New Firefox OS to be released every three months

New Firefox OS to be released every three months

Summary: Mozilla has announced a quarterly release schedule for its mobile OS, with security updates in between.

TOPICS: Mobile OS, Mobility

Mozilla is planning to add a touch of speed to the release schedule of its mobile OS.

From here on in, Firefox OS will get a feature release every three months, Mozilla said on Monday.

The previous two operating system to be released will be updated a six-weekly cycle, Alex Keybl, manager of release management at Mozilla, wrote in a blogpost on Friday.

"As far as I know, that's the most aggressive mobile OS release strategy out there (and may still require some tweaking)," he said.

The Firefox OS release cycle will be slightly longer than that of its Firefox browser products, however — which operate on a six-weekly release cycle Mozilla calls a "heartbeat" — despite the same Gecko engine underpinning them all as well.

Mozilla puts the slightly longer release schedule for Firefox OS down to the many other companies involved in the mobile supply chain.

"Unlike our desktop/mobile releases, we've had to go even further than delighting our users," Keybl said. "We've also had to juggle the timelines and requirements of all of the OEMs, carriers, and chipset manufacturers that we've partnered with. These new variables lead us to standardize on Gecko 18 for our first two major releases of Firefox OS. It made us 'skip a beat', but for all the right reasons.

"Now that we have our v1.0 behind us and we're moving forward with even more partners, we're going to do our best to bring Firefox OS back into our heartbeat".

The first commercial Firefox OS phones were launched earlier this month in Poland and Spain.

Topics: Mobile OS, Mobility

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  • New OS versions every 3 months?

    I remember when these things were called "patches."
  • New OS versions every 3 months?

    ... and
    I remember when these things were called "updates."
  • New OS versions every 3 months?

    Shades of LINUX

  • New Firefox OS to be released every three months

    Thats really great news, now Loverock Davidson, Toddbottom3, Ye and Owwllllnnet can get a real secure phone and dump their Windows something (what ever its cxalled) phones.
    Over and Out
    • For someone with something to say

      you don't say anything worth listening to
  • Download,Test?

    how do i test this OS on my Atrix 2, where can i download the Mozilla OS?..thanks
  • Patches?

    Apple does the same thing with is OS of Iphone/Ipods/Ipads....hmmh how many have complained about them doing so? When you crank up Itunes, it checks for an what's the problem with Firefox doing the same thing?
  • I think they are going to need to patch/update often

    This design could be a big security problem, but its just a hunch at this point. I have little knowledge of this OS.
    • Design?

      What design?
      Chrome OS has a very similar setup, but I've heard no one bemoaning its security. In fact both Chrome OS and Firefox OS have been designed specifically to keep apps far away from privileged permissions. And if you want to look at update frequency, Firefox and Chrome browsers have done a better job at keeping their users secure (especially in terms of actually exploited security vulnerabilities) compared to IE, who releases at a *much* slower pace.
  • Trying the Firefox OS

    If you are interested in trying it, you have to have an android phone rooted that can run android 4.0 or above and go to
    Have fun! :-)
    Nick Zamparello
  • New OS version every 3 months?

    Wow. I think they've got some of the desktop distros beat.
    Richard Estes
  • Mine is still FF18

    No update available at present (ZTE Open, Movistar).