Motorola V3 Razr

Motorola V3 Razr

Summary: The graceful Motorola V3 is the thinnest clamshell to date and a stunningly crafted mobile for style-conscious individuals and professionals alike.

TOPICS: Mobility
Motorola V3 Razr The graceful Motorola V3 is the thinnest clamshell to date and a stunningly crafted mobile for style-conscious individuals and professionals alike.

What can we say but wow! Motorola has outdone itself in terms of the V3's design. Even before we got to the handset, the packaging of the V3 -- aka Razr -- screamed sophistication. Giving us a taste of what's to be found inside, the box the V3 comes in is a brushed-metal contoured case featuring a port hole through which we could see the pearl inside.

The Motorola V3 is all about class. From its anodised airplane-grade aluminium case to its chemically-etched keypad, Motorola has spared no expense ensuring this mobile is one smart looking handset. Its most talked about and noticeable feature is its svelte design -- the V3 is only 13.9mm thick.

The front of the phone houses the V3's VGA camera and a 260K-colour display that shows the time on top of a picture of your choice (which can be photos taken with the camera). The external display can also be used as a viewfinder for taking self-portrait shots.

Flipping open the ultra-thin folder reveals the V3's beautiful 2.2-inch TFT display, which is capable of displaying up to 260K colours. The flat keypad is etched out of a single sheet of nickel-plated copper-alloy and its curvy details glow an electro-luminescent blue, which looks akin to the race scenes from sci-fi classic Tron.

Keys on the V3 are sufficiently large and spaced out, even for the big fingered among us. Two softkeys and the menu key sit at the top, and underneath you'll find a flat five-way navigation pad, answer and reject keys, message shortcut, WAP key and of course, the numerical section.

Tipping the scales at 95g and measuring 98 x 53 x 13.9mm, the Motorola may be considered too wide for some. However, we find that these dimensions and weight make this phone one of the most comfortable to hold and use. The slightly large width seems to sit perfectly in your palm and with the V3's internal antenna at the bottom of the handset, the phone is not top heavy like some clamshell mobiles.

The bundled software CD contains Motorola's mobile PhoneTools, an application through which you can establish an Internet connection through your phone, manage e-mail, transfer multimedia files, and synchronise your calendar and contacts.

Being a quad-band phone, users can use the handset practically anywhere there is a GSM network. Bluetooth is onboard so you can talk wirelessly via a Bluetooth headset and transmit data without cables.

Included in the box is the icing on the cake; the stylish Motorola Bluetooth Wireless Headset HS810. Initially, the headset takes about two hours to charge, after which you can press the button on the side of the device and flip down the stub boom mic to pair with the V3. Alternatively, calls can be heard audibly through the hands-free speaker.

Other bundled accessories include a standard hands-free earpiece, a leather pouch and belt clip for the V3, USB cable for PC connectivity, mains power charger, Bluetooth headset power adapter and a Motorola keychain.

Polyphonic ring tones for incoming calls can be set quite loud and we found 48 choices in the V3's memory.

For entering text, the V3 supports the old multi-tap method but for predictive text it deviates from T9 and instead implements a system called iTAP. While it will take T9 aficionados some time to familiarise themselves with the nuances of iTAP, we believe it works just as efficiently. Similar to T9, one keypress equals one letter in iMAP and the handset will look for common words with matching letter combinations. iMAP goes one step further in predicting the word you are typing and ghosting the rest of the word on the screen. Pressing up when a word is ghosted fills in the rest automatically. We like this aspect and how the V3 remembers newly typed words but we found adding punctuation very fiddly (eg. trying to enter a full stop always brings up the number '1' instead with punctuation marks as alternative options).

Powering the V3 up for the first time prompts you to personalise your phone, taking you to a menu where you can: choose the layout and features for the home screen; alter the menu display (icons or list) and order the items.

Battery life Motorola V3 is good considering the bright screen it powers. We averaged about three days in between charges. Even though the handset uses a mini USB cable for PC connectivity, we could not get the V3 to charge through it and had to rely on the power adapter.

We've given the Motorola V3 an Editors' Choice award as it has a lot of substance to back its great looks. It is a superb handset that goes unnoticed in your pocket but certainly attracts attention when you pull it out in a crowd.

Motorola V3 Razr
Company: Motorola
Price: AU$1399
Phone: 1300 138 823


There are currently no prices available for this product.

Topic: Mobility

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  • So this phone is meant to be the Nokia 6260 competitor? Firstly this phone is over priced. Over $1000 for a non megapixel phone? You have to be crazy to spend that much money on a non mega pixel camera phone. However the main difference between this phone and its competitors is its battery life. This small thing can last up to 290 hours! of stand by time. Thats alot for a small phone like this. However the key pad is easily scratchable as it is metaland scratches stand out more on metal too.
    I give this phone 6 out 10 because of the price. Its just to much
  • Hi,

    I'd just like to add that the V3 can be charged via the USB cable but requires the Motorola drivers to operate. I figure it has something to do with voltage regulation. Unfortunately only Windows drivers are supplied, I'll be writting my own drivers for Linux if I get chance shortly.

    The MP3 ringtones are also a great feature. MP3's copied to the phone are coverted to 32KBs encoding, which saves space (a 2MB 128KBs MP3 only consumes 500KB) but still manages to sound great from the mobile when ringing.

    Also the phone has one annoying feature, when using personalised ringtones, the ringtone applies to calls and messages from the phonebook entry. This can be a pain if you have long ringtones and are a frequent user of SMS. It also means that you can't tell if you are receiving a phonecall or SMS. I have contacted Motorola about this, who have responded that software update should be available in Q3 2005.


  • From what I hear the OS on this phone is legless. I would love to hear that I'm wrong (If I am wrong I may go and get one of these, so I'd be happy for people to tell me I'm wrong about these points below) but I hear things such as:

    You can only ****ociate a single number with a contact like older phones. eg: Luke Home, Luke Mobile etc instead of having a single contact Luke with multiple details.

    It's a dumb phone - Why put so much effort into making a phone with an awesome form factor, made with quality materials, then deny it the operating features it deserves?

    It doesn't have a 1.3 megapixel camera. This is forgivable because they are probably more cumbersome than the 640X480 vga cameras. But still, there are plenty of phones out there now which take vastly superior photo's.

    Basically, these oversights mean that if you buy this phone on a 24 month contract (like the majority of people) your phone will be outdated relativly soon. Compare that to my current phone, a Nokia 3650, which (despite it's terrible physical design) can still hold it's own with current phones despite being a couple of years old.

    Like I said, I'd be happy to hear that I'm incorrect about any of these points but thats the word around the office.
  • Got One! Love It!
    The V3 Razr is probably the best mobile phone out there right now - as a phone. It does not try to be a PDA+Camera+Internet Device+Phone. It can do all the above, but it is first and foremost a phone. While it has its quirks, and a few short commings, it is without a doubt the best/sexiest/coolest cell phone available right now. Well done Motorola - watch out Nokia!
  • I Love the Motorola V3 Razr it does what it says. only draw back is the amount of memory it can hold. It only has just under 5.5Mb onboard memory, and it is non expandable with a memory card of some sort. Apart from that this is a magnificent phone that I recomend to anyone.
  • Cheapest V3 Razr is $629.00 at
  • Just recently purchased, a litle bit hard to use but still experimenting. Very impresed so far, pitty it has'nt got GPS, something to think about perhaps. I believe there is a market out there waiting for this to happen.

    Good stuff
  • razr drivers

    I just got a razr and would like to charge it via usb but it requires drivers where can i find these drivers, any help would be appreciated
  • drivers

  • razr usb drivers

    hey, i saw your story, well all i can say is good luck, b/c i have searched near and far for the usb drivers, and have not been able to find them anywhere. if you happen to come across them, will you share them with me, i will do the same if i happen to come across them myself.
    hope to hear from you soon
    good luck in your search
  • forum regarding the razr usb drivers

  • i have the driver for the v3razr for MPT

    yea i got the driver for motorola phone tools for your v3 razr..aim me : stigpimpin
  • Phone driver

    I dont have aim, so can you email the driver to me?

    Here is a link to get the USB drivers for the RAZR phone.
  • Here is a link to get the USB drivers for the RAZR phone

    Here is a link to get the USB drivers for the RAZR phone.
  • need USB driver for Razr

    Hey, could I please get a link to that driver as well? My puppy just died and the only picture i have of him is in my phone, but some of the buttons are broken so I can not message it to my computer, so I thought I could transmit the picture through the USB cable. I would really appreciate your help.
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    hi i am searching all over for the drivers.....can u plz email me the drivers for razor

    thnx ..
  • motorola v3

    Am still failing to download please any one has been able do assist me. I was able to USBMOTO200.INF. my pc recognises the phone as a modem,I need help its not recognising as USB
  • motorola

    si pusieran el drivers de motorola v3 lo pusieran para descargarlo gratis estaria bien esta pagina de lo contrario no sirve para nada.
  • v3 razr

    one of my pc's works with my razr fine using phone tools. my other isnt picking it up at all. it does not recognize it as a modem. anyone got ideas. i already did the obcious: restarting/ uninstalling/ diff. ports