Microsoft's Surface RT comes to 13 new European markets

Microsoft's Surface RT comes to 13 new European markets

Summary: After landing in France, Germany and the UK last year, the Surface RT is now spreading its wings in Europe.


More than three months after Microsoft launched Surface RT in the UK and other European markets the device is now taking on several new countries on the continent.

Thirteen new European markets will get the RT including Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Portugal. There's no word on when Europe will get RT's Intel cousin, the Surface Pro, which launched earlier this month in the US.

The pricing for the devices varies country by country: Irish consumers can get a 32GB device for €479, while Swedes will need to shell out 4495 krona (€532) for the same model, for example.

Besides now reaching around half of Europe's total population, the new RT markets are ones where consumers are unlikely to have interacted with Microsoft's new Windows 8 interface on a tablet, despite Windows 8 tablets from Microsoft's hardware partners like Acer, Dell and Samsung being available.

The Surface RT could be about to change that: even with the mixed reviews, there's no end of marketing and hype around the Surface and retailers are trumpeting the arrival of the Windows 8 tablet.

Retailer Siba's site shows off the arrival of the RT. Image: Siba/Liam Tung

Take Sweden as an example: the country's three largest retailers El Giganten, Siba and MediaMarkt for the first time promoted a Windows 8 tablet on their respective homepages. None have done anything close to that for Microsoft's ODM partners whose tablets have been swamped by Androids and out-promoted by Apple's tablets.

The Surface RT also addresses the lack of diversity when it comes to retailers' Windows 8 options. Again, using Sweden as an example, the two new Surface RT will double the Windows 8 tablet presence in El Giganten.

Until now, Swedes wanting Windows 8 would have to content themselves with non-Surface offerings. Microsoft, alongside partner Intel, showcased a range of Windows 8 tablets in a pop-up shop in the country's capital Stockholm over Christmas. The ARM-powered RT, surprisingly, wasn't one of them.

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  • Surface RT has landed

    And nobody wants it. Poetic justice.
    • Dream on...

      ..... and hen you wake up, you note the fact that the Surface is gaining ground.
      • Duo you have any evidence?!

        I sincerely don't have.
        • The best estimate

          is sales of 720,000 in the first quarter. You should be able to calculate how poor is that level of sales.
          • Surface is happening

            whether you like it or not... it will blow your mind - the FUD campaing could not stop the machine
            Master Wayne
      • mamaar007....gaing ground on what........snails?

        Microsoft better have plenty of mark down money when alllt hese retailers fail with Surface..................

        Make Vista sem like a winner now dosen't it?
        Over and Out
      • How can it gain ground with poor specs.

        This is a tablet with fans for cooling. What tablet has fans much less two fans. Why the 1.2 MP camera vs 8 MP on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and it is missing a GPS. You need to buy MS insurance to replace the battery otherwise that is impossible. You can not use it on your lap as it keeps falling over plus it costs the same as a PC yet you only get a 10 inch screen and a tiny keyboard that doesn't even come with it. Geesh. Who the hell is going to buy this?
        Tim Jordan
    • The 1.2 Megapixel camera vs a 8 mega pixel on a tablet which costs 1/5th.

      1.2 MP camera. Is this 1980 all over again. Plus it is missing a GPS. It needs an external battery pack and the keyboard which does not even come with it and costs an additional $129 needs a table to type with. Steve Jobs with his emphasis on ergonomics in needed for this device.
      Tim Jordan
      • You are just spreading lies

        1. Ok, Camera's nor that great, I agree and GPS is not there, but there other Windows RT tablets out there with GPS and good cameras (Asus VivoTab RT comes to mind). Why would one pick an android tablet for camera and gps when there are alternatives available in Windows RT world itself. Surface RT is not the only Windows RT tablet out there.

        2. Additional Extra Battery Pack? You are confusing again with Windows RT vs. Windows 8. Windows 8 won't run on ARM processors. Windows 8 is designed for x86 compatible processors, and Windows RT for ARM types. And by default ARM processors give better battery life. and now intel Atom processors (CloverTrail) based tablets give good battery life on a single charge. Samsung ATIV Smart PC, Asus VivoTab Smart, Dell XPS etc. run on that processor and they claim more than 10 hours on Intel processors. You are just trying to spread FUD by bringing Surface Pro into a Windows RT area, and everyone knows Surface Pro is on i5 processor.

        3. Type Cover or Touch Cover are add-ons and you don't need a keyboard unless you want to do serious content production using in-built Office RT. Why don't you just bringing up Office RT into picture? I know that would hurt your rear totally and make you look f*** in public.

        I just wanted to make sure you know all this. Now happily go back to your paid shilling to post against Microsoft.
        Ram U
  • Microsoft's Surface RT comes to 13 new European markets

    Blah blah blah I'm Loverock blah blah Surface RT is going to take over the market blah blah

    Zune is the best, so is Kin, so is Windows Vista blah blah
    • And I forgot to mention

      Microsoft Surface is doing well if they are expanding to 13 countries. They wouldn't be expanding if they weren't selling.
  • Cloud based storage

    Microsoft launches Surface Tablet 64 GB for Windows 8, and in Windows 8 Microsoft has update mouse base interface to touch screen interface. Your efficiency will be drastically increased and you can share and store date with traditional PCs.
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  • Lucky them.

    They get the Surface Pro and I'm am sure they are eating up that 1.2 MP camera and those two fans and the heavy thick and clumsy Surface Pro with the poor battery life and the fact that they got to purchase insurance from Microsoft because the Surface Pro is not repairable not even replacing the battery is possible. And all the nee to pay is $1299 but that doesn't even cove the keyboard, there is no GPS and you can not even use it on your lap because it keeps falling over with that stupid stand that it has. Plus it is heavy and noisy because it has 1980 style fans to cool it. Lucky Them.
    Tim Jordan
    • This topic is on Surface RT and not about Surface Pro.

      If you want to know more about the differences visit and I think it will help you to close your zipper before more public sees it.
      Ram U
      • Little Timmy Jordan

        looks a lot like an Apple paid shill.. he even has this ridiculous picture of him. His posts look like a copypaste from some marketing piece

        "Lucky Them": what the hell is that? is that supposed to finish the sentense in a smart way?
        Master Wayne
    • So what about that bothers you, Tim?

      The fact that they are't relagated to running only apps, and only the ones that Apple says you are allowed to run, like you are?

      Wow. Lucky You.
      William Farrel
  • Our contributors,large and small

    Mr Tung and his partners do their level best to be objective and as a newbie I value their input. So what about the 'comments' so far on today's topic ? Are they of any value, technical or commercial ? Other forums have moderators. If there's no ZDN moderator, please let's have one.
    If this is not published I won't be surprised - - my previous contributions seem to be still on this side of a firewall.