Microsoft's 'selfie' Lumia 730 looks set for September release

Microsoft's 'selfie' Lumia 730 looks set for September release

Summary: Microsoft has hinted at its next smartphone release, expected to be the Lumia 730 with a five-megapixel front camera.

Image: Microsoft

All eyes might be on the launch of Apple's iPhone 6 this September, but before it hits the shelves, Microsoft looks set to unveil a new mid-range phone for the selfie-obsessed.

The Lumia 730 has been widely leaked already and is expected to be the handset Microsoft unveils at consumer electronics fair IFA in Berlin next month.

The existence of the Lumia 730 came to light this June after leaks revealed Microsoft's next batch of devices codenamed Rock, Tesla, and Superman. The latter is supposed to be the Lumia 730, while the Tesla is allegedly the Lumia 830.

A 'save the date' email sent to the press on Monday, which asks "ready for more?" — with the letter O filled with a big camera lens — is being taken as a hint that the Lumia 730 is on its way.

One of the reasons the 730 is being called a 'selfie' device is the five megapixel front-facing camera it's expected to feature.

For comparison, the US-only Lumia 929 has a 1.2-megapixel front-faciang camera, while the Galaxy S5 has a two-megapixel equivalent — meaning the 730 should offer clearer selfies than the star-studded one Ellen DeGeneres took at the Oscars this year, which prompted Samsung to donate $3m to charity.

Microsoft devices boss Stephen Elop used the phrase "selfie phone" to describe the 730 in an internal meeting, according to The Verge.

Whichever device launches in September, it will be the third Lumia smartphone Microsoft has released since taking over Nokia's devices business in April. So far, it's launched the cheapest Windows Phone yet, the Lumia 530 — itself the successor to the popular Lumia 520 — and its flagship, the 930.

Microsoft is also expected to release the Lumia 830 around the same time as the 730.

While neither are high-end devices, they will no doubt add bulk to Microsoft's mid-range portfolio, which should in turn help it gain the share it needs to push its own cloud services to consumers.

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  • To be a great phone it needs Android....

    Microsoft should have scrapped the Windows Phone project upon there takeover of Nokia and made an entire transition to Android creating a new Microsoft X Phone range. Then and only then would the consumer be offered with a decent usable phone.

    As it stands Android phones and iPhones are light years ahead.
    • Failed Logic

      You're saying they drop WP and use Android. It's like saying we lose and will use a competitor's platform which mostly use Google services. Microsoft is pushing WP because it also pushes people to Microsoft's ecosystem which in some categories are better than Google's. For example, HERE maps are better than Google since it offers true offline capability. You can also do quick edits with your Office files since it is bundled with Office mobile. You then have Cortana which is powered by Bing which can be integrated with apps. The only thing Microsoft needs to be addressing fast is apps and the quality of it. There have been lots of apps released in WP Store. I know because I have the Lumia 720 with WP 8.1 Update 1 and the new Live Folders is great.
      • actually the X phones have no google services.

        They were all Nokia and Microsoft servces.. I don't believe any google services were on it at all.

        It hasn't hurt Amazon using Android.. they get to avoid all the hard work making and improving a platform and just benefit from it by skinning it themselves and providing their own market.

        Microsoft could have saved a ton of money if they had done the same thing. Best of all from their perspective it would really annoy Google, which would have made Ballmer squirm with glee.
    • This makes no sense

      Most people making Yet Another Android (tm) are failing miserably at it.

      Microsoft in the meantime fought hard for, and with some luck, stole the number three slot from blackberry. The result? They own a sustainable ecosystem that slots into their acknowledged superior Visual Studio development system, which gives them a foothold in the race.

      They'd be insane to give that up for "yet another android." A thing at which only Samsung makes any money.
      • Most opposed to none

        Windows phone is less than 3% now, is out from enterprises, it's a money losing machine, ... If android is failing, WP is 30 (rounding) times worse.

        Microsoft so far has not achieved anything great with WP, they didn't conquer 3rd place - blackberry lost it.

        I don't agree with original post, but I still have to see any evidence of WP doing well.
        • don't get me wrong

          I am no Windows phone advocate, and no, they are not doing well.

          But they have a foothold; they'd be crazy to give it up.
        • nope,

          Your market share is lower than actual,and they gained share last quarter without even releasing a phone. I'd say 8.1 with 300,000 apps will garner much higher shares once the new flagship is out.
        • no

          Windows phone is about 5% in the US, and 10% in Europe and parts of south America. It outsells the iPhone in 25 different countries.

          Windows phone is doing fine. I know a lot of people who switched to it, away from Apple, myself included. You couldn't pay me to go back. Windows phone is just plain better.
          • I will review my post

            Less than 3% worldwide plus you and your friends.
            In Europe around 8% and getting smaller, in the US 3.5% and also getting smaller.
          • Another number

            Motorola had a great quarter, making it to the top 10 in smartphones and relegating Nokia to a place out of the top 10 for the first time in their history.
    • No

      Sorry, no spy gear in my pocket.
      Buster Friendly
      • I guess you have no mobile phones then.

        Neither do I for that matter.
      • so

        That would mean no Android or IOS, both of which are confirmed to have NSA backdoor access.
        • really? confirmed is it? by who?

          I've not seen any evidence of anything specific to windows/ios/android that gives the NSA anything the others don't. Perhaps you know of something specific then? (perhaps you ort to tell the NSA)
    • nope

      Sorry, kid, bit that's just ignorance talking. I switched from an iPhone to a Windows phone (Lumia 1020 at present) and it's aWAY better phone. And unlike the numerous Android tablets I've owned, Windows phone is lag free and almost never crashes. There are more than 300,000 apps available, its integration with Windows 8.1 on my surface pro is second to none, and Cortana blows Siri away.

      It might have been true, the years ago, that the previous version of Windows Phone was a problem in terms of apps and built in features, but those days are long since over. What we have now is an OS that's fast, rock stable, loaded with advanced features and features killer hardware.
    • Winphone can beat android & ios

      After wp 8.1 release,wp become a most powerfull platform in smartphone world.i want to say,use 2k video in Lumia entry level phone 520(512mb Ram Dual core).the low range smartphone play it easily.but same video play any same configuration endroid will not able to play it.wp has advance os which can beat android & ios.
  • WP is very good

    5735guy and AleMartin obviously never tried WP properly, if at all.

    Furthermore, their view is very US-centric, where some of the carriers keep WP out.

    In a number of major European countries WP has 8 - 11% of the market.

    Aside from that it is actually a very good OS. And a note about HERE maps and satnav. The other week I was in another European country and tested the satnav with data roaming turned off. Worked perfectly well. All that was missing was the live traffic update (for which which an internet connection is needed).

    And because I did not like the way Posh Miss English Nokia (mis-)pronounced the German street and town names, however charming her efforts were, I downloaded Fräulein Deutsche Nokia as a small file.
    • @DAS01....

      Had a Nokia Lumia 720 couldn't get rid of it quick enough and moved on to an iPhone 5 with no regrets.

      My wife now has the 720 and she hates it too. She's going to be switching to a Samsung Galaxy S5 soon.
      • You, and your wife, hate Windows Phones?

        Gee, that's a surprise.
        Gary O'Connor
    • I didn't mention quality

      Just facts about WP market share. And my numbers are not anything centric, they are worldwide.
      Your numbers are not accurate and "centric".