Nasa's Spirit rover signs off on Mars

Nasa's Spirit rover signs off on Mars

Summary: The space agency has finally given up hope on its Spirit rover, which landed on the red planet in 2004 and went on to make numerous significant scientific discoveries

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  • Rocks on Mars

    Five years after this image was taken by Spirit in 2005, Nasa scientists concluded that this area showed a past that was wet and non-acidic and could potentially sustain life as we know it.

    The rocks were identified as magnesium iron carbonate with a concentration of carbonate 10 times that ever seen on Mars. According to the space agency, carbonates originate in wet, near-neutral conditions, but dissolve in acid.

    Photo credit: Nasa

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  • View of Mars by Nasa's Spirit Rover

    This artist's impression shows what Spirit would look like on Mars. Nasa, meanwhile, has compiled an affectionate Curriculum Vitae of the Spirit rover.

    The Mars Opportunity rover, which landed on 25 January, 2004, continues to roam the surface of the red planet. 

    Photo credit: Nasa

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