IE reverses downward trend - at Firefox's expense

IE reverses downward trend - at Firefox's expense

Summary: Internet Explorer has reversed a years-long slide in browser usage, at least for the month of June, reclaiming share at the expense of Firefox.

TOPICS: Browser, Microsoft

Internet Explorer has reversed a years-long slide in browser usage, at least for the month of June, reclaiming share at the expense of Firefox.

Internet Explorer (IE) increased usage from 59.8 percent to 60.3 percent, according to new statistics from Net Applications, an analytics company that monitors browser usage across a large network websites. It was buoyed by increasing usage of IE8 that offset the decline in IE7 — and by what web developers no doubt hope will be only a temporary pause in the decline of the despised IE6.

The change in fortunes was significant enough that Microsoft couldn't resist crowing about IE's progress in a blog post on Thursday. "We certainly don't judge our business on just two months of data, but the direction here is encouraging," said Ryan Gavin, senior director of business and marketing for Internet Explorer.

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This chart shows the changing usage of the five top browsers; the darker colors are from earlier and the lightest color shows percentages for June 2010. Chart data from Net Applications, chart by Stephen Shankland

Topics: Browser, Microsoft

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  • They've been advertising more.

    I dunno if it's related - but I have been seeing ads for Internet Explorer on TV. Microsoft is definitely advertising IE more.

    That being said, though - I had to move my parents off of IE8 with a recent major memory issue with Facebook pages. When individual tabs are 300+ MB, something's terribly wrong with IE8 on Facebook pages.
    • RE: IE reverses downward trend - at Firefox's expense

      @CobraA1 its funny you should mention that, firefox either doesnt operate properly on a lot of websites or crashes (maybe thats more of an issue with certain setups than others) but i also noticed facebook using up loads of memory, then a few hours later i found all my related stuff was compromised, i received no less than 30 fraud alerts relating to odd use of payment sites, not to mention reciving warnings about sending spam mail via my facebook registered email account to everyone in my contacts list.

      it would apear that a lot of things on pages in face book are specifically crafted flash and perform data mining and key loggin when there open, so if like me you into having multiple windows open theres every chance your compromising all your stuff, dont have to worry about any of it now since i simply closed the face book account (which was hijacked 3 times in 3 days despite folowing all the required/recomended actions) took longer to sort out the illegal access to the online payment systems but i would hedge a bet that the increase in use of IE8 has more to do with the new web interoperability, after all if it dont work right first time you just click that compat ability button and there it is working like it should, other browsers dont seem to have soemthign like that which actually works as described.
    • RE: IE reverses downward trend - at Firefox's expense

      @CobraA1 Let me add that with IE8 I have to push the "Compatibility Mode" button on over 70% of the sites I go to. Including over 50% of Microsoft's sites.
      • RE: IE reverses downward trend - at Firefox's expense

        @mcherndon68 I doubt that. I'll admit that when IE8 first came out that may have been true but now I only use that button very rarely and a lot of sites that used to require it no longer do.
      • RE: IE reverses downward trend - at Firefox's expense

        Next time go to Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and run IE no addons. I haven't seen compatability mode pop up since the RC. I did the long term beta for IE8 (checking out IE9 now). Every problem I had was related to an add on
      • Over 70% of the sites?? Hogwash.

        Thats sheer nonsense unless you are in the habit of going to a vast number of odd and obscure websites that have this problem.

        It never seems to fail. When it comes to Windows, IE or generally anything Microsoft there are always those out there who just think they can conjure up mindless drivel complaints against Microsoft products and nobody will call them on it.

        Of course security has always been the favorite whipping boy for Windows and IE alike. Claims of constant bluescreens, lockups and having hard drives filled up with viruses and malware. All again nonsense, complete sheer and utter lies to be exact. Lies because the claims usually attribute such things happening as a regular turn of events for Windows and IE as opposed to an oddity of unusual rarity.

        I only know a handful of people who use Apple PC's and laptops, (despite some woeful claims its been the exact same thing for many years, no huge increase in Apple usage for computers) and I only know a couple who use Linux regularly, although I have used it myself in the past for a period. The dozens and dozens of other computer users I know all use Windows and none of them have any significant problems so its time to put the security issues to bed, its well past their time.

        Now we have an IE8 compatibility issue? When I first used IE8 I did come across problem websites off and on with IE8 which the compatibility switch always seemed to cure. Now over the last few months I couldn't even tell you the last time I had to use it.

        But 70% of the sites??? Complete rubbish. So overblown a figure it defies explanation and destroys any credibility a poster who says such things, without some explanation, might have ever had.
      • RE: IE reverses downward trend - at Firefox's expense

        @mcherndon68, I have to concure that statement. It does make you wonder why you should have to use compatibility mode for any MS sites. I wonder if it might have to do with silverlight, some how?
      • RE: IE reverses downward trend - at Firefox's expense


        I always had problems with Windows, all my friends have always had problems with it, my college has had constant problems with it. It is not as rare to have problems with Windows as you make it out to be. If it was all "nonsense, sheer and utter lies" (I love the absolute finality in your unsubstantiated claims by the way) then the problems would not be so well known. I couldn't count the times I have had a Windows computer crash on all my fingers and toes. I can count the times I have had my Linux computer lock up on one hand.

        There should not be any kind of "compatibility mode" for any browser. The only web pages that would cause any kind of compatibility issue are those using proprietary Microsoft code. I have never run into compatibility issues running firefox on Linux unless I run across a site with proprietary code in it.
      • Here we go again!

        I just have to love this! hito_kiri says:

        "I always had problems with Windows, all my friends have always had problems with it, my college has had constant problems with it"

        How could this possibly be? REALLY!
        How?? You had problems, all your friends had problems, your college had problems...this Windows OS must be junk! By what your telling me Windows is just plain garbage cut and dried! It has to be crap if you and just about everyone you know has problems with it. It shouldn't even be allowed to be sold as far as I'm concerned by what you just said because it is truly junk if that many people out of a group, including an educational institute are all having these problems with Windows. Who would purchase such a thing as an OS thats guaranteed to give you and anyone who uses it problems? I wouldn't. NO SIR! No how no way. Linux is free. The fact is if anything even remotely close to what you are implying was true Microsoft would have been out of business years ago.

        There is simply no excuse, explanation or story that can be told that would explain how Windows could be so problematic as you and many of your ilk claim it to be that could explain how Windows still has 90%+ in the marketplace. The world is not made up of beggars for punishment that love computers that have problems continuously.

        Well, here is the likely answer...

        I likewise went to a huge university that used Windows. With thousands of them through out the campus, and of course students in the tens of thousands with their own computers, again about 90% Windows usage. Almost everyone I know except a few use Windows. And guess what?

        Problems have been few and far between. Of course we know its a cut and dried fact that the way Windows is designed for ultimate user friendliness and maximum forward and backward compatibility as possible with hardware and software its a massive design that does have some problems because of that from time to time, BUT!

        Compared to the way most Windows haters make it sound, the problems are not anything like continuous or even frequent or even often. And when a problem does creep up its usually not of the serious type. I have four Windows based computers at my home and a Windows based laptop at work and the last time I had a serious problem on any of the five was almost 3 years ago. I think all in all thats not too bad and certainly not deserving of anything like the kind of implied problems that the typical Windows hater loves to spew.

        Windows computers are not subject to frequent lock ups, BSOD, and if one has a decent free and updated anti virus on their system they will not find there HD filling with malware either. Those types of claims, or implications are barefaced lies where the person saying it should know better, and where the person dosnt know better statements like that are a prime example of "know nothings" spouting off and just looking foolish.
    • RE: IE reverses downward trend - at Firefox's expense

      M$ tries to win with commercials what can't win on merits.
      Linux Geek
      • No...not exactly, that was Apple.

        @Linux Geek
        Lets be honest here, not "I hate Windows, Microsoft and Bil Gates" honest, I mean truthful honest. Microsoft for a company of its size and reach actually advertises very little.

        Conversely, its been Apple that has run a few huge ad campaigns, the Apple guy commercials for one in case you forgot.

        And as far as not winning on the merits go, look at Apples desktop market share in 2006 and then again in 2010. Apple was a company in an absolute prime position to kick MS behind around the block it there was any reason it could be done. Apple has floated around 8%-10% market share forever and if there was any real reason to leave Windows, Apple has done there level best to make the case for that, but, alas, Apple still continues to reside pretty close to the same market share in computers they always have.

        I guess some who cant win on the merits try hard as hell to win with commercials but even that dosnt work for some.

        Like Apple.

        But they sure can sell a pile of phones, pods and pads. No argument there, they sure appear to have the market on gadgets firmly in hand. So despite whatever failings they continue to have in the real computer sales they are still making so much money, don't expect them to go anywhere soon but to the bank.
      • RE: IE reverses downward trend - at Firefox's expense

        @Linux Geek Dude. Duh. Your referring to nearly every major corporation out there. Theres nothing wrong with leading the gullible and lazy to use your product. And just for the record, firefox is NOT the smart, slim, strappling young lad it used to be. In fact... it reeks of bloat and has nearly the same number of security issues as explorer. Granted, its an option, I'm a fervent believer of having more than one option available at your finger tips, but really? Firefox lost it's charm long ago.
    • RE: IE reverses downward trend - at Firefox's expense

      @CobraA1 is more likely all the new netbook users who never heard of firefox, or ie problems for that matter.
  • RE: IE reverses downward trend - at Firefox's expense

    I still use Firefox even though I have IE8...but if I feel the need to use IE...I simply load it in an "IE Tab" within best of both worlds. I suspect a large amount of others do the same. I ALSO am willing to bet my scenario of dual usage in NOT figured in to statistics from Net Applications monitoring of browser usage.
    • RE: IE reverses downward trend - at Firefox's expense

      Your guess is wrong, most people dig firefox to save several hundred of hard drive space and RAM. We just use IE only just like one has one wife/husband/father/mother in a family.
    • Re;statistics from Net Applications monitoring of browser

      Statcounter does not show any increase for IE.
      The only one they show an increas of is Chrome.
  • I Love Chrome Browser Best!

    But still use Firefox quite often too. I do have IE extension Add on in both! .....although I don't use it much, it's nice to have!
  • Google Chrome

    Too bad I lost my comment because zdnet made me log in first. Maybe you should post that zdnet?

    Anyways before my laptop died I switched to Chrome because Firefox crashed too often and was a memory HOG! I now have a new PC with 6GB RAM and am still running Chrome!
    • RE: IE reverses downward trend - at Firefox's expense


      Do what I do and Ctrl/C your comments, just in case there is a glitch...

  • Great. Here, pin a "hack me" sign on your shirt.

    Why bother with IE?
    I'va had no isssues with Firefox and appreciate it.
    To hell with IE!