NBN Co appoints CFO from in house

NBN Co appoints CFO from in house

Summary: NBN Co has appointed a chief financial officer to replace Jean-Pascal Beaufret, who left the company in January.


NBN Co has appointed a chief financial officer to replace Jean-Pascal Beaufret, who left the company in January.

Payne has been working with NBN Co since 2009, the year of the company's inception, when he started as general manager for planning and development.

He has had key responsibilities since joining, including contributing to the development of the NBN Co's 2010 Corporate plan and being the company's lead negotiator for its final deal with Telstra, which sees the incumbent telco lease its ducts to NBN Co and move its customers onto the new fibre network. He became the acting CFO after Beaufret left.

Prior to joining NBN Co, he spent a decade at KPMG and another decade at Macquarie Bank.

"Robin is a high-calibre executive who has already made an important contribution to the NBN. His knowledge of the business and his extensive experience in financial management will be invaluable as the project moves from the planning and design stage to the large-scale roll-out of Australia's largest infrastructure project," NBN Co CEO Mike Quigley said in a statement. NBN Co had conducted a global search, but liked Payne best out of all the candidates.

Payne said he looked forward to delivering value for taxpayers.

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  • It's nice to see a company filling senior positions from within. All too often the "Global Search" for new talent overlooks the potential to grow your own future.

    The rest of corporate Australia can learn something here.
  • Finally a bit of commonsense prevails.
    Its about time more Australian businesses realised that there are very talented Australians available in nearly every discipline.
    We don't need foreign top level executives whose sole aim is to maximise the short-term share price (or equivalent measure) at the expense of long tern stability, collect a fat bonus and then disappear leaving an Aussie to sort out the broken company they left behind.
  • I think if the best applicant has been selected, all is good regardless of that person being internal or otherwise.
    Knowledge Expert