Minister cuts ribbon on Herts village fibre

Minister cuts ribbon on Herts village fibre

Summary: Launching Vtesse's high-speed broadband service in Birch Green, communications minister Ed Vaizey gave his opinions on net neutrality and the Digital Economy Act, but knew nothing about Acta


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  • On Tuesday, communications minister Ed Vaizey cut the ribbon on a new fibre cabinet for residents of Birch Green in Hertfordshire.

    The village is one of those in the 'final third' of the UK, in that it has been unable to get broadband speeds above 2Mbps because it is too far from BT's closest exchange and BT has chosen not to invest in upgrading its network there.

    Birch Green also happens to be on the route of Vtesse's national fibre network, which is primarily aimed at supplying high-speed connectivity to the likes of the financial services sector. Vtesse is in the process of using that network to hook up villages like Birch Green.

    Photo credit: David Meyer

  • Vtesse's new cabinet sits right next to BT's ageing copper infrastructure cabinet. The new cabinet takes connectivity from Hertford town centre, through which Vtesse's fibre network runs.

    The Birch Green deployment is the company's second in Hertfordshire. Vtesse already has two similar deployments in Cornwall. It also has plans to do a higher-speed fibre-to-the-home rollout in Broughton in Cambridgeshire, as that village sits directly on top of the company's existing network.

    Photo credit: David Meyer

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  • Great stuff, vtesse going where BT fear to tread, into the final third. I hope Ed listens to Aidan because he doesn't half have some good ideas for the NGA solution. Unlike the incumbent he doesn't just fall over when things get tough.
  • "Vaizey surprised many of those present by saying he had never heard of Acta, the global copyright treaty being negotiated behind closed doors."

    Time for him to earn he's keep then eh.