NEC e313

NEC e313

Summary: Like a centre player on a basketball court, the length of this mobile phone makes it stand high above the rest. Does this combination from NEC and 3 score well with us?

NEC e313 Like a centre player on a basketball court, the length of this mobile phone makes it stand high above the rest. Does this combination from NEC and 3 score well with us? Find out in our Australian review.

On first impressions, the e313 is a sleek and classy looking phone. Beneath the surface, we find it equipped with a multitude of functions. For those who like to keep their mobile in their pocket, be warned. It measures a considerably long 15cm by 5cm wide by 2cm deep and weighs in at 126 grams. Although it may be long, it is one of the slimmest phones in Hutchison's 3 range -- especially when compared to the bulky NEC e616 and its predecessor, the NEC e606.

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The e616 can operate on 3's WCDMA network in Australia and can roam to other second-generation networks when outside of 3's network coverage area (see 3's Web site for coverage maps). The handset is equipped with a relatively large TFT screen that boasts a resolution of 220 x 176 pixels and support for 65,536 colours. The clarity of the screen is superb when browsing the menu and on 3's services page.

The e313 uses Java MIDP 1.0 for its application environment. The Web browser supports an XHTML platform with which we occasionally had some trouble when the 3G connection dropped out as we moved out of a 3 zone. Generally, we found this to be an excellent platform well suited to the 3 browsing section that hosts content such as news, games, music and sports

Aesthetically the e313 has a lustrous, reflective-silver design. The numerical keys are quite small and positioned at the base of the keypad. NEC has obviously positioned them lower to make space for the menu key, navigation key, and 3G services key that take up a similar sized space below the screen. This keypad section comprises of three prompt navigation keys underneath the screen of the phone and a circular function key with four way direction buttons around it, as well as the menu key and the 3 services key.

If you are unfamiliar with NEC handsets on 3's network it may be a little confusing at first to navigate through the menu. Once we spent some time with the phone, we became familiar with the shortcut keys that enable you to whiz through to the feature you're looking for.

Due to the e313's length, the phone becomes top heavy during one-handed use. This is not helped by the keys being low on the handset. However, with its light weight and healthy size it is easy to get a comfortable grasp on the phone.

The 'home screen' on the e313 indicates battery life, reception status, date, and multimedia prompts. Through the menu, you can access the multitude of functions of the e313 which include the Multimedia Centre, Java Applications, Tool Box and External Connections.

The e313 has an integrated 180-degree rotational camera which is positioned at the top of the phone near the ear speaker. This allows you to use the camera pointing at yourself or in the opposite direction for photos and during video calls. Photos are taken with a synthesised 'click' as audio accompaniment at a size of 352 x 288 pixels in the JPEG format. The phone also supports JPEG,GIF, PNG, BMP, WBMP, DCF and TIFF file formats.

Other multimedia functions include recording video in MP4 format, sound recording in AMR format and audio playback of the following formats: WMA, AMR, MP3, AAC, MIDI and WAV. Files of this type can be stored in the phone's memory and attached to messages for delivery to another 3 phone or sent via e-mail. With a capacity of 19MB, we found that the phone easily stored around 20 short videos, photos and sound files. For further expansion, the e313 has a port for Sony Memory Stick Duo. USB connectivity allows PC synchronisation but the cable is sold separately.

There is a wide selection of polyphonic ring tones and games available for download from the 3 services pages. It only took a matter of seconds to download 'Stuck in the middle with you' from the best of [Quentin] Tarantino tones. The handset's audio clarity is rich in bass while not being overbearing. The polyphonic version of the track did not really do the original any justice, but it is a bit of fun all the same.

3 offers a wide variety of games to play on your handset on a pay per play basis. Our favourite is 3D snowboarding, others include the rather blood thirsty Assassin, Alien Swarm, Play Cricket and Play Golf.

For such a small battery, the e313 performed extremely well especially when considering the many multimedia applications we tested. 3 claims a talk time of 120 minutes and standby time of 110 hours. We found that with steady usage for phone calls, video calls and constant media application usage the phone needed to be recharged after just shy of 100 hours.

Some buyers may be disappointed to find out that the e313 does not support GPS, Infrared or Bluetooth. In spite of these missing elements with those who wish to follow 3's marketing drive and be considered 'one of the others' who utilise video calls and messaging should consider this phone in their list of options.

NEC e313
Company: NEC
Price: AU$216
Distributor: 3 Australia
Phone: 13 16 82


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  • sir,
    i have purchased a nec313 phone from united kingdom.
    i am from india
    is it possible to use it in india?
    can we use gsm sim cards?
    i tried with gsm sim cards it dint work.
    kindly assist me so that i can use this mobile
    in india.
    thanking you
  • The company i work for recently purchased an e313 phone. I have never had a phone drop out so much I think your system is defective and you should review what product you are actually offering to people.My employer and myself are currently taking this matter further.because your company is breaking their own contract by offering defective goods {this includes the handset and the service provided}.
  • can anyone say that can this phone be used in india if yes what it needs to be done
  • DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE. It connects when it feels like it (just to the 2g network, nevermind 3g) and locks up a lot, and disconnects far too often. It loses signal, and you have to turn it off and on again for it to work again - how do you know if its lost signal in your pocket and people are trying to ring?? Very poor quality - no wonder they are almost giving them away at a
  • so u are saying u cant get games which stay on ur phone which dont disapear
  • I hate the e313. Making a phone call can be rather difficult. On a bright day, it is impossible to see details on the screen. But it works if one finds a dark corner, for instance the doorway of a house, with the back turned to the sun.

    The buttons are so touchy, the keypad unlocks itself in my pocket. This way, I have inadvertently made phone calls by activating the list of contacts. Recently, the buttons unlocked themselves, and the screen would not move from the Emergency Call function until I removed the battery.

    And the good news about the e313? Only another twelve months before the contract finishes.

    well ya ma friend u can easily use this phone in iindia. all you gotta do is unlock the sm lock which goes like something related to ur IMEI no.

    so unlock it and have fun

    also might idea and Airtel simcards might not work but orange and DOlphin rules man