Microsoft's Ajax CDN tumbles worldwide

Microsoft's Ajax CDN tumbles worldwide

Summary: Microsoft's AJAX content distribution network, part of its Windows Azure cloud, appears to have gone down worldwide, damaging applications that depend on the third-party javascript libraries that are hosted there.

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Part of Microsoft's globe-spanning Windows Azure cloud is having a problem, causing faults for websites and applications based on it. 

On Thursday morning multiple Azure users began reporting problems with the company's Ajax Content Delivery Network, a technology that helps to quickly serve third-party javascript libraries, such as jquery, to sites and applications built on top of Windows Azure.

The problems with the AJAX CDN began on Thursday morning. (Image: Cedexis)

As of 1:14pm GMT the Microsoft site was completely unavailable.

Cedexis, a company that operates a variety of cloud monitoring technologies, also confirmed the outage via its Cedexis Radar technology in a post to Twitter at 2:12pm, which showed a loss in capability of the CDN (pictured).

"Dammit! is down, @Microsoft any ideas when it will come back up? #downtime#ajax#jquery#CDN," Twitter user Chuck Neely wrote in a post to the microblogging network at 12:49pm GMT.

At the time of writing Microsoft had not responded to a ZDNet request for comment. A trawl of the technology giant's public social media accounts showed no acknowledgement of the issue. 


Topics: Cloud, Microsoft

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  • very scarry!!!

    This implies one should not put more trust on CDN provided by third parties. From now on we should deploy the jquery files with the sites. That is very ugly. What is wrong with cloud?
    • Azure is awesome, not invincible

      Go ahead, deploy the files to your basement web server, see if you can achieve better overall performance at scale.
    • replace CDN and cloud with Microsoft

      If you replace CDN and cloud in your comment with with Microsoft then I agree.

      This isn't the first large outage from Microsoft and it isn't gonna be the last.
  • Outage Doesn't Appear on Service Dashboard

    The Windows Azure Service Dashboard at isn't reporting a current CDN outage (last was 12/19/2012) although I see messages from individual users in Europe are reporting outages.

    • Noticed

      Hi Roger_Jennings,
      I noticed this as well but I found users in Europe and Asia reporting problems, along with third-party cloud monitor Cedexis. Still waiting to hear anything official back from MSFT so I will update the story when that comes in. Thanks for reading!
      Jack Clark