Huge iPad demand causes delay for online buyers

Huge iPad demand causes delay for online buyers

Summary: Customers pre-ordering the new iPad will have to wait up to three weeks to receive the tablet device even though it will be on sale in-store on Friday,


Apple's new iPad was announced on Wednesday and is due to go on sale from Apple's retail stores on Friday March 16. However, the ordering process on the company's online store in the UK and US says that pre-ordered iPads will be dispatched in "2-3 weeks."

A spokesman for Apple said that demand for the retina display-equipped device had been "off the charts", forcing it to make the change to the expected delivery dates. Other new features include a quad-core graphics processor and faster data network capabilities in comparison to the iPad 2.

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  • Why did you take down the comment?

    The iPad 16GB is NOT $629.
    • Price

      Yes, with 4G, it is.
      • It does not specify that.

        To a reader it looks like the 16GB base model is $629.

        They need to specify instead of throwing up a misleading price.

        That's like saying the a new Toyota is $30,000...with all the options but the base model is $25K....
    • Disingenuous Choice

      It's displayed like that on Apple's site. One would expect them to choose either the lowest price at $499 or the most expensive one at $829.

      This way, whoever made the screen shot, makes sure to imply that it's the lowest priced one to reinforce the impression that Apple's gear is overpriced.

      Again, Disingenuous!
      • Yep!

        Says right on their site, starts at $499.....yes the Wifi + 4G is $629...but this article does not make that distinction...

        Who hires the writers for this website?
    • New iPad price

      The basic model with 16GB is $499 and the 16GB model with 4G is $629. My apologies - I grabbed a random screenshot to illustrate the Apple delay. One for the lowest price model is now included above.
      • FAIL!

      • @ScorpioBlack

        Why is that a fail? He took the two base models as examples of the delay, showing that Wi-Fi and 3/4G tablets are subject to the same delay.
  • Ordered mine late the night of announcement, got a ship notice.

    The ship notice for my unit came Friday, and the scheduled delivery date is 3/16. So it must only be affecting orders that are just now being placed.
    terry flores
    • Me too...

      It's been stuck in Louisville KY since 11:49AM yesterday, just deliver the stupid thing I'm one state over.
      • ... and me

        Mine's at FedEx in Ontario, CA and I'm just a few miles away in Van Nuys. I guess they don't get to deliver till Friday.
        It's like being a child and counting down till Christmas.
        Wayne of America
      • Me too...

        if you phone the merchant, and request to cancel the order in exchange for a full refund, their lazy back side will soon move
  • Great...

    My kids have been clamoring for the new ipad 3 ever since the ipad 2 came out. As a parent I am hoping to use it as a teaching tool (using apps) for STEM education (so maybe one day they will be able to design their own apps/technology for Apple). Actually, this summer I'm sending my kids to the National Flight Academy in Pensacola, Florida (, which combines STEM Education and Flight Simulators in their week-long camp. Anyways, guess I'll have to wait another month like everyone else...
    • Get two...

      ...for each kid. In case they lose or damage their pad, or was it a phone...whatever. Wouldn't want them to be caught somewhere without the basic survival tools.

      "Someday" apps for Apple? Gag. Hopefully your kids will survive YOU, and go on to become real people with meaningful lives doing something of value.
      • You will be able to recognize his kids.

        They will be carrying two ipads and "kick me" signs on their back.

        Dude...send your kids outside and let them play. Just sayin'
      • There is now "break insurance" in Apple Care

        If you buy the Apple Care, you can get "I broke it" replacement for $50.00 at the time of replacement, so for about $150.00 total, you can get your broken device replaced. That's a great deal if you have kids.
    • RE: Great...

      How about sending them to a real summer camp where they can burn off that excess weight? Entranced by their animated food trays is no way to spend a childhood.
  • My Samsung smart-phone...

    does everything that an iPad does, AND, it has an 8MP cam, dual core 1.5GHz, phone plus internet, hmm, who needs an iAnchor, lol.
    • Re my Samsung smart phone.

      And it's not an apple, just a lame copy.
      • Which is another

        good point in its favor, though I wouldn't really call the Apple pad "lame", just the folks who clamor to get their latest version in hopes it will finally get them to Camelot.

        "Hey, let's get some coffee!"
        "Sure, let me check my ipud to see where the nearest Starby's is."
        "But look, there's one down the street"
        "Yeah, but my ipud says there's one across town that takes i-coupons, and I have one on my ipud, and it's already got the gps coordinates in, told us where the cheapest gas is, and will order in advance when we get within a mile, and they can scan my ipud to pay...Oh wait, here's some tickets available for Sundays foosball game, front row, let me hit the 'buy' button...OK, now to the coffee. Dang, the pad just told my iphone to call my wife and tell her I'm getting a coffee, which I'm supposed to not have. Now it's disabled the ignition on my car...Oh no, I'm going to get another lecture, but the battery's dying, whatever will I do...
        "Geez, I just wanted a cuppa coffee. Never mind."