More must-have Google Chrome extensions

More must-have Google Chrome extensions

Summary: The Google Chrome browser is a great web browser, but with the addition of a few extensions, a great browsing experience can be transformed into a superb browsing experience.

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Topics: Browser, Software

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  • Chrome, No thanks.

    Chrome is designed to invade you privacy to benefit Google and log everything you do on the web. Chrome also makes the job easier for other privacy thieves.

    IE provides a much more safer and secure browser as well as better privacy controls.
    • Do explain fully your comment

      “Chrome also makes the job easier for other privacy thieves.”-Owl:Net

      Truth is not relative and facts are not opinions.
    • Yea...

      And even Microsoft knows your mother's name, your social security number, your birth date, your street address, your mother's street address, and even your usernames and passwords. Microsoft even looks up who your brothers and sisters are. Even your spouse and cousins. Microsoft even knows when you turn your lights on and off and when you are leaving for work and back home, and even where you are at work.

      Yea... I'm spreading FUD and SO ARE YOU!!! TROLL!!!
      Grayson Peddie
  • Where is the extension to save my battery

    Chrome is the biggest power suck ever.
    • Not just a battery hog

      It is also a memory eater. Chrome has so many memory leaks that if you leave it open for the day, without doing anything, you will end up with over 500MB of memory usage PER TAB.
  • Thoughts on a couple of those . . .

    Thoughts on a couple of those . . .


    Might be interesting to look up their business model sometime. I prefer Privacy Badger by the EFF.

    "Project Naptha"

    Interesting, but I encounter that situation so rarely I wouldn't really mark it as a "must have."

    Might also be interesting to see what Firefox offers for the rest of the addons.
  • Must have or mostly USELESS??

    100% of the list is pretty much just garbage plugins.
  • WOW

    Totally unsatisfactory article format (Slide Show). Your readers have been telling you and your editors this for years. (Maybe it's 'You can't fix "Stupid"'?) No, I NEVER continue reading a Slide Show. And, Yes, I do occasionally make negative Twitter & Facebook comments on your editorial integrity and arrogance concerning this.
    Leo Regulus
  • Pandora

    Personally, I like this chrome extension, which adds a download button to Pandora: ​

    I've been using it during summer school for the last few weeks and it has worked pretty well.
  • loving it

    Yes chrome has a number security issues.. Listening to how bad it is.. From commentary .. It runs very well for me as a browser I may support ms windows products at my workplace I'll tell you from my experience IE is the most unreliable browser and os is not much better..Keeps me employed.. Lol..Yes chrome has a number of lacking features this will improve over as it matures.. Additional what browser does not collects personal data this can be lowered by configuration.. On I another note for many years I was a fence sitter on ms and apple... now i only use Unix. Osx and chromebook at home.... Ms has upperhand stronghold but does not mean it's better....
  • one more extension

    i'm also use Stacks extension to send links