China hackers running wild

China hackers running wild

Summary: Chinese e-crime police have warned that the hacking situation in China is worsening.


Chinese e-crime police have warned that the hacking situation in China is worsening.

The Ministry of Public Security announced on Monday that it had made 460 hacker arrests 2010, but that hacking cases had an annual growth rate of 80 percent. "The network situation is still very grim, with hacker attacks and sabotage activities in a heightened state," the ministry said in a statement. "A large number of computer systems do not have effective security measures, and internet users have poor safety awareness."

The Network Security Protection Service, part of the ministry, had focused on detecting network hacking attacks, taking down botnets, and investigating denial of service attacks against government websites. Chinese police had also sought to disrupt forums selling Trojan kits and e-crime instructions. Most hacking attacks had been for profit, said the statement.

For more on this story, read China says hacker situation 'very grim' on ZDNet UK.

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  • By "running wild" does China mean

    that their agents are no longer listening to them anymore?
    John Zern
  • RE: China hackers running wild

    Does the title means USA's hackers doesn't running wild?
  • RE: China hackers running wild

    Thats EXACTLY what it means, goodbywiki!! NO ONE TOUCHES CHINA in THIS area - today! NO - ONE!! CHINA TAKES THE WORLD CUP HOME HERE.
    • I'm confused...

      They can't drive worth a damn, yet they are smart enough to hack??? I smell a conspiracy by the chinese to piss off the world with bad driving when in reality, they can drive just fine, but they choose not to!!! LOL
  • I'd hate to be caught.

    I'd hate to be caught hacking by China's police. They probably treat malicious hackers almost as badly as I would.
    • So, you mean you'd hire them to hack...?

      I'd guess the chinese would likely press the hacker into their cyber warfare department. Punishment? Feh! They'd be put to work writing better hacks.
  • RE: China hackers running wild

    I'll bet that they recruit the best hackers to work for the state.
  • As long as they keep their clothes on...

    Don't think anyone is quite ready for a bunch of chinese hackers showing off their naughty bits...
  • RE: China hackers running wild

    And what do think the USA doe's? They give them a job...

    That's why you do not see so many hackers in the USA going to jail!
    Pro Covers FX