Forcing Office Web Apps to open on an iPad

Forcing Office Web Apps to open on an iPad

Summary: CNET's Ina Fried tries to get the full browser-based versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint running on the Apple slate--and comes tantalizingly close.

With Microsoft's Office Web Apps out in the wild, I thought it was time to try to test their limits.

For a while now, Microsoft has said that the experience on the iPhone would be similar to that in other mobile browsers--allowing document viewing, but not the editing and other features found in the full Web Apps.

See gallery.

Through some work, though, I managed to get the iPad to try to open up the full Office Web Apps. By clicking around various pages within Windows Live, I found some that had an option to click to switch to the "PC version" of the site. Doing so, and then navigating back to the Office tab allowed me to see what I could and could not force the iPad to do. I was unable to create and edit a new Word, PowerPoint, or OneNote document, but did manage to create and edit a basic Excel spreadsheet, even getting it to perform a simple calculation. (Four Web Apps minus three that don't work equals one that does.)

For more on this story, read Forcing Office Web Apps to open on an iPad on CNET News.

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  • RE: Forcing Office Web Apps to open on an iPad

    Why doesn't Office Web Apps work in Safari? Microsoft did something deliberate?
    What about Opera? Does it work there?
    • It's MS's application, they can do what they want

      Even if it was discovered that MS wanted to make sure that Office Web Apps worked best on IE and not so well on Apple devices, shouldn't they be allowed to do that? Apple did it recently with their HTML5 demo. Apple won't allow any ads from AdMob on iOS. The apology is always that this is Apple's stuff so of course Apple is going to make it work best with Apple products.

      Cue the double standards...
      • Get a life...

      • Get an answer

        Why is it okay for Apple to "control their platform" but not MS? MS no longer has anywhere close to a monopoly on the browser and they are so far from a monopoly in the mobile space, it isn't even funny.

        So answer the question GoPower. Answer it.

        Cue the double standards...
      • monopolies

        @NonZealot <br>ms has a monopoly in browser share (more than 60%) and hence they are not allowed to hinder their competitors. apple doesn't have a monopoly in the smartphone space (15%) so they are allowed to deny access to their platform to direct competitors. because users and developers have plenty of choice in the marketplace (blackberry, winmo, android, symbian etc.). it is a fundamental principle of capitalism, it is called competition.<br><br>that will however change (by political oversight over the market place) as soon as apple will have a monopoly in smartphone share. (let's say more than 50% - but that is a few years off, i'd say). no double standards. only a fundamental difference in market share. the first one has a monopoly in its space, the other doesn't. so hard to understand?
        banned from zdnet
      • Cue the double life, NonZealot

        ubiquitous one
  • good try... From an iPad user

    You did a
    - good job with the software and a
    - good job in documenting the results.