for Mac team, not from MS Support or MS public relations.)

    That was the end of my use of Outlook for Mac. Now that it's been nearly three years, has Microsoft fixed this fundamental flaw? How MS execs can still advertise OSX compatibility and look at themselves in the mirror is beyond me.
  • Outlook Mac Backup issue

    But, corruption issue with Outlook backup file is not resolved by Microsoft. It doesn't provide any in-built utility for this issue.

    In case, you find any kind trouble with Outlook 2011 backup file then it can be only fixed through advanced OLM repair utility. Some of Microsoft certified vendors are providing this useful utility. To get a real time analysis with tool's working, find free demo version i.e. available at: