Microsoft pulls plug on Xbox support

Microsoft pulls plug on Xbox support

Summary: Microsoft stopped making the original Xbox in 2006 and now has ended out-of-warranty support for the gaming console - some eight and a half years after its debut.

In early 2006, several months after it launched the Xbox 360, Microsoft ceased manufacturing the original Xbox. Today, the company pulled the plug on its first console entirely. The company has officially ended out-of-warranty support for the original Xbox, some eight and a half years after Bill Gates handed out the first device.

"On March 2, 2009, service repairs for Original Xbox video game systems for which the Warranty has expired will no longer be available," reads Microsoft's official support site. "Any other technical support, documents, and content, however, will continue to be available to all our customers. Although Microsoft is ending repair services for the Original Xbox, an upgrade program and support will be maintained for Original Xbox consoles that are still under Warranty."

To help offset the end of out-of-warranty support, Microsoft also said that, as of today, a trove of documentation, ranging from troubleshooting to configuration documents, would be available through its Web site. The console maker also noted that original Xbox owners who require a repair that is covered by a warranty can request an upgrade to Microsoft's current-generation console, the Xbox 360. Pricing details on this option were not revealed, however, and Microsoft had not responded to requests for comment as of press time.

During its four-and-a-half-year run, Microsoft sold approximately 25 million units of its first foray into gaming consoles, a figure that was surpassed by the Xbox 360 in November.

This article was originally published on Gamespot.

Topics: Hardware, Microsoft, Mobility

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  • What upgrade pricing option should be?

    I think it shoulds zero, or just 150 bucks with games bundled. What are you thinking?
  • RE: Microsoft pulls plug on Xbox support

    No complaints here, my original Xbox is still going strong after all these years.
    Loverock Davidson
  • RE: Microsoft pulls plug on Xbox support

    I can't believe they would still be supporting it! I went through 2 original boxes and my crystal one just started getting a disc error message over christmas. Incidentally the only reason why I was using it was because my 360 was in for red ring of death treatment. haha.
    Maybe they do need to have long support times afterall!!
  • RE: Microsoft pulls plug on Xbox support

    I still play mine, its still a very good system, but in regular form, good ole microsoft wants everyone to uprade to the newest and best available. Ive played the 360 and while its a good system, I think the XBox didnt get enough time and got stepped on thanks to the 360.
  • MIcrosoft makes games

    Home entertainment. I'll stick with Unix for important things. thank you.
    • troll (nt)

    • So why are you reading this then?

      Muppet !
  • Why not upgrade??

    The 360 is SOOOOO much better then the Xbox, and the 360 can play almost all the games for the original. If the upgrade is free or minimum charge, again, WHY NOT UPGRADE??
  • They did more then most

    companies would.
  • RE: Microsoft pulls plug on Xbox support

    My original Xbox was possibly
    dangerous due to some admitted
    internal power supply flaw and
    required an external factory safety
    device plugged into the back of it. I
    live where there is no fire protection. I
    never could trust that it would not just
    burn down my life. It was a clunking
    piece of crap. That is the first and last
    foray I took into the Microsloth world.
    • microsloth world?

      dude you probably have a dell
  • RE: Microsoft pulls plug on Xbox support

    I assume some reasons behind that is the HD-DVD in those units are dying and so supporting these is beginning to be a chore even for Microsoft.
    • HD-DVD in the original XBOX??? No.

      The HD-DVD unit was an add on to the XBOX 360. It was never available with the original XBOX.
  • RE: Microsoft pulls plug on Xbox support

    Anything you buy from Microsoft is going to be
    expensive and come with many bugs, and by the
    time the bugs are ironed out even slightly you
    have to buy an upgrade to something.

    SICK of this!

    THAT'S why there are hackers, to crack the crap
    software companies try to shove down our

    Microsoft spends more money and technology on
    trying to keep their crap from being hacked
    than they do in the software and features

    Instead of 3 GB of validation software, give us
    3 GB of usable technology that won't expire or
    cease to be supported, then maybe we will
    actually buy it.
  • RE: Microsoft pulls plug on Xbox support

    As a service provider for many brands of electronics such as Casio, Roland, etc, I can say what is there to complain about. Most companies have a policy that warranty support is for 1 year for parts and 90 days on labor. After 4 years the company will not do the repairs anymore. You will have to take it to a 3rd perty service shop just like ANY electronics or whatever. They will continue to supply parts for at least the minimum 9 years after last date of manufacture required by law. Main reason for dropping service is the inability to get parts after a certain time. The chip manufacturers STOP making certain chips and it makes it impossible to support large scale servicing. Microsoft has gone WAY beyond what other companies have done in supporting their products after the end of manufacturing time. Try and get a manufacturer to actually repair a TV more than a year or two old. As far as upgrading that TV .... just try it sometime.
  • RE: Microsoft pulls plug on Xbox support

    im from phil. could u talk tagalog, may itatanung lang sana k bout my xbox
  • RE: Microsoft pulls plug on Xbox support

    my xbox are not functioning, the disc tray is broken
  • RE: Microsoft pulls plug on Xbox support

    dear sir
    i have Xbox vedio game device my child put it in 240 volt instead of 110 volt i try to unpluged the cover to seethee power circuit diagram but i couldn't if any one has an information to unpluged that please send it to this email :