Microsoft's SkyDrive hits 250 million users

Microsoft's SkyDrive hits 250 million users

Summary: Microsoft now has more than 250m users on its SkyDrive cloud storage platform, thanks in part to recent efforts it has made to promote the service.

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Microsoft's cloud storage platform has signed up 50 million more users since the launch of Windows 8 last October, bringing the total number up to 250m.

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SkyDrive and Office Web Apps versus Google

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The growth — announced in a Microsoft blogpost on Monday by SkyDrive program manager Omar Shahine — can be attributed in part to the integration that Windows 8 has with SkyDrive, enabling users to easily save their documents to Microsoft's cloud service. 

Microsoft said on Tuesday that it had sold more than 100m Windows 8 licenses since the launch on 25 October.  

The SkyDrive milestone comes after Microsoft took several steps to encourage more people to use the service to store content. For example, Microsoft made SkyDrive the default save location for Office files in the past few months and updated the SkyDrive iOS app.

Microsoft said on 17 April that 700m people had set up Microsoft accounts. This means approximately one third of people with Microsoft accounts are using SkyDrive to store content. 

Microsoft users may be cautious about using SkyDrive to store files in light of outages, such as the one on 12 and 13 March which left people experiencing problems when they tried to add, edit or remove files. 

SkyDrive offers 7GB of free cloud storage but charges users who wish to take out more. Meanwhile, competitors such as Google Drive and Box only offer 5GB of free storage. 

Topics: Storage, Cloud, Microsoft

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  • phony data

    real people use google for storing data.
    M$ merely counts hotmail account as skydrive.
    LlNUX Geek
    • Do keep up with the times

      Hotmail has been discontinued for months.
    • What?

      If that was true then SkyDrive would have 700 Million users. It only has 250 Million active users.
      If you want to use Windows 8 you need a Microsoft Account, If you want to use Office, you need a Microsoft Account.

      Microsoft bumps the storage up on Skydrive with around 20Gb extra if you buy Office 365. Which is a good deal.

      And all online services experience outages...didn't Google have one a few weeks back.

      I'm a Windows 8, SkyDrive, and Office 365 user. Everything just works.
      Dreyer Smit
    • Not Phony

      Hotmail / has over 400 million users, so in your fanboy logic, SkyDrive should have over 400 million users if Microsoft is merely counting Hotmail accounts as SkyDrive. Please, do not comment on this website again, or think before you do.
      Vamien McKalin
      • I still not trust the data

        coming from a white collar criminal:
        LlNUX Geek
        • I thought Linux Geeks were supposed to be intelligent.

          You're either the dumbest Linux user in existence, or the owner of the most expensive Potato Slicer in the world.
    • Re:

      Yes, store everything on Google! The CIA will keep your data safe!
    • I use skydrive for a lot of my non sensitive files,

      mostly pictures, music, some data files, that sort if stuff. I was also lucky enough to sign up when you got 25 gigs for free. That for me was a huge selling point. Even 7 gigs is a better deal than Google or dropbox offer.
      Sam Wagner
    • Skydrive with more users to be frustrated.....

      Great now 249,999,999 other users will experience horrible issues with SkyDrive when using over 20GB.... and the forum and support does not solve anything....
  • Microsoft's SkyDrive hits 250 million users

    Kudos to Microsoft! Microsoft SkyDrive has made my life much easier by copying files between my PC, phone, and the cloud. It looks like 250 million others feel the same way.
  • @Sam Shead

    can you see the compared prices of MS and google drive costs before you say that skydrive is costly.
  • comparision

    Add 100 GB skydrive $50
    Go0gle drive $60
    Dropbox $99
  • Early birds got 25GB of free SkyDrive space.

    If you have Windows 8, SkyDrive is more useful. SkyDrive App allows selective syncing of local folder. You can even map SkyDrive in File Explorer as a drive.
  • SkyDrive and SkyDrive Pro are two different products

    Just be careful when comparing SkyDrive to enterprise cloud storage systems such as Box. SkyDrive and SkyDrive Pro are different products with different user interfaces and licensing.
  • My Skydrive and integration of all the platforms.

    I am a MS user and converted to W8 in my two Laptops, and I have a nice WP (still 7.8 and hoping to finish my contract to migrate to WP8 and pass this one to my wife); an Office user (Office 365 early adopter); a Skype user (when I need to) and of course an (previously Hotmail) account. A fanboy?... maybe... a techie? no. More like a common user with tech inclinations, and who, since W8 invited people to get the previews, and as an early adopter wanting more info, I have become fan of these blogs and really like the way 'fanboys" defend MS and how "others" really want to hate and spread hate about MS, most of the time, without really knowing what they are talking about and making general statements like "everyone hates MS and its products"... "everybody knows how bad they are"... "everybody will prefer linux in XYZ time"... "nobody wants to stay with MS", "Microsoft is doomed", etc... I find it quite amusing.

    The thing though, and without "trying to destroy other platforms with my comments", even though I don't like Apple (and I am quite ignorant about Linux), is that the integration within the MS ecosystem just works: I love the way W8 behaves in my older machine and of course in the new one. I cannot wait till I have some more money to get my surface (or another attractive tablet to replace my laptop).

    I love how settings and apps are transferred directly or by process of elimination from one machine to the other. I love how, through Skydrive, I can save, and later on see my documents in any of my machines, any other computer through and even on my phone; and due to the printer I have, I can even get a doc, edit it in my office app in my phone and print it from there without turning on my PC!

    I also love the integration of the two platforms with outside services like linkedin, FB and tweeter.

    Oh, and BTW, being a loyal Hotmail customer for so many years, I got 25 GB of space and, due to the purchase of Office 365, I got 20 GB more.. So... Being a "fanboy" (I guess) also pays off...

    Anyway, as a common user with common tasks, like creating and editing docs and spreadsheets; do webbrowsing and basic web editing and management, using project and visio as tools for work; using some other desktop software for different purposes, using social media and so on, I find the integration of the ecosystem great and Skydrive just fits well.

    Cheers to all!
    • Sorry

      I did not mean platforms.. I meant the MS ecosystem