Microsoft Windows 7: ZDNet UK special report

Microsoft Windows 7: ZDNet UK special report

Summary: Learn about Windows 7 highlights — and potential pitfalls — and find out what the new operating system could mean for your organisation


Windows 7 is widely anticipated as the operating system Vista was meant to be — easier to manage, less buggy and relatively lightweight.

ZDNet UK's special report covers a range of content, including reviews, articles and videos, to help you discover the features to look forward to in Microsoft's latest operating system, as well as the pitfalls you should be looking out for.

Windows 7 could be the upgrade from XP that the business world has been waiting for: make sure you know whether it's the right operating system for your organisation.

Topics: Windows, Operating Systems

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  • Vista was Exactly what Microsoft Intended it to be

    I would contend that the opening statement of this article is incorrect:

    <i>Windows 7 is widely anticipated as the operating system Vista was meant to be</i>

    I believe that Vista was exactly what Microsoft intended it to be. It was taking far too long to produce an operating system which even came close to working, even though they had already dropped some of the most critical parts of what was supposed to be in it, and they had been at it for four or five years. While the revenue from XP was still coming in steadily, they desperately wanted to find a way to dip back into their customers pockets for "upgrade" purchases. Then some genius at Microsoft came up with the solution - go ahead and ship Vista, knowing that it was a broken pile of garbage, and sell a few billion dollars worth of upgrade licenses. That bought them enough time to continue development, and hopefully get it to the point where it at least more or less works, and had the added bonus that they get to change the name and then dip into the customers pockets for "upgrade" purchases again. Last, but certainly not least, after Vista was such a pile of stinking trash, the standards have been significantly lowered for Win7, it can be only moderately bad and it will look wonderful compared to Vista. That sounds like a win-win situation for Microsoft - but lose-lose for their customers.

    jw 23/10/2009