Last-minute bug zaps Ubuntu Lucid Lynx

Last-minute bug zaps Ubuntu Lucid Lynx

Summary: Ubuntu developers on Thursday surmounted a last-minute bug-fixing crisis to release Ubuntu Linux 10.04, codenamed Lucid Lynx.

TOPICS: Open Source
Ubuntu developers on Thursday surmounted a last-minute bug-fixing crisis to release Ubuntu Linux 10.04, codenamed Lucid Lynx, the operating system's first Long-Term Support version since April 2008.

The bug, which affected Ubuntu's ability to dual-boot alongside another operating system, was discovered just as the finished 10.04 installation disk images were about to be pushed out.

The problem affected the bootloader and made it impossible for a dual-boot user to switch back to Windows once Ubuntu was installed. Developers realized that the dual-boot bug was likely to have a serious impact on first-time consumer users — the very users being targeted with Lucid Lynx. Lucid Lynx is now available.

For more of this story, read Ubuntu dev team zap last-minute bug to release 'Lucid Lynx' on ZDNet UK.

Topic: Open Source

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  • As Loverrock would say

    this is a non-issue. The problem was caught before it was released to the general public.
    Oh thats right. This only counts if it was MS.

    In that case, this proves Linux will never make it. I gotta keep my prejudices straight.
    Viva la crank dodo
    • That's NOT what loverock would say. He would say this:

      <i>this is a non-issue. The problem was caught on time and a fix will be released to the general public on a future patch Tuesday as soon as maybe next summer. Kudos to Microsoft for their efforts to keep customers safe and happy. This has caused no disruption.</i>
      Great Kahuna
      • All Linux apologists came out of woodworks

        Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know this last minute bug is a non-issue whatsoever. After all no one is going to use it so who cares how many bugs pop out.
        • Now don't say "no one". There is a whopping 1% that will be all over it...

          • RE:Now don't say no one. There is a whopping 1% that will be all over it...

            In some localized markets, perhaps. Globally, larger than Apple which is all irrelevant. This is about a bug in a new release which was discovered and fixed before it was actually released. I am not sure where the story is here.
      • Perfect, but you forgot the Linux FUD

        Loverock would have gone on to add;

        Microsoft's responsiveness to these kinds of issues is why Linux will never be able to compete. Why just the other day, as I was looking a blog post about the problems with Slackware 1.0 installations, I told myself, "self, that Linux ain't n'er gonna compete with no real, bone a fide actual operating system like Windows ME!"

      The very first post and I get mentioned!! :) It's not a surprise though considering this guy has been stalking me for a number of months now. Its getting to the point that he now wants to be me. Scary stuff.
      Loverock Davidson
      • Glad you came by, now dump your drivel and move on, will ya?

        Great Kahuna
      • n

        • Uh oh

          someone forgot to log in with their other alias.

          Loverock Davidson
      • Imagine

        if wanting to be you is scary, just how terrifying it must be to really be you.

        Wow that cured me.

        I promise I'll stop stalking if you actually post Facts (the verifiable kind, not the "it must be true cause I said it" kind). I would also accept sources to prove that you are not just pulling your claims out of your nether-regions. I know you wouldn't post such evidence though. You like me following you so why would you destroy that by actually trying to back up your claims. It's either that or you have nothing to back them up.
        Viva la crank dodo
        • Will you promise too?

          You are one of the ABM gang that is quick to put all of the blame on MS for everything and your xenophobic ways are all too ubiqitous on this site and quite dull and boring. Try before you bash. mmmmmkay?
          Oh, and not just for a week and then declare, for example, the "ribbon" is horrible and unusable...compared to the menu stylings that are a copy of Office '97

    • Question

      Hello Pot,

      And what, pray tell, would YOU say if it were MS and Windows? I will spare you my predictions, but I think people can make a well-educated guess as to what your reaction would be.

      So long.

      Signed: Kettle

      "The views expressed here are mine and do not reflect the official opinion of my employer or the organization through which the Internet was accessed."
  • RE: Last-minute bug zaps Ubuntu Lucid Lynx

    Sh*t happens, I have the 64-bit and it is rather slow,
    but ket's hope it will be fixed soon.
  • RE: Last-minute bug zaps Ubuntu Lucid Lynx

    My Microsoft rep took me to lunch and told me that what happened was the wrong furball.....ummm tarball was compiled.

    PLEASE clarify! If we downloaded ON Thursday, does that mean the version we have WILL work correctly without modification or WON'T?

    Is there any way to tell BEFORE installing? I downloaded both the Server and Desktop editions but haven't installed either yet. I would hate to have to redownload 1.2 GB if not necessary. (I downloaded Desktop around 9 pm Central, so I assume that's okay, but Server around 3 pm.)
    • Only the desktop release 20100427.1 was respinned

      This issue affects the 20100427.1 release of desktop Ubuntu. If your release is newer than this (newer than 27 April 2010) it should be fine (

      In that release, in a dual boot environment the other operating system does not appear at first in the GRUB menu. You must do a system update (that's fast) and reboot to fix the issue.
      Great Kahuna
      • There was a new daily build on April, 29th

        The daily build of April, 27th (which was originally meant to be released as the final official version) was *not* released as the official version. Not at all.

        They spun a new daily build on April, 29th, containing the fix, which was then released as the official version. So all is well.
      • Looking at that bug page

        Doesn't affect me - no RAID, but look at this comment (#78):

        Alvin Thompson wrote on 2010-04-29:

        If you're going to fix this before the release, how about also fixing bug 568183 / bug 191119 as well? Those bugs can actually destroy your data on RAID partitions, even if the user did not elect to use the RAID partitions during the install. This has been confirmed by several people at this point.
    • No problem here. XPPro and Lucid 10.04

      It was late Thursday when I got my copy of Lucid desktop downloaded and burned. (I date all install CDs I burn) and loaded it onto the hard drive where I have XP Pro. I had the 10.04 RC on before and the Final release on it now. I have no problem dual booting on my Dell PowerEdge 300SC with twin PIII 800Mhz and 786 RAM. That old server machine makes an excellent desktop, for what I paid for it.

      Maybe the problem was somehow connected to Vista or Win7. Or, maybe this bug was why it was not until late 4/29, EDT, that the Ubuntu website posted the download.

      Paul, the Switch OSer.