Moto X confirmed: Made in the USA and coming by October

Moto X confirmed: Made in the USA and coming by October

Summary: Motorola's CEO confirmed the rumors that the Moto X is indeed real and will launch by October. It's being made in a Texas plant previously used by Nokia.


Motorola, now owned by Google, has been rolling out solid Droid RAZR products for Verizon over the last year, but there have been rumors of an "X" phone for several months. As reported by The Verge, Motorola's CEO Dennis Woodside confirmed that the Moto X is indeed a real project and he actually had one in his pocket on the stage at the D11 event in California.

Mr. Woodside didn't reveal any details of the Moto X except to say it will have an OLED display, be made in the USA, and have some advanced intelligence to help you manage your life more efficiently. They are planning to build the Moto X in a large facility in Texas previously used by Nokia to make smarphones. Some components will come from Asian facilities, but the intent is to have a made-in-the-USA phone.

As a veteran of the US Coast Guard, the fact that it is going to be made in the US is important to me and as long as the quality is there, I will seriously consider the Moto X. They are working with multiple carriers so I am sure at least one of the three I have plans with will get the device. I haven't used a Motorola smartphone for a couple of years, primarily because most of them are on Verizon, so I look forward to trying out a new model.

Woodside also mentioned a "handful" of other devices and as an avid MOTOACTV user I sure hope that an updated model of that device is in the lineup.

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  • Also patent wars...

    Now Apple, Microsoft or Nokia can't get the ITC to ban the Moto X as it is not imported....

    I wonder if there'll be more of this, could bolster the US economy some by bringing back the made in the USA.
    • re: Patent Wars

      The ITC isn't the one handling the Apple vs. Samsung case. Injunctions can be had for home folks, too.
  • Windows Phone's Loss, Android's Gain

    Imagine if Nokia had made the right platform choice to begin with, that could have been its brand name on the Android phones coming off that production line...
  • Carriers

    I hope this doesn't get carved up with different brands, size variants and storage options by the time it hits the carriers. Moto is the most notorious for hiding its brand and distribution under one Carrier's brand.
  • moto x

    assembled, not made in U S of A
  • This is good new

    If the product is of similar quality I will buy made in US every time even if it cost a little more. Nice to see this happening, the more we pull away from China the better.
    • why should it cost more?

      Companies offshored jobs to artificially raise more "profit" with.