Microsoft's Build 2013 conference sells out in under three hours?

Microsoft's Build 2013 conference sells out in under three hours?

Summary: Microsoft's biggest developer conference of 2013 may or may not be sold out already. The event is expected to include details on Windows Blue, among other topics.


If you were thinking about heading to Microsoft's BUild 2013 conference and didn't already pull the registration trigger, you waited a little too long.


Registration opened for the conference at 9 am PDT on April 2. By 12 noon PDT, a message was on the site advising those attempting to register they'd be put on a wait list.

Update: Around 1:30 pm PDT, @kimtiede told me the Build site was no longer showing that the conference was sold out. So maybe there's still hope for those who wanted to get in.

Here's the page I saw at 12 noon PDT:


That page is no longer displaying as of 1:30 pm PDT. Instead the site seemingly is allowing new registrants to apply.

 Microsoft officials declined to say how many attendees they'll be allowing into the conference. (I asked.)

Build 2013 is happening from June 26 to June 28 in San Francisco. In addition to talking about Windows client, Microsoft speakers also will be discussing Windows Azure, Windows Phone, Visual Studio and Xbox at the confab.

Last year, Microsoft's Build 2012 conference sold out in under an hour. There were limited spots available because Microsoft opted to hold last year's event on campus. Many of those who were put on the wait list ended up getting into the 2012 event, however.

Microsoft officials have not posted detailed agenda topics yet, but according to one tweet I saw, that will be happening shortly before the conference begins.

Microsoft's Windows Blue, a k a Windows 8.1, is expected to be a big topic at the show. Given leaks about the expected Blue roadmap, Microsoft could distribute either the internal second milestone build (upon which its developers are working now) or the one-and-only expected public preview test build of Blue at the event. As far as hardware giveaways, it sure seems like Build 2013 would be a good time for a smaller Windows 8 tablet to make its debut....

Update (April 3): Microsoft officials posted a tweet around 8 am PDT today saying that Build 2013 is officially sold out. The keynotes and select sessions will be Webcast, however, as they were for previous Builds.

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  • i'll bet Loverock Davidson, Owlllnet1 & todbottomm3 were

    the first ones there....thank goodness they'll be gone for a few days....what a relief not to have to read their constant dribbbbblle.
    Over and Out
    • I take it

      You are not going ? Since you are obviously obsessed with Microsoft, this come as a surprise.

      Of course it would be better if you joined your friends there so you could discuss your joined obession together. And no, I don't need or want to know what goes on there.
      • They get into Another's head for good, obviously

        That's funny.
    • Sorry friend, you really need another viewpoint.

      I know you appear here with different user-ids, but its easy to spot and is boring.
    • LOL! You complaining about constant dribble?

      Would that be an oxymoron?
      William Farrel
    • your name is now "another view"

      but same person.
    • ??

      Why do you post?
  • But this can't be

    We've been promised that no one wants to develop for Microsoft platforms anymore.

    Huh. I guess we are being lied to by a coordinated team of astro-turfing FUDsters.
    • No FUD here

      just pure math: It took google i/o only 49 minutes so using this as a gauge of developer interest, 267% less interest doesn't bode well for microsoft.
      • Kinda...

        Your calculation leaves out number of seats available at the event. If Build is much larger, then it would take longer to fill up. If it is smaller... well then that is not good for MS.
  • MS rules the Enterprise and Developers love it.

    MS means business and its not about some toy apps sold in devices running iOS or Android.
  • Microsoft's Build 2013 conference sells out in under three hours

    That was pretty darn fast! I guess Microsoft isn't dead yet but we will still have to suffer through blogs saying it is. So much developer interest that the next few versions of Microsoft Windows are going to have more metro style apps being developed.
    • Update: not sold out yet

      Last year's sold out in 1 hour - as "windows 8 fever" was building. 8 release. This year, no sell out after many hours. I am not surprised based on what I have seen from MS since last year.
  • I tried in the first 5 minutes - Until I faced $2065 price

    I was considering comming over from the the UK for Build, waited until 5pm BST (9am PST) to attempt to be one of the first 500 for an early bird price.
    Waited a a few minutes for Live Id to respond, entered all my Adres detaisl, and then my emergency contact, filled in the MS Questionanire - Number of PCs in my organisation, then I had to Hotle list to respond. By the time I got to the payment page it was 15 minutes past, and I was faced with $2000+ price.

    So i was obviously not fast enough, in that 15 minutes to be in the first 500, so I gave up. Too much costs for cheapo like me. I will just have watch the Channel 9 Videos and sit in envy whilst you guys come back with a bag full of Surface goodies andd decelopers vibe :(
    • Hope you weren't typing while using Surface...

      So many spelling mistakes means whatever you used for typing, you should change. That's not normal for you, to make so many mistakes.

      And if MS charges $2,0000+ for the conference, it's not worth going to. Bad enough that in my field, we have to spend $5,000+ per year on 'continuing education' seminars for credits, what a racket. But at least I make decent money in my profession. From what I hear, those programming for the new MS apps, make almost nothing.
  • LOL

    Google I/O sold out in 15 minutes! This means dev interst in Windows 8 has gone off a cliff. Worrying times for Bullmer.
    • Strange way of measuring success

      Maybe just me...
    • Well, it's not hard to sell out

      20 seats in 15 minutes.

      Though to their credit I heard they actually overbooked and had to through in an extra chair.
      William Farrel
  • Not Sold Out?

    I hit the site and I don't get the wait list message and it looks like I can register. So maybe it hasn't sold out yet.
    • LOL!!!

      That proves there is no meaningful interest in WinDoze Late.