New Microsoft 'Windows Everywhere' ad crosses product boundaries

New Microsoft 'Windows Everywhere' ad crosses product boundaries

Summary: A new Microsoft ad shows for the first time in a single commercial Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Surface, in a nod to Microsoft's devices and services repositioning.


Microsoft is set to debut a new ad tonight that aims to blurs the boundaries between its different product groups.

Called "Windows Everywhere," the spot shows off how devices and services, including Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Skype, Office 365, Surface, Bing, Internet Explorer and Xbox Music & Video "give consumers one experience across devices for everything in their lives," a spokesperson said. 

The ad is set to air tonight during Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals, the spokesperson said.

The ad is meant to reflect Microsoft's evolving devices and services corporate positioning. The ad will be "the first time people will see Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Surface in one ad," a spokesperson said. "With this spot, the company is moving away from how it traditionally talks about individual products to showcase how its services light up across the multiple devices that people use," the spokesperson added.

The tag line for the ad is "Windows: One experience. On every device. For everything in your life."


The timing of the new ad campaign may or may not be coincidental.

According to various reports, Microsoft is rumored to be finalizing details of a company-wide reorg that would better reflect the way that products and services are being developed, tested, sold and updated.

According to a couple of my tipsters, the reorg, which could come any time now, might result in the product groups being realigned so that they reflect Microsoft's devices and services (or possibly devices, services and software) charter. The Windows and Windows Phone teams might end up as part of the new devices team, if Microsoft opts to to this route, sources have said.

I've heard that Microsoft could possibly appoint two leaders for each of its new business segments, so that "services" would have a head focused more on business needs and another focused more on consumer needs. If that happens, there'd be a new kind of "matrix" organization in place, with devices, services (and possibly software) being headed by multiple leaders.

Whether Microsoft will continue to appoint dedicated Chief Financial Officers for each of its new business divisions will be interesting. The company has put a CFO in charge of each of its current five business units -- Windows Client, Server & Tools, Business Division, Online Services and Entertainment & Devices -- since 2003.

I haven't heard word about what such a reorg might mean for how Microsoft's salesforce is organizes and operates.

Microsoft's new fiscal year begins on July 1.

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  • Kudos Microsoft

    Best commercial of the decade.
    • Brillient commercial

      The only thing missing from this commercial is the productivity tools, where one can access Office on all the three devices.
      • It's also missing...

        It's also missing the Xbox which does connect as well.
      • They do.

        They have a second one which does talk about Office:
    • Ads are finally hitting the mark....

      It took them long enough, but their ads are finally hitting the mark. The Windows Phone ad (at the wedding), the Surface vs iPad/Siri ad, and now this.

      Let's hope they keep it up!
      • Huge improvement

        They're finally doing what Apple did from the start. They're showing you what you can do with the devices. The ads with a bunch of dancers clicking keyboards onto tablets were the stupidest things I've ever seen. I do think these commercials and the tag line are misleading, though. The start screen may look similar, but the applications you can run vary widely by device. So, it's definitely not "One experience. On every device." The tag line should really be "The same ugly start screen on every device."
    • I have to say that Microsoft FINALLY learned how to make a commercial

      They must have switched ad companies. :)
      William Farrel
    • Lumia 928 Commercial

      This is my favorite of the lot
      Fat Albert 1
      • Not bad

        But we all know it's fake :P
        • fake?

          Why do you have to be fake AleMartin? I'm sure you're just fine as you are...
          • Yes I'm fine as I am

            And I have reasons to suspect from Nokia ads:

          • As I suspect everything from Apple

            the Siri commercials are fake too, so what's your point? That companies simulate the experience as it doesn't translate directly to the screen?

            Or is Apple allowed to fake commercials, because they're Apple?
            William Farrel
          • You people can't understand a bit of humor

            And yes they are all fake, but some at least don't let all the world see it.

            Let me be very serious:
            This is the best ad since there is color video.

          • Not defending them....

            But until caught, Apple never bothered to put in their commercials that the Siri and other parts were [not faked but] edited. You don't want to have a few seconds or so of air time waiting for Siri to come out with an answer [assuming an Apple siri server didn't crash]. Later on Apple did place text in the commercials saying they were edited.
    • This is my favourite

      The ad with the child demonstrators was far better than anything I actually saw on TV or in print by Microsoft. I think corporate needs to release the leash a little on their marketing guys
    • No

      I won't call it the best but it's an improvement from the earlier nutty Surface commercial. An ads suppose to convey the product info. or usage, this one did a better job
    • Just the decade?!!!

      You are so humble :)

      Ahahah, the commercial is not bad, but the best?!!!! Your advertising filter must be pretty good ;)
    • I agree

      Beautiful commercial, reminds me of

      from Windows Phone Italia.
      Agosto Nuñez
    • Trolling Troll

      Why is this troll allowed to continue spamming the comments on every article?!
      • Because his employer requested it

        Microsoft spends money to place posters, and bloggers, on sites like ZDNet. He writes a blog on here as Matt Miller, While hiding his role as a Microsoft Mobile Evangelist. He claims to be unbiased, but will always choose a Microsoft product/service over the competition. He actually poss comments under several names.
        Troll Hunter J