NAB denies Accenture talks

NAB denies Accenture talks

Summary: National Australia Bank has dismissed as "incorrect" rumours that technology services giant Accenture was making a pitch to replace disgraced Indian competitor Satyam in the bank's operations.


National Australia Bank has dismissed as "incorrect" rumours that technology services giant Accenture was making a pitch to replace disgraced Indian competitor Satyam in the bank's operations.

NAB is not in discussion with Accenture in view of the Satyam work.

NAB spokesperson

"NAB is not in discussion with Accenture in view of the Satyam work. Any claim that it is, is incorrect," an NAB spokesperson said last week. The bank has suspended future work with Satyam due to uncertainty about the Indian firm's future following gross mismanagement.

Several readers had named Accenture as a potential replacement, but NAB maintained the work would be carried out by its own internal staff.

Benny, a "big German" Accenture executive, had been putting the hard word on NAB senior executives to take over the work, one reader claimed. "Accenture is waiting in the wings," another added. "Accenture senior guys have been all over NAB executives since Satyam's troubles came to light."

Accenture refused to deny or confirm the claim. "We don't discuss work we're bidding for," a spokesperson said.

The bank has retained Satyam for contracts that were signed in 2007 and 2008.

Accenture has had a finger in NAB's technology pie for three years via an offshoring deal in which the bank relocated 81 back office roles within its finance department to Accenture's Indian operations in Bangalore.

NAB, in July last year, commenced a review to explore opportunities to offshore more work to India to cut its technology costs, which at last count had increased substantially.

The July review aimed to assess the viability of sending 171 local positions to its Indian facilities, adding to the 264 maintenance and support roles that were sent there in March. Satyam's fellow Indian outsourcing giant, Infosys, also shares NAB's Indian workload with Satyam.

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  • satyam to accenture?

    Wow, talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire!

    Has anyone heard of an Accenture client that was happy with the eventual outcome?

    Yes, that was a trick question, because there never is an eventual outcome :)
  • Indians to Indians

    Changing Satyam Indians for Accenture Indians
  • So Accenture Confirms they are Gunning for Satyam Contract?

    The Accenture non-denial denial says it all, doesn't it?

    "We don't discuss work we're bidding for," an [Accenture] spokesperson said. So they are bidding for the Satyam contract...not just at NAB but at all the big Aussie clients Satyam has.

    Anyway, just ask any of the guys on Michelle's team. Accenture went in fast and hard making a pitch, trying to scare the heck out of NAB execs.

    Accenture has been trying for 3-4 years now to grow the first India contract...but then diverted resources to Commbank...Commbank job is falling now turn back to NAB...

    Perhaps NAB and Commbank (and Westpac for that matter) would get together and compare notes.
  • Dont do it!

    I'l second the comment from James.
    Accenture will maximise the project and never deliver: its what they do.
    Anyone considering them is in for a world of pain.
    They are very good at smoozing though, and bank management are not the sharpest sticks in the forest, so I'm guessing they will bite. Suckers.
  • Accenture Will Do Anything to Sell Work

    I work for a large bank and know Accenture well , both their sales style and delivery model. They will do anything to sell new work. I've heard from friends at NAB that they are definitely pushing hard to get a piece of Satyam's contract and even offering to pick up some of the transition-over costs. Problem is once they get them on board, all the pricing will change...and Accenture will swap the guys who sold and said they would manage the work with newbies or tier two players. Seen it all before. I feel for the NAB employees and contractors who are getting buffed around. Don't worry though, if Accenture gets in over their head as they so often do, they'll be coming to you and offering you a big fat contract to bail 'em out.
  • 95% of fortune 500 are idiots?

    Wow. All these bitter comments (from angry competitors?).

    Unless 95% of the fortune 500 is completely stupid, I'm assuming Accenture must be doing something right and delivering some value for the client.

    I'm also assuming Satyam, IBM, Infosys and a host of other technology giants must be doing something wrong, since they are having hard times (while Accenture weathers the storm).

    Facts don't lie. But biased detractros posting on websites, do.