Mobile security top enterprise bogeyman

Mobile security top enterprise bogeyman

Summary: Enterprises are feverishly securing multiple devices and protecting corporate apps as employees bring a wide range of gadgets to work.

TOPICS: Security, Mobility

The bring your own device movement has become a big security headache for technology executives, who need to offer choice, support multiple devices and secure data, according to a Forrester Research survey.

The survey's findings break down like this:

  • 55 percent of executives expect to support more devices in the next 12 months.
  • 66 percent of employees use two or more devices such as a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. 
  • 12 percent of employees use tablets.
  • 16 percent of employees use four devices.
  • 52 percent of companies are focused on supporting mobile workers better.
  • 18 percent of companies are implementing enterprise application stores.

But the worry for tech execs revolves around securing devices and applications. As a result, mobile decision makers are planning to spend heavily on mobile device management tools in the next 12 months. That reality could be a boon to the struggling Research in Motion, which has focused on managing BlackBerry devices as well as the popular Apple iOS and Android smartphones.

Here's the priority list for enterprises:


More BYOD:

Topics: Security, Mobility

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  • They may say security is a priority but if theyve let byod devices onto

    their corporate network then it really isn't. Any IT that lets android devices onto its corporate network or access corporate email shouldnt just expect a security breach, it is inviting it. Explain to the user who want it that it's a huge security hole and tell them to be patient and wait for W8 devices.
    Johnny Vegas