NBN Co calls IT vendors to action

NBN Co calls IT vendors to action

Summary: The nation's most-watched start-up NBN Co will this Friday begin the hunt for companies capable of building the systems that will link its network to retail providers.


The nation's most-watched start-up NBN Co will this Friday begin the hunt for companies capable of building the systems that will link its network to retail providers.

The operational and business support systems, known as OSS/BSS within the telco sector, will form the vital link between NBN Co's wholesale network and retail service providers, which in future will include Telstra, Optus, AAPT, iiNet, Internode and others.

NBN Co yesterday posted an advertisement in The Australian alerting IT vendors, system integrators and developers that it would this Friday release documents, marking the begin of its hunt for qualified providers. The company has also been beefing up its IT skills-base with recent hire, Greg Tilton, who reports to NBN Co's chief technology officer, Gary McLaren.

The systems will be critical for carrier customers of the NBN Co in managing their own customer base. While carriers such as Internode, AAPT, iiNet and iPrimus have established their own networks, or have installed broadband equipment at Telstra's exchanges, they are often able to remedy faults within their own networks, in the future this will come under NBN Co's domain. NBN Co's OSS/BSS will be required for tasks such as line-activation, billing, identifying and alerts for network faults.

iiNet's regulatory affairs manager, Steve Dalby, told ZDNet.com.au that NBN Co's OSS/BSS will be an opportunity to overhaul the industry's existing inter-carrier systems.

"This will be a great opportunity to have a look at what the industry uses today for their inter-carrier BSS and OSS and what could be done better," he said.

"If a cable has been cut in Queensland and it affects the north of the state, letting people know that there is a cable cut and that it will be 12 hours before it's fixed is a very important part of that fault identification," said Dalby.

Likely candidates for the work include IBM, Accenture, KPMG, Logica, Clarity and Bearing Point amongst other specialist service providers.

The telco sector has over the past months debated what retail service providers will require in terms of OSS/BSS via industry forums run by the Communications Alliance.

The request for capability statement will be available after 5pm this Friday from the NBN Co's interim website.

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  • Go for gold Senator.

    Before anybody gets carried away with grandiose schemes of untold riches I hope that the possibility of abject failure and NBN cancellation is factored in.

    It would seem very possible that if Mr Abbott wins the coming election the Rudd vote catching dream of the FTTH NBN will be consigned to the garbage bin of history.

    Australians could then revert to an affordable and realistic FTTN built cheaply and quickly. Still, what a sensational piece of spin that photo of Senator Conroy and his shovel in Mt Isa.
  • Lol, what about the rest...

    FTTN was Telstra's plan for the "cities only".

    OPEL (Optus/Elders) was the plan for the "bush".

    The previous government decided on OPEL but couldn't agree with Telstra on a fair ROI for a FTTN network.

    So if Abbott wins, you will now be supporting a plan which involves a Telstra built FTTN in the cities and an OPEL (which you fought tooth and nail against and even resorted to racist comments relating to Singapore, a few years ago) built WiMAX network for the bush? Yes?

    Gee that $1b WiMAX handout to OPEL seems like a good idea to Telstra now, compared to structural separation and a NBN which lessens the Telstra stranglehold, eh Syd?

  • FTTN...???

    Which century are you from Sydney??
  • Watch the Credit Card Salami.

    Dear Salami you really do need some education in serious financial matters.

    Go down to the local Rolls Royce dealer and put a deposit on a new Silver Dawn convertible. Gee it looks good but the problem will come when the monthly payments arrive, and the $5,000 services and the 10 miles per gallon.

    I know the FTTH is fantastic but then so was the Roller. Best settle for a Holden or in this case a FTTN. Acceptable to most, fast to deliver, affordable and upgradable when we can afford it.
  • Syd TLS - paid $7.40, now worth $3.16, says others need financial education? LOL...

    Dear Sydney (my Telstra shares are more important than you having comms) Lawrence.

    If you can afford a RR and want one you buy one. We can afford and not just want but need an NBN, so what's your typically stupid pro-Telstra (we know what YOU mean by FTTN) point?

    Your precious Telstra particularly under your hero Sol, did nothing for Australia's comms - even YOUR shares fell from over $5.00 to around T1 levels of $3.30. But oddly, you praised Sol (and still do) at every opportunity, lol. Even as he was picking your pocket for those last few dollars, what did you say - "Thanks for everything Sol, God speed"...remember Syd?

    The government is at least trying to fix Telstra's (I say Telstra because they were gifted and own the PSTN, the others don't) inaction by building nation changing infrastructure that will last decades.

    $43b over say 20 years is $2.15b per year (about half of Telstra's annual profits). It will help keep the economy improving, by creating jobs (not just for the boys but average Aussies) and kick start Australia into becoming a comms leader, rather than the laughing stock, that even you hero Sol said we are, as soon as he hit the US tarmac with m's of TLS shareholders dollars (and a big cheesy grin, one would imagine).

    But Sol ought to know, after all he was instrumental in making us so. But this is now being remedied.
  • Instead of blah, how about facts and clarity, Syd?

    Syd when you come and make claims/accusations please make sure your claims are factual (lol) and be willing and able (lol) to answer queries. This isn't NWAT where bullsh!t and shareholder lies reign supreme.

    Your silence regarding follow-up questions, after you post absolute nonsense/lies in other threads, is pitiful.

    Interestingly, over the last few weeks you have again regurgitated a Telstra built (of course) FTTN!

    Knowing that you are in constant behind the scenes, clandestine contact with Telstra, are you inadvertantly giving us the heads up on Telstra's possible (typical) we won't play, were taking our ball and going approach?

    Again I say, FTTN was only half of the equation. OPEL was the other half.

    By again supporting a Telstra built FTTN network are you also supporting OPEL too?

    I look forward to more silence and can imagine the stupid blank look on you face right now A G A I N, lol...
  • A puzzle within an enigma surrounded by mystery.

    Some time ago on a visit to London my group went on a study tour of the British Museum.

    One item on display was the Rosetta Stone which contained the formula for the deciphering the hieroglyphics of the Egyptian pyramids.

    I am wondering if someone could help out with some calculus that could untangle the convoluted writings of RS for me.
  • Just answer the questions...


    I know I am expecting a lot, considering you have lied about everything, including not being/being/not being a TLS shareholder, from day one. But cut the cr*p Syd and be truthful twice in your life and tell us -

    1) How often do you have behind the scenes contact with Telstra - hourly, daily, weekly?

    2) Since you again want a metro, Telstra built (of course, lol) FTTN network, are you also supporting the reintervention of OPEL (the Optus/Elders) JV, WiMAX network for our country friends, too?

    These aren't trick questions and I have even made them simple enough for even you (without interpretation experts assistance) to understand.

    Two simple answers, either yes or no (one or the other for each question) are required, please! No evasive, further, sugary or stupid bullsh!t (REFER TO YOUR LAST DESPERATELY RIDICULOUS COMMENT) - yes or no!

    I know it's a forlorn/despondent exercise actually hoping to hear the truth from you Syd, but one can but try, lol...
  • re a puzzle

    he's telling you your a dumb greedy telstra shareholder lawrence and he's right.

    answer his questions or go back to the museum.

    its a wonder they let you out anyway, cause your from a different era. one long gone for most thankfully.
  • who wants the Telstra FTTN network??

    i can see two hands and feet in the air....ah hhh....it's Sydney Lawrence.....and the winner is Sydneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy........yaayyyaaayy....we all can see right through it Sydney....FTTN...my ar%^...it's all about TLS shares isn't it Sydney?? Dump those shares while you still can Sydney, cuz it ain't gonna get any better....NBN is full steam ahead....
  • Watch the bergs.

    Yea, Yea Salami just like the Titanic.

    Hey RS and Salami you make a good tag team. But really I have answered your questions so many time it gets boring.
  • No...

    you haven't answered. You have evaded and avoided at all costs by using typical Sydney stupidity.

    This is normal for you I know, but you have somehow managed even more stupidity this time. Talking of Shakespeare, Rosetta stone, Titanic and other nonsense. So...

    1) How often do you and Telstra contact each other?

    An answer isn't RS you are delusional Telstra basher, an example answer is, never, ocassonally, regularly.

    As an active Telstra supporter, who had his own star interviews on NWAT, I'd suggest regularly (at least weekly).

    2) As you support a FTTN network, do you also support OPEL (the rural half of the equation)?

    An example answer isn't, I have answered your question many times (you haven't even tried to worm your way out of answering this, you've just pretended my question doesn't exist - like Telstra's competitors infrastructure, lol).

    An example answer is yes or no.

    I'd suggest no.

    Here's a new one for you - you support FTTN, what about an Optus built FTTN? Bet you'd change your tune quick smart A G A I N, lol.

    And yes, you and your greed are perpetually boring...
  • @ Who wants

    Very profound Salami.

    No nastiness intended to anyone here, just the facts (as usual). But...

    Exactly as you said two days ago Salami, Telstra shares are down again, so far today a mammoth 14c or almost another 4.5% to just $3.02 (they dipped under $3,00 at one stage)!

    Not too far off those all time lows again!
  • @@ who wants

    I was being facetious...

    TLS shares have of course, gone ex-div by 14c today, lol...
  • Go Optus. Telstra loves competition.

    RS, understanding the possible danger of boring people, who understand your bias, and can easily identify your shallow arguments I will answer your question as to my attitude to a Optus built FTTN.

    Firstly I do not think the Singaporean owners of Optus would wish to make such an investment. If they did I would welcome it as I think would Telstra.
  • Lol...

    Just like you and Telstra welcomed OPEL!
  • And

    You're right RS. They all fought tooth and nail to stop OPEL.

    What about to, when Optus tried to invest to give Aussies real choice and started rolling out their HFC network in the mid 90's?

    Telstra followed them down the street and did the same, to make it not viable for either of them and to stop competition. Optus were forced to stop investing and when they did Telstra stopped too.

    It cost Optus about $1.5 billion in losses and Telstra around $1 billion, but Telstra were able to kill off a definite competitor and considered it money well spent, at our expense.


    So stop talking rubbish Sydney.
  • Sydney always talk rubbish...

    he can't be clean...