Mozilla begins repackaging Firefox OS apps for Android

Mozilla begins repackaging Firefox OS apps for Android

Summary: Android users with Firefox for Android installed are now able to run Firefox OS apps on their devices.


Mozilla has today extended its Open Web App repackaging to Android.

Users of Firefox for Android are now able to install apps from the Firefox Marketplace, and have them install and behave like a regular Android app.

"As a developer, you can now build your Open Web App for Firefox OS devices and have that app reach millions of existing Firefox for Android users without having to change a single line of code," said the announcement blog post.

For users to be able to install repackaged apps, they will have to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources.

Mozilla already packages Firefox OS apps for Windows, OS X, and Linux desktop users, with today's announcement being its first foray into repackaging for mobile ecosystems.

"We’d love to support Open Web Apps on iOS devices, but iOS does not, at this time, include the option to install a Gecko-based web browser, which is currently needed to support Open Web Apps," the company said in October.

Mozilla is working with Apache Cordova, previously known as PhoneGap, to allow repackaged Firefox OS apps to run on iOS.

Mozilla yesterday took the wraps off of two new hardware partnerships to launch Firefox OS devices in India, as well as a deal with Chunghwa Telecom to bring its devices to Taiwan.

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  • Free Apps for the future

    Repackaging strategy is good to modifies the previous technology, by this moving towards the technology will be prove too good for the old and new users, we could be able find and get new technology and latest news about the world, may it will more easy to use and will be accessible to everyone.
    Apps are good to use for remotely persons, who are currently are attached with their business and they want to get new technological information about the business.

  • Free apps?

    Try another Google Translate... :-)
    From which language did you start?
  • The ghist of it

    I get what you're saying, thomasdave200. But, I think the app stores are already full to overflowing with useless junk.
    Personally, I'm patiently waiting for the Firefox OS to be born!