Mozilla tempts developers with free Firefox OS handset if they build apps for the platform

Mozilla tempts developers with free Firefox OS handset if they build apps for the platform

Summary: Mozilla is offering developers the chance of getting a free Firefox OS Geeksphone Keon handset if they build apps for the HTML5-based platform.


Mozilla has started a new initiative called Phones for Apps for Firefox OS that will see the not-for-profit organisation giving free Firefox OS devices to developers in exchange for building apps for the platform.

The organisation announced the free handset deal, which is an extension of its promise to give free devices to developers that attend its developer workshops, in a blog post on Thursday

"Wherever you are, if you can show you've got a great app idea and the skill to build it, we'd love to see your apps in the Marketplace when the Firefox OS launch begins later this summer. And to sweeten the deal, we'll send a Firefox OS Developer Preview device for you to work with now," Havi Hoffman, a curator at Mozilla Labs, wrote.

There are no strict or specific entry requirements to be in the running for a free Geeksphone Keon handset, although Mozilla did say that interested developers will need to move fast as "launch dates are approaching fast" and the supply of Geeksphone handsets is limited.

Ports of apps from other platforms, as well as completely new apps, are eligible for entry in the running to get a free developer handset. In order be in with a chance of getting their hands on one, developers simply need to submit an app proposal to Mozilla.

Mozilla also said that developers that start building for the platform now will also have 'first-mover' advantage in the marketplace when the first retail devices go on sale later in the year.

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  • That is a good incentive for developers

    I think they will have more applicants than phones to give away.
  • Let the fart app porting begin

    Someone should create an app that filters out the many useless apps in app stores from the handful of useful ones. Android, WP, and iOS would all benefit from this technology. Of course, an app like that would probably be banned from app stores. Just sayin'.
    Sir Name
  • Errr.....

    A show of desperation. Having another phone OS is idiotic. Another waste of R&D. Only thing as worse [in the waste of R&D] was Google's Chrome OS.