Microsoft's IE team working on supporting HTTP/2, Web Audio, more

Microsoft's IE team working on supporting HTTP/2, Web Audio, more

Summary: Microsoft's Internet Explorer team is going public with the status of some of the features it is hoping to support in the next version of IE.


Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) team is going public with some of the features the company has "in development" for future versions of the browser.

In a May 28 blog posting, the IE team publicized "a new set of features" on which the team is working. The blog post didn't go so far as to promise that any/all of these will be in IE12 -- or whatever Microsoft ends up calling the next version of IE. But officials said the "in development" list is "an indication of what we currently have highest confidence in delivering" in the next release.

The "in development" list includes support for HTTP/2, the next version of the HTTP protocol; the Web Audio JavaScript programming interface; Media Capture for local audio/video device control; ES6 Promises (for easier/cleaner asynchronous programming) and more.

The full list of 153 features on the page shows the support commitment and status of each feature or standard that the IE team has delivered, is working or has decided not to support. It also includes for each feature a list of which of the top browsers supports and/or is committed to supporting it.

In the IE blog post, officials noted there are other, so-far unspecified features that Microsoft knows "are very important" and plan to support.

The goal of the IE team with the new status page is to give developers more of a heads-up as to what to expect on the Microsoft browser front, going forward, officials said.

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  • WebAudio would be nice

    Chrome, FireFox, and Safari all support it, so a no brainer to me.
  • They could add all of that...

    and it still wouldn't be as good as Silverlight 5. Here's an idea, release Silverlight 6, call it, HTML 328934598734978239823 (because that's how many versions behind HTML is) and pretend the abominations HTML and JavaPuke never existed.
  • The Font Rendering Fiasco Continues

    Still no mention of actually fixing the defective font rendering API that results in IE11 displaying shockingly blurry text on Windows 8.1.

    No point in having all these fancy new features if you refuse to even provide your customers with clear text.