Microsoft's Surface tablet is the most popular Windows 8, RT device: report

Microsoft's Surface tablet is the most popular Windows 8, RT device: report

Summary: Microsoft's Surface tablet is the single most popular Windows 8, RT device, according to a new report, far ahead of PCs from big name manufacturers such as HP, Dell, and Asus.


Given that Microsoft has sold some 40 million Windows 8 licenses, there should be no shortage of devices out there running Microsoft's latest operating system. According to a new report, Microsoft's Surface tablet is the single most popular device running the new platform.

According to AdDuplex, an ad network specializing in advertisements for Windows Phone and Windows 8, RT applications, Microsoft's Surface tablet commands an overall six percent share.

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Behind the Surface are the HP 2000 at 3 percent and the HP Pavilion G6 at 2 percent, both of which are budget-to-mid-range notebooks.

The Surface’s direct competitor, the ASUS VivoTab RT, gained only a 1 percent share.

Broken down by manufacturer, HP commands 22 percent of the market, with Dell in second place with 10 percent. Microsoft however stands in sixth place with 6 percent.

Last month, a report by Web metrics firm StatCounter suggested that Windows 8 license sales were not yet translating into usage since its Web market share was trailing significantly behind what Windows 7 had achieved one month after launch.

The data was collected from 71 active Windows 8, RT apps on AdDuplex network during December 7, 2012. In all, AdDuplex has logged over 5,500 different Windows 8, RT devices, up significantly from 3,000 seen last month.

Image source: AdDuplex.

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  • And yet only a 6% share

    Just goes to show you that choice is alive and well in the Windows world, which is great for consumerism.
    Michael Kelly
    • Weak Windows 8 sales

      Perhaps Microsoft made Windows 7 TOO good.
      • Wow

        Love my job, since I've been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I'm making it online(Click on menu Home)
        • You make more sense than Henrique Dourado

          Ram U
  • hmm...

    Seems as though results include all W8 machines, not solely tablets (or even tablets and touchscreen laptops).
  • Waiting for the Surface PRO

    Things will change with the arrival of Surface PRO.

    A lot of people are waiting for the PRO to jump into the Windows tablet world.

    The RT is a great tablet for kids though.
    • Things can change for the worse, too.

      Weight and battery-life may be a rude awakening for those "waiting for the PRO to jump into the Windows tablet world."
      • One of the few times I agree with you

        I originally wanted a Surface Pro back when both Surface models were announced until I thought about it for 2 seconds and realized you weren't going to get the Pro in the same form factor and battery life as the Surface. I bought the Surface RT when it came out and couldn't be happier with what I got. When they announced the details of the Surface Pro, I knew I made the right decision for me.

        The Surface Pro is a slate. That doesn't make it bad (or good) but it does not have the right form factor and battery life to be called a tablet. People absolutely need to know this before they buy one. It might still be the right device for that consumer but it hurts the Surface lineup to call the Pro a tablet. It is already happening where the hate filled bloggers of the world give reviews like this:
        "Surface sucks because the RT version can't run Windows and the Pro version has a terrible batter life."

        It would be like saying:
        "Macs suck because the Mac Pro has no battery and the MacBook Air has a weak processor."

        But it is a message that resonates with those who hate everything Microsoft.
        • Surface RT vs Surface Pro vs the rest

          I sense MS has very little confidence that Surface Pro will be a success. I'd say if it were on Par with everything Surface RT is (including price) plus ability to run all legacy apps, then it will sell.

          However, they need to worry about Surface RT as well. First, they will start selling it through other retail channels, few months down the road they will drop the prices as well.

          Surface RT by itself is a fine product. However, when you put it up against all other competitors in the market today, it will be a tough sell. Sure, I like the fact that it comes with Microsoft Office, but most people including myself has a laptop for such task. MS really needs to focus on "media consumption" aspect of tablet PCs, along with "up-to-date" hardware specs. There are many positives about current Surface RT hardware, but the screen resolution is way to far behind competition. Retina like display is a MUST at this price point today.
        • There are more tablets than just the Surface

          Surface gets a lot of headlines, because Microsoft is making waves in the OEM market, but the OEMs are making some pretty good tablets/hybrids as well. Articles like this ans responses like yours make it seem like Surface is the only choice. No offense intended.

          Samsung Ativ 500T and the Acer Iconia W510 both offer everything you need if SurfaceRT is even a consideration.

          *full integrated keyboard docks (Iconia with additional 8hour batter)
          *full windows8 for complete program compatibility beyond anything RT can offer
          *comparable form factor, weight, battery life, processing power, etc.

          If there is going to be a game changer for windows in portable computing it is going to have to come from an intel based tablet like these.

          The Acer Iconia can already be purchased for the same price as Surface/Ipad and it offer so much more. The trouble is the tunnel vision so many have for Microsoft/Apple branded devices as if they are the only choice.
          • Not from that chart.

            If the numbers are right (cf "lies, damned lies, and statistics") no one really cares about Windows 8 devices other than the Surface RT. Microsoft isn't giving out numbers, so it's a good bet they're bad (or at least not good), and the Surface RT is twice as popular as the next device. That can't make Ballmer happy.
          • My expectations are not as high as others

            Windows8 is new and people generally are slow to adapt to it. Windows8/RT is confusing only making the adoption slower. There are only a few windows8 tablets actually available and most of those are sold out or difficult to see in a store.

            Not to mention the tablet market is crowded and filled with well established devices that people like.

            I'm just not expecting windows8 to take some lions share of the market after a few weeks like some others are expecting or criticizing.

            The real picture will be easier to see this time next year. Sort of like how Android tablets were new last year and not a huge segment of the market, but look at them now. They are going to outsell the ipod which was the market leader by a long shot last year.

            Though windows will have a much much harder time than Android did.
        • Battery life does not dictate what a tablet is or shoudl be.

          The form factor, is more of what dictates what a tablet is. If the battery life were to be improved, the form-factor for the Surface Pro would not have changed at all. If the battery size were to increase to the point that, it became, by definition, a laptop, then the Surface Pro would no longer qualify as a tablet.

          By the logic and measure you took, if the screen on the Surface Pro had been designed to be 800x600 pixels, then, it would no longer be a tablet, because, people would be looking at what the specifications for the other tablets on the market have been, and would conclude that Microsoft didn't create a tablet. It would be the same form-factor as the other tablets on the market, but, the specifications would be slightly different from the rest in the market, and therefore, it couldn't be a tablet, according to what Apple and Android and other devices on the market had made "stick" as specs; yet, it would be a tablet, with lesser capabilities.
    • Have to disagree

      I've got both a Windows 8 Ultrabook (no touch screen) and an Asus VivoTab (a month now). For everything I used to use my Android tablet for, the Asus tablet has surpassed it in every way EXCEPT no flash on a lot of sites, and the lack of customization in the modern UI. When the apps start rolling in, I strongly believe this will be an awesome competitor to the other tablets. With light work the VivoTab lasts almost 20 hours! and is much faster then my Android tablet. I have 0 lag whatsoever and it's getting pretty loaded.

      Apps make the platform.

      Believe me, this is no kids tablet.
  • Microsoft's Surface tablet is the most popular Windows 8, RT device: report

    Looks like the Microsoft Surface is defying bloggers expectations. A really good start for the Surface line of products considering how many articles we have seen on ZDNet telling us just the opposite. And its only been out for a month or so. Impressive.
    • No, it is not "impressive"

      Read the real data rather than the doublespeak trying to make MS not sound better than it is. MS is spending 1.5 $Billion on PR hype and sales to date remain _tiny_.
      • Its still impressive

        No matter how you try to spin it the sales of Microsoft Surface is impressive. 6% of total Microsoft Windows, it sold out, people are praising it. Of course Microsoft is going to spend money on PR as that is what all businesses do to sell their products.
  • Trivia

    Windows RT holds a very small portion of the tablet market. Dissecting this share and viewing the figures with a microscope does not make sense.
    Van Der
  • Surface! why?

    My new surface, why have you made me forget my old IPad?

    My poor IPad, why did you not come with real tools like MS Office? Why would you not communicate with my work laptop? Yes, you are good at only making me media content consumer, but why have you not allowed me to create content, edit my MS word documemts, update my work spread sheet? Why did you prove to be so tough and annoying whenever I beg you to communicate with none Apple products?

    I really do not think the defeat of IPad was brought about by IPad, neither was this done by Surface, but the greedy producers of IPad!

    Now the tables are turned, there was a time when Play station was the best, but then XBox came along. At the beginning everyone in IT blogs was talking down XBox , while gradually it was outing away Play Station's die hard crowds, like me.

    Would the surface prove to be the XBox of tablet market? For me, I have not touched my IPad over the last 4 weeks!
    • mamaar the dreamer...

      Pretty much everything you said is fantasy.