MSN: Hotmail 'forwarding' message a hoax

MSN: Hotmail 'forwarding' message a hoax

Summary: Another fake email is circulating in Hotmail, asking users to spread it to everyone they know to help prevent 'overloading'

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Microsoft has warned users of its Hotmail service to disregard an email in circulation that instructs them to forward it to all Hotmail users they know.

The message, purportedly from someone called Jon Henerd of the "Hotmail administrative department", said that Hotmail was running low on resources due to "the sudden rush of people signing up" and that it needed to remove inactive accounts.

It also said that anyone who doesn't receive the message with the exact subject heading will be deleted from Hotmail's servers.

The author went on to "inform" users that the free Web-based email service was overloading and the company needed to "get rid of some people," and that it was currently trying to find out which users are actually using their accounts.

"So, if you're using your account, please pass this email to every Hotmail user that you can and you if you don't pass this letter to anyone, we will delete your account," the message ended.

Official word from MSN Malaysia's country manager, Niko Walraven, was that the company was aware of the hoax email.

Microsoft's MSN Internet runs the Hotmail service.

"MSN takes its customers and its products very seriously. If we ever need to contact our member base, we'll do so directly; unlike this recent email hoax, which relies on customers forwarding the mail," he told In.Tech.

"MSN provides free email service to more than 110 million users worldwide and wants to ensure our customers that we do not condone spamming," he added.

Hotmail upgraded its services last month to include, among other features, more stringent junk-mail filtering.

The new system allows users to either maintain their old settings or choose to only receive email from people in their address books.

Other changes include cosmetic work done on Hotmail's Web interface and the introduction of tabs, similar to the MSN Explorer interface.

The upgrade also added two new language options, Swedish and Dutch, bringing the total number of languages supported in Hotmail to 12.

Previously, the website offered only simplified and traditional Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish.

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Topic: Emerging Tech

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  • any one from the to speak to me
  • cool
  • theres this new one that has the msn logo on it and everything, no spelling mistakes and it seems pretty ligit? how do you know that that one isnt real?? i've received alot of them, but this one seemed pretty close to the real thing?
  • I wish people would stop forwarding these e-mails. What's sad is some people who do this have been online users for years and should know better. There is no way of forwarding these e-mails and having them tracked to save your account. Hotmail and MSN know each time you log on anyway people, so grow a brain. The only thing is if you don't log into your Hotmail once a month you will have your Hotmail shut down but it won't be lost. You can even log into your MSN messenger without Hotmail being active.
    If in doubt go to and look it up before sending it so you don't look like a newbie idiot.
  • If MSN WANTED to inform people of a mass shutdown we would receive an OFFICIAL MESSAGE from MSN, and it would be posted ON THEIR SITE, they KNOW WHO USES THEIR ACCOUNTS.

    What is forwarding an ENGLISH (note how many countries and LANGUAGES use MSN) worded dodgy message that gets garbled each time it is forwarded by every man and his dog going to SAVE your email?


    Oh very legit, its a Microsoft conspiracy, disrupt world communication, the multi-billion dollar corp needs more money! One word: Yop.

    Im disapointed in a lot of you. I thought you were smarter than that. THe only thing spamming the world with CRAP will achieve is succeeding to end email by CRASHING the hotmail servers with a flood of "OMG UR ACCOUNT IS IN DANGER!!!?!"

    Please. Get a grip. Keep the Net Clean.
    No hard feelings,
    Josh, Fighting the war on SPAM.