Congressman says Wikileaks is a terrorist group

Congressman says Wikileaks is a terrorist group

Summary: The incoming chairman of the US House of Representatives' Homeland Security Committee says Wikileaks should be officially designated as a terrorist organization.


The incoming chairman of the US House of Representatives' Homeland Security Committee says Wikileaks should be officially designated as a terrorist organization.

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Republican representative Peter King of New York, the panel's next head, asked the Obama administration on Sunday to "determine whether Wikileaks could be designated a foreign terrorist organization", putting the group in the same company as Al Qaeda and Aum Shinrikyo, the Japanese cult that released deadly sarin gas on the Tokyo subway.

The organization, which has started releasing US State Department diplomatic cables, "appears to meet the legal criteria" of a US-designated terrorist organization, King wrote in a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, reviewed by CNET News. "Wikileaks presents a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States."

For more on this story, read Congressman wants WikiLeaks listed as terrorist org on CNET News.

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  • An interesting question?

    This is really interesting... Is the United States subverting its own rights?

    The First Amendment specifically states that the government CANNOT limit free speech. Though, it could be limited if there was treason as per the first article.

    Yet the treason article can only be exercised if the other side declares war, or gives comfort to their enemies.

    Thus this has no legs... But I am interested on how far this will get...
    • Lets save time and try Peter King for Treason.

      @serpentmage .. this peter puppet boy of the warmongers should be put on trial then executed.

      Time to start stringing up the puppets.
      Reality Bites
      • Peter King has supported terrorists in the past

        In the 1980s he bootlicked with the IRA and later became their unofficial lobbyist in Congress.<br><br>He is a hypocritical a$$_hole of the lowest common denominator.
        ahh so
    • RE: Congressman says Wikileaks is a terrorist group

      @serpentmage two legs: clear and present danger
      • not (nt)

    • An answer

      @serpentmage If they are divulging military and government secrets online then yes that constitutes treason - who is to say that Osama Bin Laden or some other terrorist isn't jotting down things he finds on Wikileaks? Hence the "clear and present danger" to national security. Wikileaks needs to be declared a terrorist organization, no question about it.
      • No, it doesn't

        @athynz *Bzzzt!* Thanks for playing.

        Treason requires a declared war.
      • Prehaps the gov needs to stop being murdering psychopaths

        @athynz ... perhaps if the gov wasn't a bunch of incompetent murderers and bumbling thugs wiki leaks wouldn't need to shine the light on the blatantly criminal activities of the USA government.
        Reality Bites
      • Perhaps if the DOD wasn't incompetent when it came

        @athynz... to secure access then perhaps these things would never had been leaked. The pentagon has egg on its face right now.<br><br>Assange isn't American, so therefore it isn't treason for him.<br><br>And if it is PFC. Manning who copied the data, why the h*ll did he have access to so much sensitive data. I get that he was an Intelligence Analyst, but such a low ranking officer should not have had access to State Department Records, among other things. And a low level Analyst such as himself should have only had access to the intelligence that was pertinent to the current ops they were performing, not free reign through the entire intelligence database. Also why didn't the DOD detect that he was copying the classified document off to physical media? This really tells me that the cyber-security in the DOD is lacking.<br><br>And thereto declaring a whistle-blower a terrorist, well you may as well throw out the first amendment.<br><br>If a PFC has so much unrestricted access to classified data, all a terrorist organization needs to do, is compromise the safety of one such officer's family, and have them siphon off all of the intel they could ever need.
    • RE: Congressman says Wikileaks is a terrorist group

      The publishing by wikileaks of U.S. Department of State confidential / secret messages gives aid and comfort to our enemies. The First Amendment says "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances". It says nothing about publishing confidential / secret documents. If you read case law there are significant precedents, at the level of the U.S. Supreme Court, where privileges grated in the First Amendment were specifically denied to organizations, which were held to be at their core dedicated to the destruction of our nation and Government, such as the Communist Party USA. I believe that Wikileaks could be held to represent at least the same level of threat that the Communist Part USA represented and represents to our nation, and to that end those communications media which publish by posting electronically or printing on paper those same documents could be held legally accountable. Are you listening, New York Times?
      • RE: Congressman says Wikileaks is a terrorist group

        Agree completely!

        War does not have to be declared! Besides, one could argue that we are alwasy at war, what kind of war maybe can be debated.
    • The U.S. would not be subverting its own rights...

      the authorities in the federal government would be "subverting" the rights of a "declared" terrorist organization, and of an organization which would be deemed dangerous to the country. But, in reality, it would not be "subvertion" of rights; it would be denial of rights to an organization which is not even operating under U.S. regulations or laws.

      A criminal organization, or even a felonious criminal, lose their rights when convicted of their crimes. Wikileaks, and anybody within its organization, could be found in violation of U.S. laws which prohibit the divulging of information to the enemy.
    • RE: Congressman says Wikileaks is a terrorist group

      There does NOT need to be a declared war to commit treason. Ask the Rosenbergs about that. All it takes to commit treason is to give a person or a country information that betrays your country, either directly or indirectly.
    • RE: Congressman says Wikileaks is a terrorist group


      They Can limit free Theft of information. Whether such limits are legal will ultimately be decided by the Supreme Court.

      BTW I agree with Peter King.
    • RE: Congressman says Wikileaks is a terrorist group

      Wikileaks is not in the US or a part of the US. I think it's an interesting idea. We could send soldiers to the wikileaks' headquarters like we sent them to Iraq. Very interesting idea!!
  • Peter King = King George III

    ... and not just because of his last name. George III declared American secessionists "terrorists"... and that was just before the revolution began. At the time they were squabbling over taxes and their status within the British empire, and that was enough to have us classified as terrorists then.

    I remember several of our good senators and congressmen continually making the argument: "If you don't want to get caught doing bad things, then just don't do them." ... right around the time they passed the Patriot Act. I guess they thought our government was exempt from their own statement.

    Times are changing... I can't wait until we can actually see what are representatives are doing - in real time. No more hiding backroom deals behind closed doors, no more tax breaks for contributors, no more acting one way during election and voting another during sessions. Now that would be a *real* Democracry, one that *should* be emulated by everyone.
    • Those back room deals save lives

      @rock06r.<br>Is this really funny - we're all about keeping secrets everyday in our personal and business lives where it's only profit or something equally as unimportant that's at stake and we'll defend that as acceptable<br><br>but should asylum seekers or heads of state assesing situations that are potentially deadly and we should let the "other side" know eveything no matter who's lives it costs?<br><br>Should a nutcase like Kim Jong Il have access to all talks between the US South Korea and it's a allies? Are the potential loss of lives acceptable to you because you knowing this info is insignificat as you aren't in any position to do didly-squat about it.<br><br>But I bet Kim Jong Il is, and I wonder how he'll thanks the idiots that help him?
      Ron Bergundy
      • That only applies when you have compentent people involved.

        @cyberspammer2 ... What this release of information proves beyond even a small child's doubt that every single government worker and military person involved in these wars is incompetent to the point of retardation.<br><br>We have stupid retarded children representing our country. That is what the uproar is about. <br><br>There isn't any secrets there that cant be picked up in a bar for a $2 drink.
        Reality Bites
      • Reality Bites, do you think

        that other governments don't say the same things about other countries?

        I wonder why other governments keep their diplomatic cables classified...Hmmmm.
        John Zern
  • RE: Congressman says Wikileaks is a terrorist group

    Okay, where am I missing the point? We have a President that was elected in large part due to his (teams) great grasp of technology and how to leverage it. Wikileaks is just a freaking website! China can hack google and facebook at will and yet we can't stop this bozo from publishing damaging information?