NComputing working to accelerate adoption of desktop virtualization

NComputing working to accelerate adoption of desktop virtualization

Summary: Desktop virtualization offers a number of benefits and yet it hasn't taken over the market. NComputing thinks it knows why and is offering vSpace and its N-series desktop systems to accelerate industry adoption of this approach.

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NComputing announced a new version of its vSpace end-to-end desktop virtualization platform and has updated its messaging to point out that, in the company's view, the combination of vSpace and the company's N-series system are the perfect tools to make virtual desktops easy to use and deploy.

VSpace is a desktop virtualization platform that is based upon operating system virtualization and the N-series family of desktop hardware systems are based upon on NComputing's system-on-a-chip technology. What's interesting is that NComputing is one of a very few suppliers that has focused its efforts on an operating system virtualization and partitioning platform rather than getting on the virtual machine software bandwagon like most other vendors.

What NComputing has to say about vSpace

NComputing is launching a new version of its virtualization platform for desktop computing that builds upon its product that is currently in use in over 4 million customer organizations. Here's what the company has to say about its new release:

New Offerings in NComputing’s vSpace Platform

The vSpace platform is designed to give organizations more manageability, scalability and a better user experience, while maximizing technology investments. The platform introduces:

  • New -NComputing’s patented desktop virtualization software provides multi-user access to desktop computing by dividing a computer’s resources into independent virtual workspaces. This provides up to 100 users simultaneous access to a single Windows or Linux operating system instance. The vSpace Server interacts with the NComputing UXP (User eXtension Protocol) and the NComputing hardware and software access clients to deliver an optimized end-to-end desktop virtualization solution.
  • NEW vSpace Management Center – For organizations deploying NComputing desktop access devices, vSpace Management Center provides a highly scalable, flexible and easy to use single point of enterprise-class management. A web-based console lets IT administrators manage all client devices from anywhere, anytime, reducing the overhead needed to maintain and control an environment, regardless of the size or number of deployment sites.
  • NEW vSpace Premium Support and Services – Premium support and services provide vSpace customers access to regular software updates and upgrades, online web resources and direct access to dedicated vSpace support engineers.

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